How To Unlock A Ford Fusion With A Dead Battery?

A key fob with a start function has been included by the manufacturer into many popular and expensive cars nowadays. This is also true with the Ford Fusion. How to unlock a Ford Fusion with a dead battery?

Many key fob types include strong user support functions including the ability to locate the vehicle, lock or unlock the door, open the luggage compartment, etc.

When the owner of the automobile forgets to leave the key in the car, certain vehicles have a warning feature.

Because of the key fob, users may avoid losing the key, forgetting to close the door, having one hand carry the item while the other searches for the key, and having a headache because the key is jammed in the lock.

With the aforementioned beneficial advantages, the case of a key fob running out of battery is unavoidable. Most smart keys run on batteries for 2-3 years. When the key fob’s battery dies, here’s how to open the door and start the Ford Fusion.

How To Unlock A Ford Fusion With A Dead Battery?

The small remote control used to unlock and start your car is called a key fob. Usually, it’s an electronic gadget that has been set up to lock, unlock, or start your car.

Instead of bringing their keys with them when they get out of their automobile, it enables the user to keep them safely tucked away in their pocket. However, if the fob battery dies and you are unable to use it to start your car, this convenience could become problematic.

If the car battery dies and you are unable to use the key fob remote to open the Ford Fusion, the car key that you use to do so may also cause issues.

There is still a way to get into your Ford Fusion if your battery dies and you can’t unlock it. A secret key is located inside the key fob. To remove the key, find the slide on the key fob and release it.

After that, insert the key into the keyhole under the driver’s door handle. By doing this, you can access the hood latch after unlocking the automobile door.

On the floor of the automobile, to the left of the steering wheel, is where the hood latch will reside. You can hear the hood pop open when you pull the hood release. You will need to get out of the Ford Fusion to prop open the hood because it won’t be fully open.

Locate the hood latch on the driver’s side underneath the hood after getting out of the car. To prop open the hood, pull the hood latch. The battery, which will be hidden by a plastic cover, is now accessible.

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Other Ways To Unlock Your Ford Fusion With A Dead Battery

You are aware that beginners may find it difficult to manually open the hood. First of all, don’t panic since there is a way to still get into the automobile utilizing the metal key that is within the fob.

Therefore, employing a metal key is the most effective and convenient method of dealing with electronic door locks. Here is a guidance that you need to adhere to in order to do the assignment successfully.

Using Metal Key

This is one of the options accessible that car owners can employ right away to deal with the situation.

Take the Key Out of the Slot

In order to reach the metal key inside the clever fobs, you will need to pop open the fob. However, you only need to click the release button on the majority of fobs, which is often located below the fob and adjacent to the key ring. The key should be in your possession as soon as possible.

Take off the Driver’s Door Handle Cover

You can utilize the key you just withdrew in situations like this. You’re going to handle the door with this key. You must be able to see a little hole just below the driver’s door handle. Put the key into the hole.

Slide the Handle Cover

The handle cover is released when the metallic key is inserted into the hole. The cover can now be slid back to reveal the emergency keyhole.

Place the Key Through the Hole

Your door’s handle cover should disappear, exposing the lock on the door. Insert your metallic key into the door lock right away. 

The key should be turned in the back. The door should easily unlock once you’ve done that. The trick may frequently not work the first time. But you shouldn’t be alarmed by that.

If you run into trouble, you should try repeatedly inserting and removing the key. That ought to assist. Adding penetrating oil to the keyhole is another option. The oil ought to assist in treating the rust.

You should be able to open the door in the following minute or so using the advice. Return the metallic key to its slot after the door has been opened to complete the keyless fob assembly. Before starting to jumpstart the Ford, don’t forget to slide back the cover of your door handle.

Using a Slim Jim

A unique thin metal is utilized to open doors. It is advised that you exercise caution when using a Slim Jim.

The weather stripping on the door may be torn, and the wiring near the door may be broken, by a minor mistake. Therefore, it would be better if you let a professional handle the door if the instrument proves to be challenging to use.

It is advised that you use the passenger door when using the Slim Jim because there are less wires there. The gadget should now pass through the weatherstripping. You’re going to use its hook end to release the locking mechanism.

Typically, the lock is located below the locking pin. As long as you know what you’re doing, using a thin Jim is likewise a rapid process.

Utilize a Fine Metal Rod

There is yet another choice if using a Slim Jim is difficult for you. It entails pressing the auto-lock button, which is often located on the driver’s door. 

They are the knobs that you press from inside the house to lock and open the door. You will be pressing them from the outside this time, though.

You’ll need some room between the car’s door and body to fit the thin metal rod through the door. Find a wedge-shaped object, and place it between the body and the entrance. 

Your metal rod should have enough room to work around the object. Aim for the auto-lock as you place the metal piece in the opening.

You might also try tying a knot or using a hook to release the internal doors. In this situation, a string or hanger can be useful. Therefore, don’t be afraid to attempt using a knot or hook if the thin metal rod proves to be difficult.

Any of these strategies will require a lot of patience to unlock the door. It should take you several attempts before you are successful unless you are accustomed to breaking into Fords. You should check the battery of your Ford Fusion after unlocking the doors and performing a jumpstart.

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How To Start A Ford Fusion With A Dead Key Fob Battery?

You might be asking how to start the Ford Fusion if it has a keyless entry system and the key fob battery fails. Here are some easy guidelines to remember:

Use the physical key that is concealed inside your key fob to unlock the driver’s door.

Open the door after it has been unlocked, then hit the start button.

You must use the emergency key kept inside the fuse box if your key fob isn’t equipped with a physical key.

Once the emergency key has been identified, put it in the keyhole and switch it to the “on” position.

Your Ford Fusion should start up without a problem if you press the start button.

Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t freak out if you get locked out of your Ford Fusion due to a dead battery. The essay goes into great length on the best approaches to tackle it. I hope you swiftly find a solution to your issue. Please leave a remark if you have any questions.

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