How To Tow A Semi Truck With Another Semi Truck?

Semi-trucks are enormous vehicles. A semi-truck would need to be towed to a mechanic so that it could be fixed if it broke down. So how to tow a semi truck with another semi truck?

The best approach to move your semi-truck from one place to another is to tow it behind another semi-truck. You will require the help of a reputed shipping business that can complete this operation promptly and creatively. 

The towing professionals you choose have to have a track record for providing reliable, excellent services that are tailored to your particular requirements.

We will show you how to tow a semi truck with another semi truck in this article. As previously stated, service help will be required. Let’s get started together.

What Exactly Does a Semi Truck Tow?

There are many of us who have witnessed a car, SUV, minivan, or other standard vehicle being loaded for towing. We all know that semi-trucks can sometimes need to be towed, but most of us are unaware of this. Semi-trucks may encounter the same difficulties as a regular car that needs to be towed, despite the fact that this is less common.

Towing, however, is a completely different procedure for such a big, hefty car. We employ semi-truck towing, a form of heavy-duty towing, to tow semi-trucks.

How To Tow A Semi Truck With Another Semi Truck?

Making sure your tow truck is capable is the first step in towing a semi-truck. It must be strong and able to pull loads of weight.

You must make sure that the semi-truck is secure before you begin the procedure. To accomplish this, secure the wheels with chocks.

The next step is to attach the semi-truck using the built-in tow truck. Make sure they are correctly fastened to prevent disconnecting while being towed.

To add another layer of security, you can affix towing chains and straps to the object. In the event that something goes wrong, these must be in place.

In some semi-trucks, simply keeping the transmission in neutral won’t shield it from harm. Instead, you might have to unplug the driveshaft or axle.

It’s crucial to go slowly and drive cautiously when towing a semi-truck. With a semi-enormous truck’s weight and ungainly shape, something may quickly go wrong if you’re in a hurry.

When you get to your destination, secure the semi-truck by putting the wheel chocks down once more, and then detach it from the towing vehicle.

You must utilize a fifth-wheel wrecker unit in order to tow a semi-truck with another semi-truck. Online resources exist for these. Semi-trucks can be converted to tow trucks using them. Any kind of load can be towed with them.

Simply turn them so they are facing away from each other to tow another semi-truck. Connected to the kingpin of the semi-truck being towed is the hook on the fifth wheel wrecker unit.

Other semi-trucks can be easily towed using this method. The cost of renting or even purchasing them is high.

Who Needs to Tow A Semi-Truck?

Obviously, semi-truck drivers who become stranded on the side of the road require semi-truck towing. However, fleet managers or truck leasing firms should always have a reliable semi-truck towing company available. 

A trustworthy tow business and skilled tow operators must be readily available for any commercial account. This will enable you to assist one of your drivers in getting a tow as quickly as possible in the event that they do require one. 

It is always preferable to be ready in advance than waiting for an issue to arise. You won’t have to waste time calling around and trying to find the best towing business if your entire fleet employs the same towing firm.

What Sort Of Tow Truck Are You Looking For?

The type of wrecker you select will have a big impact on the towing truck’s cost. And the kind of tow truck that is needed depends on what it will be utilized for. You will require a larger truck the larger the stuff you will be pulling. 

It’s crucial to choose a tow truck that can easily carry the weight you want and meets the requirements. You will require a larger truck the more substantial the goods you intend to transport.

How Much Does It Cost to Tow a Semi Truck?

Although there is no set price you must pay to tow a semi truck, you may acquire a ballpark figure by looking at the necessary elements and their associated costs. This will enable you to calculate an average cost for towing your semi-truck. 

How far you wish to tow your damaged truck will determine the typical towing fee for a semi-truck. It will cost more to pick up the truck in a car 20 miles away from what you are doing or to hire a long-distance tow if you want to keep it in a secure location 5 miles from the road. 

Here, we’ll provide an idea of the typical towing expense prices for a particular towing distance. Towing costs range from $225 to $325 for 5 miles, $250 to $350 for 10 miles, $300 to $400 for 20 miles, and $470 to $570 for 50 miles.

You need to charge for the following section when renting for a towing service. Towing businesses frequently charge a hook-up fee, which they view as the baseline cost. 

The hook-up charge varies between businesses, but you may anticipate paying between $200 and $500. It’s an unavoidable expense, and some towing companies will even charge more if your big truck weighs more than expected.

The towing firm will bill you for each mile they tow your truck after hooking it up to a rig. Again, you should anticipate to pay at least $20 or $40 per mile depending on the firm you choose. 

After traveling a certain number of miles, several businesses have been known to raise the price per mile. After the first 20 miles, you’ll typically pay extra per mile. Remember that not all towing businesses have this criterion in place.

Since the towing business will only charge you for the hook-up cost and the distance the truck is towed, you should be okay if your truck broke down on the side of the road. 

However, the price would skyrocket if the vehicle had broken down in a ditch or farther from the main road because more people would be needed to repair it. The same should apply if the truck were to be in an accident, as cleanup workers would be required.

In addition, the price of towing a semi truck varies depending on where you are, as well as the state. It is challenging to determine a precise cost that you might pay to have your semi truck towed due to this fluctuation.

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Notes When Choosing The Towing Service

Semi-trucks cannot be towed by all towing businesses. Before selecting a towing firm, there are some crucial characteristics you should consider.

You need a towing business that can handle towing of semi-trucks and has the necessary equipment and training. Inquire about the tools and processes used for semi-truck towing.

Another important aspect to take into account when hiring a towing business is experience. A company may be able to haul semi-trucks, but that does not necessarily indicate they have the experience you need. Make sure to inquire about their expertise towing heavy-duty and semi-trucks, as well as how many tows they have accomplished.

A trustworthy tow business that puts your needs first is what you need. Find a business that responds quickly, treats people with respect, and acts professionally. Don’t do business with organizations that don’t respond to your messages promptly or with poor communication.

You want to avoid having your car towed in a way that worsens existing damage or is done improperly. Priority one should be given to selecting a towing business that regularly produces high-quality service and does the job correctly. It is crucial to address every element precisely the larger the truck, the more so.

Final Thoughts

We provided detailed instructions on how to tow a semi truck with another semi truck. Besides, the deep notes and the price we also presented. Hope it helps you. If you have any questions, please leave them in the box below. We will answer as soon as possible!

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