Your 2011 Volkswagen Jetta Trunk Won’t Open? How To Fix Easily

A friend of mine complained that his 2011 VW Jetta trunk won’t open. Both the driver’s door switch and the key directly in the trunk lock have been tried. 

The latch doesn’t pop open with the typical plunk of the lock mechanism’s whump. Particularly, the central locks control unit has no failure codes.

Users are bothered by the trunk of a car that cannot be closed and the trunk of a car that cannot be opened. As a result, you should arm yourself with the knowledge required to operate your car’s trunk.

Users will quickly feel uncomfortable if the trunk is broken. What then prevents the trunk from opening and closing? How do I open my car’s trunk? 

We will provide you all the information you require concerning the issue of mistakes in the trunk in the article that follows. From there, describe how to manage the car’s trunk, which cannot be opened or closed. Let’s keep going!

Why The Trunk of The VW Jetta Won’t Open?

A car’s trunk is one of its most vital components. You must therefore pay attention and routinely check and repair your vehicle.

The issue of car trunks not opening and shutting is one that users encounter frequently. If subjective, the user could sustain severe harm.

Therefore, before prescribing treatment, it is necessary to identify the root reason of the trunk’s inability to open and close.

Here are some typical root causes of VW trunk issues:

You frequently forget to switch off the car’s lights, which causes the battery to be discharged.

Leave the keys inside the vehicle, preferably in the trunk. Since then, a tool is no longer required to open and close the trunk.

Rotated, broken, and impossible to open an automobile lock. Additionally, if the trunk key is plugged into the lock and not used for a while, it will become trapped and immovable.

Broken is the motor that pulls the clasp on the automobile. The user is unable to pull the latch as a result.

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How To Quickly and Easily Access a Car’s Trunk?

Users experience problems with either a trunk that cannot be closed or one that cannot be opened in a car. In order to effectively open your car’s trunk, you need to arm yourself with the appropriate knowledge.

Use An Airbag to Open the Trunk of a Car

This is a secure sideways method for opening a car’s trunk. With this approach, you must first open the car door before opening the trunk. The procedures are really basic. They are really powerful, though.

You must first create a little opening. The airbag is then inserted into the opening. Squeeze the rubber ball one more. The task at hand is to inflate the mattress. The thrust in the air cushion will cause the automobile door to open gradually.

The air cushion-created space is then used to thread a long iron rod inside the automobile. Use a little stick if you don’t have an iron. Whenever you touch the position of the control panel. 

To assist you, press the door latch opening button. You can enter the vehicle once the door has been opened. then carry on as usual by opening the trunk.

Although this method of opening a car trunk is straightforward, it has several drawbacks. Only submit an application if your trunk lock is undamaged and in good working order.

Use an Iron Bar to Open the Trunk of a Car

It is fairly easy to use an iron rod to open a car trunk. However, when the iron bar touches the surface of the car, you need to be considerate and cautious. If not, your automobile will have more peeling issues. That will increase the price by twofold!

The basic steps of opening a car trunk are as follows:

To open the trunk, you must first make a small, thin iron bar. If not, reliable auto repair shops will often carry these specialty thin iron rods.

Second, you insert an iron rod into the opening between the car door’s glass and door rim. You must place the end with the hook down while threading through the door slot. Never force the iron bar to crack the windshield, just in case.

The unlocking lever is then reached by thirdly revolving the iron rod hook. The iron rod’s hook end must then be inserted into the unlocking lever and carefully raised. The door has been successfully unlocked as long as you hear a tiny click.

Finally, using the key or latch to release the rear trunk as usual from inside the car after successfully opening the car door.

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How to Open a Trunk Without Tools?

However, there are instances where the car lacks electricity, which prevents the key and latch from functioning. As a result, if you stop at this step, you cannot open the trunk. 

Don’t worry; just move to the back seat and pull the lever to fold the back seats to open the trunk.

To begin, pull the lever to fold the back seat. The rear seats can then be folded down to gain access to the trunk in the back. Most of the time, finding the trunk openers is pretty simple. They frequently light at night so that the driver can quickly locate them when holding.

Finally, everything else is really easy once you notice the trunk lock lever. To unlock your trunk, you simply need to pull firmly on the trunk lock.

There are drawbacks to opening a car trunk in this manner. Only when your car doesn’t employ a magnetic lock line can you use them. 

If you’re employing a magnetic lock line, you should take your automobile to a reliable auto repair shop for more thorough guidance.

Final Thoughts

For the benefit of readers, the advice on how to manage a car trunk that cannot be opened is provided above. If you have any inquiries, do get in touch with us. To help you choose the right option for you, we will be pleased to offer you advice.

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