Best Spark Plugs for Toyota Tacoma Reviews

Toyota Tacoma had a great start when it was 1st introduced to the public more than 10 years ago with awards won under its belt. Your Toyota Tacoma is a loyal companion in your leisure activities and work, hauling cargo or any sporting equipment whenever you need it. This vehicle is also ideal for helping friends in the woods or at the beach because of its capacity to carry and move things around.

Your Toyota Tacoma will be kept in the best condition if you regularly take it for an oil change, car wash, and checking the spark plugs if they need to be replaced. You should not overlook the spark plug like some people because this could cause problems. The elements in the environment can cause damage to the spark plug which could cause loss of power and fuel efficiency. This is damaging to the engine, which is why it is advisable to have extra spark plugs so you can easily change it right away when the need arises.


How Does It Work?

Engines driven by petrol need spark plugs, the diesel-driven engines use glow plugs, and that is where you should start. Petrol-driven engines have an external ignition system and the combustion cycle of compression which happens in the fuel-air mixture is powered by the electrical spark that comes from the spark plug.

The ignition coil produces the high voltage which will then create a spark that leaps between electrodes. A flame in front that comes from the spark which fills the combustion chamber until the mixture gets burned. The heat will increase the temperature, and then a quick pressure buildup located in the cylinder and piston gets forced downwards. This movement is then transferred to the crankshaft through the connecting rod; this will drive the vehicle using the clutch, gears, and axles.

Can I Replace It Myself?

Spark plug replacement can be both easy and frustrating for you. If what you have can easily be accessed, it normally involves a simple repair only. Although, if they are hidden and needs a lot of disassemblies, it might be better to take your car to a repair facility so the job can be handled properly.

If you opt to do it on your own, make sure that you have the right spark plug gap, use an anti-seize compound, apply dielectric grease on the terminal, and ensure that threads are straight. This is important before attempting to tighten it according to what the manufacturer specifies.

Differences Between The Types Of Spark Plugs

Types Of Spark Plugs
  • First of all, sparks have the habit of jumping from the sharpest tip and onto the electrode so it can jump to the sharpest tip and reach the side electrode. Therefore, you will need a spark plug that can retain its sharpness for most of the journey. Precious metals such as platinum and iridium are more difficult and the temperature for melting are higher. This is in comparison to nickel alloy electrodes that are in the typical spark plugs made of copper.
  • If the center electrode’s diameter is smaller, the needed voltage to get the spark started is lower.

How Will I Know If The Spark Plug Is Already Going Bad?

When it starts to fail, you will notice your engine struggling. The light telling you to check the engine will turn on, and it might even start to blink or just solid. The driver is going to notice it more likely when they feel this: excessive time needed for cranking to get the engine started, and there is power loss or it starts to surge. In addition, there will be vibrations, inaccurate gas mileage, and rough idling. In extreme situations, the engine might even stall or will not start.

Stick With The Kind You Had

It is recommended that you still buy the same kind of plugs. The manufacturer of the car might have originally installed spark plugs using expensive metals. Iridium, platinum, and yttrium cost more than the traditional plugs, although the coating gives a much better resistance against wear and has better grip. You should never downgrade to a spark plug that is less expensive. The savings you have will quickly be offset because of the shorter lifespan and decreased gas mileage. Read the owner’s manual or inquire in the auto store about the manufacturer’s recommendations about spark plugs before buying new ones.

There are plugs that come with plug-gaps which are adjustable while other gaps are fixed but the gap is always significant. It is normally recommended that you get a fixed-gap plug, but check the manual so you are sure it is the right kind of gap. In case it is not, look for another brand. In case the gap is adjustable, make sure to check the gap on every plug before installing it.

Top 5 The Best Spark Plugs for Toyota Tacoma Reviews

1. NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug, Pack of 4

WEIGHT1 pounds
DIMENSIONS3.4 x 1.1 x 0.9″


  • It greatly improved my shifting while at low idle and it lets me let go off the clutch while in 1st gear without blipping the throttle
  • Installation was very easy and it did not give me a lot of pain even if it is my 1st time replacing a spark plug
  • After installing this in my Toyota Tacoma, I no longer hear a ticking noise which used to be annoying before and my car starts even smoother than before
  • This one does not cost a lot but the performance is amazing and could compare to the more expensive ones
  • If it is not your 1st time to replace a spark plug, you will only take 10 minutes to replace using this product
  • Even after riding for 50,000 miles on these spark plugs, I do not feel they are getting weak even if I have to change them at 60,000 miles


  • You should research because this product does not fit all vehicles so make sure to do research to avoid the mistake I did. This is not a major issue and it still offers a lot more advantages

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a good spark plug to replace a good one they had. Aside from the reasonable price, it gets rid of the ticking noise you used to hear.

2. Bosch (4309) Platinum+2 Spark Plug, (Pack of 4)

WEIGHT13 ounces
DIMENSIONS8 x 3 x 2″


  • It is a very good brand and definitely well-priced. In addition, the shipment was quick and I did not have to drive anywhere just to get a new spark plug
  • Installation was easy, instructions on how to do it was very clear, I cannot imagine using other brands anymore
  • This is a pre-gapped spark plug that you can use until you reach 60,000 miles and even if it is almost time to replace them, they still work properly
  • The shipping if free which is another good thing to buy this product because you only have to pay for the product itself to have it delivered to you
  • The product is exactly what you expect it to be based on the advertisement so you will not be deceived when you receive the product
  • It is easy to rave about it because aside from its awesome performance, people are familiar with the manufacturer’s name


  • If you do not need a pre-gapped spark plug, this is not the one for you

If you have been looking for a spark plug that is reasonable, comes from a popular brand, and easy to install, this is it. I did not experience any complications while installing it and I can easily say that you will love driving even more after installing this one.

3. 6 pcs Denso Standard Spark Plugs 1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma 3.4L V6

WEIGHT13 ounces
DIMENSIONS8 x 3 x 2″


  • This product is exactly what I needed and it fits perfectly in my Toyota Tacoma. I did not feel any form of disappointment when I installed them on my vehicle
  • The shipment was quick and the package came on the day as promised which is important because you cannot use your car without a decent spark plug
  • If you want to use your car right away after receiving the item, this is perfect because installation only takes about 10 to 15 minutes which is super fast
  • The manufacturer advertised the product correctly because you will get exactly what you see so you will not get disappointed
  • My car started to run a lot smoother than before after I installed this in my car


  • When I received them, the gap was not done properly but it was quickly fixed when I used needle nose pliers to adjust the gap

The spark plugs work great and you will not be disappointed because they do not cost too much. I will buy this again when needed. In addition, switching to a different one is not something I am thinking about.

4. Toyota Genuine Parts 90919-01235 Spark Plug

WEIGHT1.6 ounces
DIMENSIONS3.9 x 1 x 1″


  • This is the right spark plug for your Toyota Tacoma because manufacturers know what the car needs
  • I prefer this over the others because they already come pre-gapped so I do not have to make any adjustment
  • This product is OEM so they work perfectly and very straightforward
  • Installing it is so easy that I did not feel like doing it for the 1st time ever
  • I felt like my engine was new after I finished installing them in my car and my idle became smoother
  • I also noticed that my gas mileage improved easily by 1 mpg
  • If you are thinking of asking a mechanic to do the installation for you, there is nothing to worry about because he does not have any problem with it
  • I could say it is a lot better to use in a Toyota product compared to other aftermarket brands


  • When I got my package, it was poorly wrapped and everything was out of the box but the plastic was there to cover the threads, plugs, and heads

This is a product that I will not be ashamed of recommending to anyone because it works perfectly with my Toyota Tacoma and the price cannot be beaten. If you want a good replacement for your spark plug, this one is for you.

5. TBK Engine Tune Up Parts Kit Toyota Tacoma 1996-2004 3.4 Toyota 4runner 1996-2002 Includes all filters, PCV valve and grommet NGK spark plugs and NGK Ignition Wires

WEIGHT4.35 pounds
DIMENSIONS13 x 7 x 9″


  • The package arrived on time and without any issues whatsoever so this is a really good buy
  • Everything was complete when it arrived and I did not have any difficulty installing it on my car
  • My truck runs great after I have installed this in my car and it makes me love driving around more than before
  • The product was correctly advertised and I was not disappointed when I got it because it was exactly what I was expecting to receive
  • It only took about 10 to 15 minutes to install this thing in my car and I needed my car right away
  • I could say that replacing my old spark plugs with this is something I cannot complain about because I will definitely buy this again


  • It is more expensive than most spark plugs but I cannot complain about the quality because I was not disappointed at all and I really feel its difference

This is more expensive than the rest but if you are not too concerned about the cost and want a complete spark plug set, this is the one you should be buying. It would cost more to buy all the other parts separately.

After reading this review, you should no longer have a hard time choosing which spark plugs to buy for your Toyota Tacoma because they are all great. No matter what you choose, you will not have any regrets.

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