Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tacoma Reviews

An excellent pickup truck should be able to run perfectly on a paved road and the off-road, which is what the Toyota Tacoma can do. It is because of the strong suspension, body, chassis, wheels, and the engine. When it comes to the engine, it produces a lot of power in each combustion, and it produces a lot of exhaust if it does not have a good exhaust system. This is not good for the environment and of course to people. This the reason why the Toyota Tacoma is made with a good exhaust. Although, if you want to change, you can easily find the best exhaust system for Toyota Tacoma in the list provided here.

Basically, an exhaust is composed of tubes and pipes which are connected to each other so it can perform 3 major tasks. These are to convert dangerous exhaust gases to make them less harmful, less combustion noise, and to make these gases go into 1 direction away from the car’s engine. The main parts of it begins with the exhaust manifold, pipe, catalytic converter, tailpipe Air Pump and muffler. Some of the parts are the cylinder head, manifold gasket, EGR value, port, valve, and resonator.

When the combustion is done, engine will release gases which get collected by an exhaust manifold, which is the system’s 1st part. The manifold is at the cylinder head’s right side and it is normally under the intake manifold. The manifold is made up of parts which are for each of the engine’s cylinder, the manifold will then make the gases move towards the catalytic converter. It is the cat converter that changes the harmful gases into less harmful ones before reaching the air. The muffler will lessen the noise produced. Lastly, the tailpipe which keeps the exhaust gases from going near the engine. This is why the exhaust can successfully convert, lessen the noise, and keep exhaust gases away.

What to Consider Before Buying an Exhaust System for Your Toyota Tacoma

Before you buy a new exhaust system for your Toyota Tacoma, you need to know a couple of things 1st especially if you do not understand everything about exhaust systems. You will wonder how you are going to choose the new mufflers, headers, size of the pipe, and where to run it out of your car. A lot of people will give you useful advice but you should do your research on what to look for. Of course, the purpose is to increase your vehicle’s performance without cutting corners on a new aftermarket product. Here’s what you need to consider:


Most of the time, it is the exhaust system’s last piece, which is located at the back. Its finish is usually an exhaust tip made of chrome if it is an aftermarket product. They can also be bought separately based on your own preference of the design and finish. The size also matters because if it is larger, there is a quicker flow and the sound it makes is deeper. This will be an issue that you have to consider when buying an exhaust system for your car.


These are the pipes which you see that comes out of the engine block and it is there to rake out the backpressure of the manifold. Instead of putting the common manifold which is shared by the cylinders, each of them has an exhaust pipe. The pipes all come together to form a collector pipe. Each pipe is cut and is bended so that all of them have the same length. Since their lengths are the same, it will guarantee that the exhaust gases from the cylinder will get to the collector in order. This is good because it does not cause any backpressure that is generated by cylinders which share the collector. In case you have an aftermarket exhaust, buy the same header brand. Products from the same brand are normally made to work properly together and installation is easier.


The muffler is part of the exhaust because one of its main purposes is to reduce the noise produced by the exhaust. There are several kinds of mufflers made of different pieces such as perforated tubes, chambers, baffles, and other components so that its purpose is achieved. Aftermarket mufflers are recommended to give a better performance while there is less backpressure.


The downpipe should be mandrel-bent so that it does not violate any restrictions, and the diameter should be the same as the header outlet, as well as other parts of the tubing. Downpipes should have a bung so the oxygen sensor gets accepted in that position, or almost the same position as the original one. Oxygen sensor have an important role in the ECU engine management, which means that if the oxygen sensor’s position is wrong, it could lead to inaccurate readings and engine will be poorly managed.

Catalytic Converter

This small piece is made to lessen the harmful emissions that vehicles release. Since majority of vehicles are on public roads, the regulations require that your car should have a catalytic converter. It will cause less damage to the environment and health issues can be prevented so that it will not affect those who are on the sidewalk. If you think that your car releases an excessive amount of smoke, your exhaust system might have a damaged part.

Crossover Pipes

In the dual exhaust systems, crossover pipes are made for balancing the uneven flow which comes from the engine cylinders by making a way for the exhaust pulses to travel between both sides of the dual exhaust system. The types of crossover pipes vary but the X-pipes and H-pipes are very common, and the form is like its letter.

Good Material

Since you are going to spend money on a new exhaust system, might as well consider a higher budget to have an exhaust that will last you for years. The aluminum coated is a good choice if you have a tight budget, the L-grade steel is stainless and it is a great compromise between being affordable, strong, and resistant to corrosion. The 304 grade is stainless steel and this is what you buy if money is not an issue.

Top 5 The Exhaust System for Toyota Tacoma Reviews

1. MagnaFlow 19291 Performance Exhaust System

Weight40 pounds
DIMENSIONS56.5 x 15 x 12.5″


  • The pipe sounds really good and it does not produce a loud noise when it is on the next gear after the cab
  • The diameter of this system is larger than the stock one since there is less back pressure, the performance is better
  • Installing it goes very quick and it does not cause a lot of hassle
  • This exhaust system looks nice overall, it saves fuel and it performs well
  • A person who has not done any exhaust system installation in the past will have no issue with this and it only takes about 35 minutes


  • When you reach the 3rd gear, it makes a really loud sound which is disturbing for a while until it eventually becomes a lot less

This product can be recommended to anyone who wants to change the exhaust system of their Toyota Tacoma or wants to do an upgrade. In addition, those who bought the product are very happy with it despite the loud sound it makes when you reach the 3rd gear. It is a minor issue because it eventually goes away. Aside from that, it is fairly priced so you will not regret buying it at all because of the quality it comes with.

2. MBRP S5326AL 2.5″ Cat Back, Single Side Exhaust System (Aluminized Steel)

Weight41.1 pounds
DIMENSIONS46.3 x 16.8 x 12.8″


  • It does not create a loud and obnoxious noise and there is more horsepower for a lower price
  • The sound is not so loud that you need to yell over it if you are talking to someone
  • Installation is easy and it takes only an hour without having to raise the vehicle
  • The muffler is smaller in size and it gives an extra clearance under compared to what you get from the factory
  • The sound is nice and deep at 1500-2000 RPM so it is not an annoying sound as you are cruising through the highway
  • The products quality is great for what you pay which is a very fair deal


  • You need to cut a foot of the intermediate pipe to fit the double car short bed. The tailpipe can be challenging to Mount on the rubber hanger but everything goes well after this

This is an exhaust system for someone who wants to get more for what they spent. In addition, with the way the product is built, I can easily say it will last long as long as you maintain it properly. Like any other product, if you do not take care of it, this exhaust system will easily wear out.

3. Genuine Toyota Parts PTR31-35070 TRD Cat-Back Exhaust

Weight30.6 pounds
DIMENSIONS90 x 16 x 10″


  • They ship the product fast and it is very easy to work with for someone who does not have any mechanical background
  • The supercharger is awesome which definitely gives a power gain
  • The product is exactly how it is described in the advertisement so you are not making a mistake if you buy this
  • I noticed the horsepower gain ever since I installed it on my vehicle which means it delivers what it intends to give you an awesome riding experience
  • The seller will take time to assist you to avoid purchasing the wrong thing for your vehicle


  • It is louder than what I expect it to be but it does not disturb the neighbors so I still will not consider it the worst drawback of a product

If you want a Toyota product to install as an aftermarket exhaust system, this is it. You will not be disappointed and it is a great match to your vehicle. I would recommend this to anyone who wants an exhaust that gives a horsepower gain without making too much noise.

4. Flowmaster 17432 Cat-back System – Dual Side Exit – American Thunder – Moderate/Aggressive Sound

Weight59.6 pounds
DIMENSIONS48.6 x 14 x 13.8″


  • I could say that this exhaust system is well made and it is a good fit for my vehicle
  • I like the sound because it is not too loud that it becomes annoying to me and other people
  • It can be easily that it gives more HP compared to before which you will notice right away once it is installed
  • The shipping is free and it will arrive after 2 days which is quick
  • I also want to complement the price because it is reasonable for the quality this product offers
  • Installing it was easy and took less than 2 hours
  • There is a noticeable low-end improvement because of the wider torque range


  • It drones a little when you are going at a fast speed but it does not really bother me very much. Another thing is that the muffler is not made of stainless steel which is a drawback but you can put a few coats of paint to keep it protected

I like this product because of the price and especially the power gain because I felt it right away. It produces a sound that is not so offensive which is why I would highly recommend this to someone who is on a budget but wants to get something decent.

5. MBRP S5338BLK 3″ Cat Back Exhaust System (Single Side Exit Black)

Weight55 pounds
DIMENSIONS46 x 16.8 x 12.5″


  • It improved the mpgs of my vehicle which I definitely liked
  • This exhaust system looks great and the instructions are very easy to follow because I was able to do it even if it is my 1st time installing something like this
  • The exhaust system does not drone when it is idle which is unlike the others out there
  • The price is good and you will be surprised by the quality this product gives you
  • It makes a very nice sound and not too loud


  • Not everything is black finished because the tips and the piece of tubes are the only ones in this color. The rest is metal which I do not like

This is another exhaust system that you should take note of especially if you do not mind that it is not all black finished. You will not be disappointed when you buy this because the sound is not so crazy even if it gives a power gain.

With the number of products out there, these 5 of the best exhaust system for Toyota Tacoma that you can choose from if you want an excellent aftermarket product.

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