Why is Toyota Corolla Radio Display Not Working? Tips And Tricks

The digital display is an important device in the Toyota Corolla system. It helps the driver see all the information such as navigation routes, directions in dangerous situations, handling of accidents, or listening to music, and other entertainment activities.

It will be inconvenient when Toyota Corolla radio display is not working during your driving.

Your car radio display will not work if it suffers from various problems such as a blown fuse, a turned-off dimmer, or a damaged lighting cord.

The connectors between the LCD and the radio unit are damaged due to wetness. In addition, the backlight, LCD screen, or radio unit may be defective resulting in a non-lit display.

See why your car’s radio screen isn’t working and get it fixed quickly before heading to Toyota for repair.

Why Is Toyota Corolla Radio Display Not Working? – Some Common Causes

You can have a lot of different problems as to why the radio display is not working. These problems can be related to the power supply, the life of the device, or external factors such as breakage or damage.

In addition, you can refer to the below common situations that most drivers encounter to find out the best way to handle them.

1. Dimmer Is Off Or Faulty

Many drivers may have trouble with the radio’s on-screen dimmers. Your radio screen can sometimes move to a very bright level and cause disturbance in vision.

It will cause confusion when used in the sun because you won’t be able to see the brightness of the radio screen. You will mistakenly think that your radio display has been turned off due to screen reflectivity and sunlight.

As a result, the dimmer may not be adjusted to the driver’s request. And due to the problem, the driver cannot see the display of the car radio correctly.

The best solution to this problem is to turn on, off, or adjust the dimmers to the appropriate level during the day or night to see the information on the radio screen clearly.

2. Radio Connection Problem

If the radio monitor doesn’t work, you can check the connectors to the monitor to make sure it’s not loose or has problems with damage, cracks, or moisture.

Your car radio may have damaged connectors, so it cannot transmit power and information to the LEDs, and it cannot work.

Several reasons can cause the LED terminals to stop supplying power. The main cause of damaged connectors can be a loose connection of the wires to the connectors.

It may encounter some cases such as wire breakage and carbon sticking to the metal of the connectors, etc.

In addition, the quality of the speaker may not be of high quality due to low cost or too long service life, both causing a poor connection.

In addition, a strong impact caused the radio to break the solder joint, causing the screen to not work often.

The best solution is that the radio connectors should be replaced if they are damaged. If the wire is damaged or cut, you should repair the small details to save money.

If the solder connection of the display is broken, then you must turn on the radio and solder the connection properly.

3. Fuse Is Faulty

One of the most common causes of a radio not working is a faulty fuse. Because the fuse will provide power for the radio to work as well as other activities in the car.

When the fuse is damaged, the radio display will be turned off due to the power cut. In particular, a faulty fuse prevented it from transmitting full power to the radio.

A car’s fuse is usually located between the mains power supply and the car radio. So you should locate the fuse and replace it with good quality.

4. The Main Unit Is Faulty

The car radio is a device that does not need to be replaced often because its used capacity is rarely overloaded or damaged continuously.

Therefore, car radios are one of the most durable accessories, lasting a long time on Toyota Corolla because they are not easily damaged.

However, the longevity of the car radio is also an issue that needs attention. Radio equipment can collect dust and other sticky substances over many years of use.

Moreover, the car radio is one of those parts that have not been cleaned for a long time because it is not easy to remove and clean it daily. It is designed to be fixed and integrated into the overall control system in the car.

Dirt, lifetime, long-term wet climate, circuit collision all cause the main device to be damaged inside and the screen cannot work.

If there is any minor fault due to the screen not having enough power to work or the poor wiring, loose connector, you can replace the devices individually.

If the main part of the radio is damaged, it is recommended that you replace the car radio with a new one, as it is fundamental for the radio to function properly and not to fail continuously due to a problem with the main part.

5. Backlight Or LCD Screen Error

The backlight is a part that determines the brightness of the screen and it is also mainly responsible for the visibility of the screen.

The backlight is connected behind the LCD screen and is turned on every time the Toyota Corolla radio works. If the backlight is damaged, of course, the display will be turned off and no light can be displayed.

In particular, the backlight is an element that is easily damaged and causes interference to the screen when it is faulty. Many drivers have complained that they have to change the backlight 2 to 3 times because it is often damaged due to constant switching on and off.

Another reason that can also lead to the radio screen not working is that the LCD screen is faulty and cannot light up when there is a command to work.

If the backlight is faulty then you will have to replace the car backlight. But when the LCD screen is defective or has been replaced many times, it is recommended to install a genuine LCD screen from the manufacturer.


With the Toyota Corolla radio system, you can experience a lot of display and inactivity issues.

These causes can come from objective reasons such as the quality of the main equipment of the radio from the manufacturer, the maintenance and care of the radio, the age of the car, the frequency of use of the radio.

In addition to the objective reasons, we listed some of the common causes that many drivers have encountered related to the Toyota Corolla radio system above. You can consult and fix the problem when you encounter it.

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  1. My radio works fine, the screen just keeps flashing from the radio to the sound adjustment screen like someone is touching it to do so. The dealership trying to tell me I need a new radio, & that there are not any updates available. I’ve tried searches for the issues, but can’t seem to find the right wording for the search. Can you help? 2012 Toyota Corolla S
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