Why Is Volkswagen Bluetooth Not Working?  Easy Fix

Numerous Volkswagen owners have complained that their Bluetooth occasionally malfunctions. It’s not unusual, and I also drive a Volkswagen. So why is Volkswagen bluetooth not working and how can this issue be fixed?

These VW cars are all equipped with the VW MIB software and function in a similar manner. The information in this article can be used to assist you in resolving Bluetooth problems if you own one of these automobiles.

This post will go into great detail on the various reasons why VW Bluetooth faults occur as well as solutions you may apply to fix them. 

It’s critical to recognize and fix any Bluetooth-related problems you may be having with your VW. Using this advice can make troubleshooting quick and simple.

Why Is My VW Bluetooth Not Working?

The majority of problems with your VW’s Bluetooth operation are brought on by run-time failures, bugs and glitches, corrupted files linked to the VW MIB software, or user errors that lead you to assume that your Bluetooth isn’t working properly.

The VW MIB software not functioning properly is another frequent source of Bluetooth problems with VW vehicles. The software known as VW MIB is what regulates every Bluetooth function in your car.

You may probably experience issues when attempting to pair your Bluetooth devices if the VW MIB software is malfunctioning.

These problems will be thoroughly described so that you can correctly identify your problem and use the proper troubleshooting technique.

Difficulties Connecting

When you are first trying to connect the device, one of the more frequent VW Bluetooth difficulties occurs. Make sure your equipment is compatible first because not all electronics have Bluetooth capabilities.

If not, connection issues arise because your Volkswagen’s system is unable to connect with the device and decode it. When connecting repeatedly yet unsuccessfully, your device’s firmware is probably at fault. You will need to go back to the store where you bought your phone to resolve the problem because this is a regrettable trend with smartphones.

Unable to Hear Audio

If your gadget is plugged in, but you still cannot hear anything, the stereo is broken. Examine your infotainment system’s software for upgrades if this occurs.

Incorrect Settings

The Bluetooth settings will revert to default if the battery in your VW recently died. Your car and mobile device will need to have their current settings reset when this happens because they will be erased.

How To Fix Volkswagen Bluetooth?

There are problems, but they must be fully remedied. Here are various solutions to the problem.

Put the VW MIB System Through A Master Reset

Consider performing a master reset of the VW MIB system if your VW Connect keeps giving you recurring errors. This can be done in a very easy way. Holding down the Power button for at least 10 seconds will complete a master reset of the VW MIB system.

On your touchscreen console, you will see the system reset notification after holding down the Power button for ten seconds. To complete the Master Reset procedure, adhere to the on-screen instructions.

By doing this, you will completely reformat and update all of the files related to your VW MIB software. Most problems you may be encountering with your VW MIB software can be fixed by doing this.

Only while your car is stopped can you do a master reset on your VW MIB system. This security measure helps prevent users from changing Bluetooth settings while operating a vehicle.

VW MIB Update

Updates are essential to the continued efficient operation of your VW MIB software. Bugs and hiccups could appear more frequently if the VW MIB software has not been properly updated in a while.

These kinds of errors and omissions are often fixed in upgrades that are made available for your VW MIB software. By descending to the System option in the menu, you may check your VW MIB for updates.

All of the issues that your outdated software was causing will be fixed after you download and apply the upgrade. Keeping up with upgrades for your VW MIB Software is crucial.

Shut Off Your Volkswagen

While your VW car is running or moving, you won’t be able to successfully associate any devices with it. All current VW vehicles include Bluetooth connectivity as a safety feature.

Your touch screen will show a notification informing you that you will not be able to connect a device until your car is turned off if you try to do so while moving or while it is running.

Only try to pair your device when the engine is off of your car. You will be able to instantly connect while driving once the device has been correctly linked.

Consider Turning Off Your Device

To determine if it improves Bluetooth communication, you need first switch off your device. This can persuade your device to stop performing any incorrect operations.

When troubleshooting Bluetooth connectivity issues in your VW vehicle, here is a smart place to start. Most problems that your device is having can be solved by restarting it.

Push the Device to Restart

Using a force restart to reset your device is something you should think about if you are having difficulties resuming it normally. 

When all else fails and you can’t get your phone to restart, force restarting it is an excellent option.

Depending on what operating system your phone runs on, you’ll need to utilize a different technique to force restart it. 

The force restart technique is quite easy to use if you have an iPhone. The Power button must also be down while holding down both Volume buttons.

The procedure of forcing a restart will then start automatically. Bypassing the standard method of restarting your iPhone, do this. 

To forcibly restart an Android device, all you need to do is press and hold the Power button for at least 30 seconds.

Your Android device will immediately begin the force restart procedure when you have completed this. When dealing with problems that could possibly prevent your Bluetooth connection from pairing properly with your VW vehicle, both of these techniques can be helpful.

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Refresh Your Device

When attempting to MIB your device to your VW vehicle through Bluetooth, problems may arise if your device is out of date. 

Regular updates are necessary to keep your gadget operating effectively.

You’ll probably encounter errors and glitches more frequently if you’ve fallen behind on updates. When this occurs, it’s possible that your gadget won’t be able to properly link with your car.

If you are encountering issues of this nature, you should check for updates on your device. Any updates that are available for your device will normally be automatically alerted to you by your phone. To apply the update to your device, you must first download and install it.

Setup Your Network Again

In order to fix your Bluetooth problems, you might also think about clearing your network settings. Your phone’s Network Settings section contains your network settings. You can reset your network settings automatically using that option.

Your network settings will start the process of being reset as soon as you confirm your choice. Any network troubles your device was having that might have been the root of your Bluetooth problems can be encouraged by doing this.

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How To Pair Volkswagen Bluetooth?

Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and turn it on.

Depending on the phone and how the infotainment or audio system is set up, there are many methods for pairing a phone to a car stereo. 

Regardless of the type of phone you have or the vehicle you drive, the majority of these processes translate in some way. In any case, making sure you have the proper tools is the first step.

Verifying that your phone has Bluetooth is the first step towards pairing it with a car audio.

If your phone is off, switch it on to check that Bluetooth is enabled. 

The Bluetooth logo resembles the letter B. Your phone likely has Bluetooth if you see this symbol anywhere in the status bar or menus.

Make a note of the locations of the “make phone discoverable” and “search for devices” options as you navigate the menus. 

Soon, you will require those. You don’t need to activate that yet because most phones continue to be discoverable for a short while.

Select the Bluetooth device you want to pair

The hands-free calling feature of your car will appear in the list of compatible devices if your phone is able to successfully locate it.

Once the device has been chosen, couple the devices by entering a passkey or passphrase.

The pre-programmed passkey that comes with each car is normally described in the owner’s manual.

The phone settings option on your infotainment system will let you set a passkey if you don’t have the handbook.

In the event that that doesn’t work, your nearby dealer might be able to give you the authentic passkey.

Your phone will pair with your car’s hands-free calling system if you entered the correct passkey.

If it doesn’t, go through the process again, making sure to enter the right passkey.

Since the default passkey can be changed, it’s likely that some previously owned vehicles won’t work with the default.

In that situation, pair your phone once more after switching the passkey.

Final Thoughts

It is common for the Bluetooth connection to experience issues frequently. Restarting the vehicle’s Bluetooth and smartphone can quickly fix this. However, if they are beyond repair, get assistance from the business or auto repair shops. I hope you find this post to be beneficial. Please leave a remark if you have any queries so that we can assist you.

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