Is A Scion tC A Good First Car? – Top 5 Common Reasons

Choosing the first car to own is not an easy task. Especially, if you are looking to choose a car suitable for teenagers, it becomes even more difficult and requires more information.

Interested in Scion tC and do you want to choose it as the first car? Is a Scion tC a good first car? Join us to find the answer in this article.

Is A Scion TC A Good First Car?

There are many criteria to judge whether a car is good enough for first-timers. We will analyze together based on criteria such as affordable price, reliability, safety and efficiency, good design, and features.

1. Low Price

For first-time car owners, especially teenagers, price is not the primary deciding factor, but it is an important factor in making the final choice.

Simply because first-time car owners may have a low income or they just want to buy a car to practice their driving skills before buying a more expensive car.

Amazingly, Scion tC perfectly meets that criterion because it only costs an average of $15,300, which is a lot cheaper than other cars in its class. Scion tC also entered the list of the top cheapest cars that many car forums encourage first-time car owners to experience.

Scion tCChevrolet Spark LSMitsubishi Mirage ESKia Rio LXHyundai Accent SE

2. Reliability And Safety

For first-time car owners, reliability is the most important factor that you need to thoroughly understand. Scion tC is produced by the world’s leading automobile brand with many years in the field of automobile production – Toyota. The brand has built a reputation over the decades for high safety for the driver.

If Scion tC gets regular maintenance, this car can easily go over 300,000 miles. Vehicle mechanics and engines rarely report any major problems while you are driving.

The Scion tC was ranked at number 9 in the compact car category in 2016 and number 18 in the compact and affordable car list.

Currently, Scion tC has a score of 7.9 out of 10, based on a Cars Us News review of 55 pieces of research and data elements using a variety of sources. In particular, Scion tC is also highly rated by experts for safety with a rating of 9.0.

3. Low Maintenance Cost

Besides, you will not have to spend a lot of money on repair and maintenance costs because it is extremely low. The average estimated cost is $248. Parts such as brake pads and air filters as well as easy-to-replace components, also come in at a low cost.

Scion tC  Chevrolet Spark LSMitsubishi MirageKia Rio LXHyundai Accent SE
Maintenance Cost$248$454$264$365$458

4. Spacious Interior Space

Scion tC has a compact and elegant design. However, the hidden secret is that the interior space belongs to the top of the most spacious cars in this segment.

One of the biggest advantages of the Scion tC is that the rear seats are comfortable for adults and don’t feel cramped or uncomfortable. A hatchback design also allows the Scion tC to offer plenty of cargo space. If you need more storage space, you can easily fold the rear seats down.

So, Scion tC is perfectly suitable for a middle-income family to own for the first time or teenagers who enjoy outdoor travel with friends.

5. Eye-catching And Sporty Design

Scion tC has a sporty design and eye-catching appearance like expensive cars. The Scion tC comes standard with 18-inch alloy wheels that give it an aggressive look. The rear lights of the car also have an attractive custom appearance.

The Scion tC is not as powerful and requires as much driving experience as other sports cars. It is the perfect compromise between sport and inexperienced drivers.

Under the hood is a lively four-cylinder engine with 179 horsepower. Scion tC has also designed an automatic transmission with rev control technology, providing a more exhilarating driving experience, but its speed is not too fast.

When entering bends or moving on rough roads, this car inspires confidence and certainty. The excellent braking system makes the Scion TC a better choice when it comes to maximum driver safety.

Limitations Of Scion tC

To evaluate the limitations of Scion tC, we cannot have the same evaluations as the high-end sports cars. Compared to its car segment, Scion tC still has certain limitations that you need to consider before choosing.

  • The car will be a bit difficult to control on sidewalks or uneven terrain due to the limited ability to grip the road
  • The vehicle’s poor fuel economy is low because it has not been provided with fuel optimization equipment
  • The cabin is designed with cheap plastic that causes unpleasant odors
  • The car makes a rather noisy sound due to the loud engine explosion
  • Does not provide connectivity with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, drivers must stream music from their phones using Bluetooth
  • Discontinued in 2016 so the old version may have many disadvantages


Scion tC also has advantages and limitations in the low-cost segment. To answer the question of whether the Scion tC is the first car you should choose, you need to look at financial income and daily use needs.

Scion tC may not be equipped with modern systems for entertainment or exploration, but it also fulfills all the important factors for you to own for the first time such as price, reliability, safe, low maintenance cost. So you can choose Scion tC as the first car you can own.

In addition, if you want to refer to more information about cars that are rated as good to start, you can refer to the Mazda MX-5 Miata or Volkswagen Beetle. Don’t forget to leave us your comments or suggestions about this article.

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