Explore 2017 Ford Transit Sliding Door Problems (Explained)

The electronic sliding doors are a standard feature of the 2017 Ford Transit. They are well-known for making our life simpler and more convenient. 

If traditional doors require a strong force to open, an automatic sliding door requires just a very light force to open or close. As a result, avoid causing scratches on the floor or the side of the automobile.

When a vehicle has an automated sliding door system, the driver does not have to stop the vehicle to open the door for passengers who need to get on or off the vehicle. Especially for vehicles transporting workers, students, and others, the door must be opened multiple times.

Of course, the addition of an electronic system in your car’s sliding door means that if something malfunctions or breaks, the problem may be more difficult to repair than with a basic manual sliding door. 

This post will go over the benefits of electric sliding doors, as well as the 2017 ford transit sliding door problems, preventative measures, and how to repair your electric sliding door if it breaks.

Ford Transit 2017 Sliding Door Structure

The automatic sliding door control unit for cars includes a remote control with 4 control buttons, 2 buttons for cruise control. 

The system will automatically halt every 12 seconds to protect system safety and to avoid causing damage to the control motor. 

There are two control buttons to help the driver effortlessly open and close the door; with one touch, the door will open and close automatically.

The door is made of high-quality stainless steel and high-grade stainless steel, which helps to keep the door frame fixed and not bent when force is applied. 

Even in hot or humid situations, the door surface is always bright, easy to clean, and does not rust.

Furthermore, the system has a control button on the taplo that allows the driver to directly manage the automatic door. 

This is done directly on the motor rather than through the board. As a result, the possibility of the circuit being damaged while still being operated is avoided.

The device has an anti-jamming mechanism to help keep the car safe when people get on and off. When an obstacle is detected, the system will immediately cease opening or closing the door.

How Do Electric Sliding Doors Work?

Problems become a little trickier to solve because these components are electric in nature. Understanding how the parts function in the first place is, of course, where everything starts. 

Electric sliding doors have a straightforward design and are incredibly convenient for drivers. The vehicle’s automatic sliding door is quite useful for loading or unloading heavy objects, new furnishings, pets, or people.

All it takes to open or close your electric sliding door when it’s in good working order is a button push for the door to move along its tracks. 

The track begins to extend slightly away from the vehicle before continuing along the rest of the tracks until it is fully open or fully closed. 

This system moves the hefty door using a motor and a chain drive in order to operate effectively. The door is locked in the open position by a pawl hook that hooks into the gears underneath it.

2017 Ford Transit Sliding Door Problems 

Even though the Ford Transit sliding door’s underlying technology is rather straightforward, once it breaks, a lot of issues might arise.

Hard to Open or Close

In the 2017 Ford Transit, the sliding doors travel along a track or a path that is indicated. With continued use, dirt will accumulate, and occasionally water will find its way inside.

The sliding doors won’t lock completely as a result of dirty tracks, but doing so will be slightly more difficult.

Grease tainted with water won’t work as well and will cause rust in difficult-to-reach areas. The rollers and track experience more resistance when covered in dirt.

Sliding doors not opening?

A blown fuse is one of the causes of your sliding door not opening. The door controls completely stop functioning when the fuse blows. 

You can do this yourself, and it’s simple to check for blown fuses. Of course, manual sliding doors are exempt from this.

On the driver’s side, the fuse is typically found behind the dashboard. Replace it with a new one if it is blown. Your issue should be resolved within five minutes at the most.

If the fuse is functioning properly but the doors are still not functional, another issue exists.

Release Motor Is Broken

In order to simulate tugging on a door handle, the little release motor works. The sliding door latch is released when a cable is pulled.

You can still hear the main power sliding door motor trying to open the door when the small release motor stops working.

Since the motor is so little, replacing it won’t set you back any money. However, since the door card must be removed in order to access it, it can be a little laborious.

Take out the primary release unit after removing the door card. You can take that apart to find the release motor and a few cogs.

You may simply take this to a reputable workshop to get it replaced if that’s too much trouble.

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Preventive Actions To Protect Your Sliding Door

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind as a responsible automobile owner is to make sure you take proper care of your vehicle. 

To maintain your car’s functioning and performance, proper maintenance is essential. You can take the following precautions to stop issues with your 2017 Ford Transit sliding door from occurring:

Remove The Trash

Your sliding door will eventually become inoperable if dirt and debris are allowed to accumulate in the track.

Lubricate The Track Frequently

Your door will glide smoothly back and forth on the track with the aid of lubricant. The track on your electric sliding door should likely be oiled if it squeaks each time you open or close it.

Do Not Attempt To Overpower The Motor

People tend to pull on electric sliding doors while the door’s motor is functioning to move the door in the opposite way, which may be the most frequent cause of issues. Try to avoid doing this as it causes the motor to wear out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you close the sliding door on a Ford Transit?

Instead of sliding forward, push on the back or the door directly toward the interior of the cabin. Easily, violently, and with a surprising lack of effort, the door will close. In that situation, you are offering a respectable level of leverage.

Q: How do I turn off the auto lock on my Ford Transit?

To unlock the door, push the button. Press the lock button after that. Once the automatic locking feature has been disabled, you will hear the horn sound once. Your auto-lock feature has been reactivated if it honks twice.

Final Thoughts

The information about 2017 Ford Transit sliding door problems has been presented quite fully in the article. You must take care to keep the door clean, clean it on a regular basis, and maintain it on a regular basis. We hope this post was helpful, and please leave a comment if you have any questions.

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