Are Maaco Paint Jobs Good? Should I Choose?

Maaco has been known for providing affordable paint service packages to car owners for many years. With more than 20 million vehicles painted and serviced, Maaco is the one affordable service shop in North America and is popular in the budget segment.

However, Maaco still has many negative reviews from service users across automotive forums. Are Maaco paint jobs good? To make a detailed assessment of this issue, we need to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Maaco to make the most suitable choices.

Are Maaco Paint Jobs Good?

First of all, to answer whether Maaco is a good paint service provider, we need to know that price is the biggest determinant of service quality. Painting cars is not a simple and time-consuming job. It requires care in every detail to bring a perfect whole.

In addition to car painting, a painter may have to do many other jobs such as cleaning the interior, sanding, repairing rust, dents, or stains. Because they will all directly affect the print quality of your car.

After all, Maaco is just a company that provides car painting services to make a profit. So if you pay a lot for this service then you will get perfect results. If you only choose the cheap or basic paint package, you can’t ask for a complete quality like the premium packages.

However, Maaco is still a reputable company so you can take your car to the shop and have a fresh coat of paint. Because Maaco has a good warranty policy, highly qualified staff and a multi-store system will bring convenience for maintenance.

Top 7 Advantages Of Maaco

Maaco has received millions of positive reviews on social forums for car painting services over the past four decades. Some of the outstanding advantages of Maaco will be listed below.

1. Affordable And Suitable For The Budget Segment

Maaco paint package services range from $300-$1000 depending on the car’s size and bodywork. Maaco is a company with a chain of 500 stores in North Carolina with locations across the United States and a detailed price list for painting services.

It is important to note that Maaco does not provide estimates over the phone or through user descriptions. Their staff will check your vehicle’s condition, size, and requirements to give a final cost based on the actual situation.

Their estimates are free so you don’t have to worry about paying anything upfront. What many people love most about Maaco is that they always check the car first and then give a quote. So you never have to pay extra hidden costs when the service is complete.

2. Fast Car Painting Time

Maaco received many positive reviews for its fast working time and on-time commitment. More than three-quarters of the cars brought to Maaco are usually completed in 2-3 working days.

If your vehicle is large, needs repairs, or has a lot of customization requirements, it will take 5-7 business days. Compared to other brands, Maaco is considered the fastest car paint.

3. Good Warranty

In each service package, Maaco provides good warranty policies for users. Normally, Maaco will have a 1-year warranty for service packages.

You will be inspected, repaired, or new paint if there are problems caused by the manufacturer, technical team as well as environmental impacts within 1 year completely free of charge.

In addition, for high-strength and scratch-resistant urethane-based paint service, Maaco offers a 3-year warranty. Finally, if you use a premium service pack with a clear coat and base coat, you’ll be covered by a 5-year warranty. Maaco is also particularly committed to the print quality of this premium package that will have a very nice and durable shine.

4. Full Range Of Paint Colors

Maaco offers a full range of 45 different paint colors for you to choose from. So you don’t need to worry about special colors if you want your car to be more distinctive.

However, some of the popular and chosen colors by many car owners to paint are white, gray, black, red, and blue. In particular, each color has many different shades of color for you to choose from at different levels. The color palette is fully catered for from basic, medium to premium packages.

5. Specialty Paint Products With Best Prices

One of the distinguishing features that make Maaco the ideal center for your car repainting is the variety of paints available depending on the season and location.

On their website, you can find paint specials at great prices by region. You’ll enter your city, zip, or state and Maaco will show you deals at the store closest to you. Their prices are usually very low, so even if your budget is limited, you will still get quality products at the best prices.

6. Paint According To The Owner’s Preference

Another advantage if you choose Maaco is that they will do everything according to your requirements on the matter of painting on cars. So you can ask for rim paint for around $25.

You will have to spend an average of about $100 for 4 tires and possibly more if the mechanic has to align the tires after painting. Because rims are often subjected to great friction, you should consider powder coating. Powder coating costs more and ranges from $50 to $70.

However, it lasts longer, is aesthetically pleasing, and is more resistant to damage thanks to its thick coating. In addition to rim paint, you can ask them to paint anything to your liking.

7. High Technology In Rust Treatment

Maaco is not only famous for car painting services but they also specialize in rust repair. Rust will cause your car to deteriorate quickly and when painted, it will not be possible to have perfect paint. Therefore, Maaco provides professional rust repair service before painting if customers have demand.

The rust repair will not have a specific price list it depends on the actual condition of the car. However, complex rust repairs can cost several hundred or thousands of dollars.

Some Disadvantages Of Maaco

Besides the positive comments, Maaco still has many negative comments around many issues. One of the problems that many customers doubt is the longevity of the paint on the car and the quality of this paint.

1. Paint Quality Is Not Tested

Maaco uses its paint brand in its chain of stores. This is not a standard paint brand used by all car manufacturers. Maaco does not use quality paints that are inspected by specialized agencies. Their paint brand includes average quality paint that is not comparable to the paint used in high-end auto paint shops.

Therefore, if you are repainting the entire car, then Maaco can also be a reasonable choice. However, if you want to repaint some parts, chances are the colors won’t match.

Besides, each service pack is a different paint, so the life of the paint in each package will also be different and the durability is less than 10 years depending on storage conditions and weather.

2. Customer Complaints

In terms of customer satisfaction ratings, Maaco has rated 3.9 stars. Some of the most common customer complaints have been listed below.

One of the most common complaints that many customers have mentioned to Maaco over the years is the problem of excess paint on some small details such as headlights, plastic, rearview mirrors, or other small details.

This shows that the staff painted very quickly and did not have time to clean the parts that should be avoided. This is also understandable if you choose cheap service packages. This means the expertise of the painter and the time spent taking care of your car.

Some other complaints about the full implementation of stages when painting. Many customers report that their paint is not perfect because the painter did not polish carefully, resulting in an uneven coating. In addition, some customers also complain that the price they pay sometimes exceeds the specified package rate.


Overall, Maaco is a well-known brand in the automotive paint industry with more than 500 centers across the United States over the past four decades. So they have a professional staff and management that will satisfy you.

Maaco also offers many different service packages, so the perfection of the paint also depends on the cost you spend. However, if you care about durability and premium paint quality, you should consider using this brand.

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