Subaru Outback Roof Rack Problems And How To Fix It! (Solved)

A roof rack is an attractive option if you need to transport items or travel devices like bicycles. They allow automobile owners to transport objects on the vehicle’s roof without compromising interior room for occupants or limiting the weight of products, as is the case with traditional trunk designs.

Bikes, skis, kayaks, canoes, and any other large luggage that won’t fit in the trunk can be carried on a strong roof rack.

The Subaru Outback is a popular car with a roof rack design. Do you have any concerns regarding the Subaru Outback roof rack problems?

The Subaru Outback, like other cars with roof racks, has issues such as rusted roof racks, overloaded roof racks, and so on. All of these difficulties will be addressed in the following article. In addition, we offer straightforward solutions to the problems listed above. Let’s start reading together.

5 Outback Roof Rack Problems

Here are the primary factors that influence the Subaru Outback roof. Perhaps you are experiencing these difficulties. If you want to acquire a Subaru Outback, you should learn everything you can.

1. When driving, it makes a noise.

This issue is typical with older racks, but it can also occur with newer ones.

They can also shrink when you put a big load on them, in addition to the noise caused by air resistance.

Consider the following scenario: you’re traveling to a distant location and need to transport a large number of items, such as tents, chairs, and other items. The roof of your car could become an impediment.

When traveling at high speeds, the greater the air resistance, the more noises can be produced, which can negatively impact your driving experience.

This noise varies based on your speed, the shape and size of the crossbar, and, as previously said, the strength of the wind or air flow.

The noise from the roof rack can be quite irritating, especially if you prefer to drive in solitude. Wind makes noise when it travels over or through objects.

If you converse or listen to music while driving, though, I don’t think you’ll notice.

2. Subaru Outback causes To Increase Fuel Consumption

Because hauling a high number of heavy things places additional strain on the wheels and steering wheel, the roof rack reduces fuel consumption.

It’s as simple as comparing walking alone vs. walking with a big rucksack on your shoulders. Your car, too, moves with big loads, altering air resistance and resulting in poor fuel economy.

Consider this carefully if you intend to purchase a vehicle with a roof rack. If you have to replace fuel frequently, I believe you will spend a lot of money on petrol.

3. When cornering, have a wobbling effect

If you load too much furniture on the roof, your vehicle may become unbalanced. Because the wind is strong and the drag is particularly significant when traveling at high speeds, the balance of the vehicle you drive is directly affected.

When you’re on a bend, this becomes even more visible; your automobile will literally shake. Because you don’t fasten your furniture, it can sometimes fall out of place. This, too, happens infrequently.

When you make sharp turns on uneven terrain and many turns, your vehicle will wobble. Always remember to drive carefully!

4. Insufficient space between the top roof and the roof rack

The Subaru Outback has a stronger appearance thanks to the manufacturer’s decision to remove a little area between the top roof and the roof rack. This aids in the reduction of air drag on the vehicle’s movement.

However, this is something to think about. Simply limiting the amount of room available brings your items closer to the roof. This may result in scratches on your vehicle, affecting your appearance.

Sharp, abrasive furniture, such as bicycles, tents, or small travel chairs, must be avoided. If you don’t take care of them, they can scratch the paint of your automobile at any time.

5. Overloaded Subaru Roof Rack Failure

While Subaru’s roof racks are durable, some customers have complained that they aren’t strong enough to carry big bags.

Subaru’s strong roof rack system has gotten a lot of praise over the years. However, the reliability of this roof rack has dwindled over time, leaving users disappointed.

If you own a Subaru and frequently transport heavy loads such as kayaks, you should consider having a professional install a stronger system than the original. I believe you should do this just to be safe.

On the other hand, if you simply need to transport light stuff, I don’t believe the change is necessary. Roof racks from the original manufacturer are already strong enough for your needs.

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Solution for you to deal with Subaru Outback roof rack problems

subaru outback roof rack problems

Every problem has a solution. Here are some recommendations for resolving issues with the Subaru Outback’s roof rack. You can use it to help you with your car.

1. How To Keep Your Subaru Roof Rack Quiet

There are many ways to reduce noise while driving with roof racks and furniture. Here are a few specific ways for your reference.

Wind Fairing Purchase and Installation

Wind fairings are plastic shields that are mounted to the front of the roof rails for those who have never heard of them.

They significantly cut drag as well as reduce noise. The sole disadvantage of wind fairing is that it may interfere with how you load and unload luggage from your roof rails.

Padding The Handrails

Rubber is known for distributing airflow, which is why some Subaru Outbacks have textured rubber.

Rubber bandage

Rubber is known for distributing airflow, which is why some Subaru Outbacks have textured rubber.

Because airflow is reduced when the crossbars are wrapped in rubber, you won’t hear hissing at high speeds.

Instead of loading bars, use edge bars.

Even though load bars are the greatest option for attaching goods to your roof racks, the additional surface area contributes to higher airflow restriction, which causes noise.

Edge bars, which have a smaller surface area, can help you avoid this.

While we wait for Subaru to improve their roof rack design to remove noise caused by air resistance, you can apply the tips above to make your ride more enjoyable.

2. Install aftermarket rack system

You can install an aftermarket rack system if you will be lifting heavy things frequently.

This is because aftermarket rack systems are more durable than factory-installed rack systems. Factory rails are designed to support lighter loads.

Consider purchasing aftermarket rails if you wish to carry heavier things like kayaks. When the rack is severely loaded, this will prevent it from falling.

3. Inadequate space between the terrace and the roof rack

If you’re hauling something sharp, such as a bicycle, wrap it correctly to keep the pedals from harming the hood’s paint.

Furthermore, ropes can be used to perfectly bind the goods so that they do not move back and forth while driving.

Belting up will also help you avoid an accident, especially if you have to brake suddenly. If you brake hard or turn too quickly, your furniture will be firmly fixed and will be able to stand instead of tossing forward or falling out of place.

4. Checking daily

Brackets can become loose or wear out over time. This necessitates more frequent and detailed attention.

Check the racks on a regular basis and service them as needed. When strapped to the roof rack, this helps to keep your belongings safe. Furthermore, they ensure your and other road users’ safety.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Is a roof rack required in a Subaru Outback?

I believe the trunk will suffice for your carrying requirements. A roof rack, on the other hand, is ideal for bulkier furniture like bicycles, travel tables, and chairs. Using a roof rack will prevent your car’s internal storage from becoming overburdened. As a result, if no unique needs exist, a roof rack may not be required. Think about it.

Q: On a Subaru Outback, how does the roof rack work?

The roof rack on your Subaru Outback bears a lot of weight to handle the cargo. The roof rack’s crossbars can be flexibly used to provide strong support for baggage or item weights.

Q: Who is the most benefited by a roof rack?

People who enjoy cycling, boating, and skiing are the ones that need roof racks the most. They are quite useful in transporting items. They can use it to transport bicycles, long-distance boats, and other large objects. As a result, the Subaru Outback’s roof rack is built into the design.

Q: What is the Subaru Outback roof rack’s weight limit?

The maximum weight limit for a Subaru Outback is 150 pounds. Going over the weight limit is risky since it could result in a major mishap.

Q: Can roof racks harm your car?

A correctly installed roof rack will not cause any damage to your vehicle. However, if it is improperly installed, under tightened, overtightened, or overloaded, it might cause damage to your vehicle. As a result, you must verify that it is correctly repaired.

Final thoughts

The Subaru Outback’s roof price is discussed in this article. They are quite handy, but they also have a number of drawbacks. If you have a need, using them is quite beneficial. Installing them is not necessary if you do not carry a lot of large and bulky objects. I hope you found this post to be informative. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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