What Are Toyota Softex Problems That You Should Know About?

Changing the interior is always one of the top concerns of many drivers after a period of use. Furniture often tends to quickly fade, old and outdated. Therefore, many drivers constantly intend to change the interior with more modern materials.

Leather, fabric, or plastic materials have become very popular in changing car interiors. Recently, many drivers have tended to use a completely new material called Toyota Softex.

However, many drivers still feel unfamiliar with this new material and do not fully understand the material, its uses, advantages, and disadvantages.

So, should we switch to this new type of interior material? What are Toyota Softex problems? All will be answered in detail in the article below.

What Is Toyota Softex?

Toyota Softex is made from synthetic leather, not animal skin. This is a great alternative for those who own a car and don’t want to consume animal skin-related products. This is also an environmentally friendly material, has a humanistic meaning and an eye-catching form.

In particular, Toyota Softex is synthetic leather, but in the production process, this material produces fewer emissions into the environment and is less harmful to human health.

Toyota Softex is also one of the few products that are environmentally friendly and safe for users’ health that you can find on the market today.

What Are Toyota Softex Problems? What are the advantages?

Toyota Softex offers many benefits when replacing animal leather products. In particular, this material also has a cheaper cost and good quality relative to real animal skin.

Toyota Softex is not made from animal products so it does not absorb UV rays like leather and is environmentally friendly.

Instead, they repel these UV rays, so you’ll feel the material is more breathable than real leather and won’t sweat. The materials used to make Softex are designed in the form of leather upholstery for easy maintenance. It is also more resistant to dirt and costs less than leather.

1. Firm Texture Like Real Leather

Most drivers who have used Softex upholstery praise the material as softer than leather and feels as sturdy as real leather. This means it is equally durable and can withstand regular use without worrying about wear and tear.

Of course, leather will always feel more authentic than Softex. However, many drivers do not like to use real leather because the grip of this material is very poor. People easily slip out of their seats during bends or sudden braking stops. That’s also why real leather is not used in races.

However, with Softex material, your body will always stay steady even when moving around corners at high speed. This is also one of the biggest advantages of Softex compared to real leather.

2. Reasonable Price And Simple Maintenance

Toyota Softex is easy to maintain and affordable, and you don’t need to buy specialized products to clean this material like real leather. Toyota Softex can be washed easily and does not yellow. Therefore, cleaning Softex does not require much skill, and is fussy about how to do it.

Toyota Softex should be cleaned regularly and you do not need to buy many products to change. In addition, it is also more resistant to dirt, is easy to clean, is highly resistant to spills, and is very comfortable to sit on.

3. More Breathable Than Real Leather

Most reviews of Toyota Softex praise the feeling of comfort and cleanliness when sitting in the car. Another popular feature that many drivers love using the Softex is its gas exchange. Unlike real leather that often sweats, with Softex you can sit on it for hours and feel completely dry and clean.

For areas with hot weather, Softex material will be suitable to replace in the interior and bring a more airy feeling when driving. Because this material is not leather, it does not absorb heat and reflect the sun’s rays.

No matter how hot it is, whenever you step into the car, you will always feel the coolness of this material. Back sweat or seat sweat problems will no longer be an issue.

4. It Fits The Family Car

As you know, family cars need to be spacious, comfortable, and easy to maintain because children can often get their seats or furniture dirty.

Therefore, Softex material can completely meet these requirements in terms of cost, ease of maintenance, ease of cleaning, and spill resistance. No problem if your kids spill soda or candy on the cloth, you can always clean it easily with a regular wipe or wash.

5. Friendly Materials And Safe Solutions For Health

Did you know that this material produces 85% less carbon monoxide emissions? It is not made from animal skin materials at all, so it has great human value.

This is also the interior trend that many people are cheering for to change products from animal skins and fight cruelty to animals. Therefore, this material is increasingly loved and used widely, especially by animal lovers, protecting the environment and the health of the community.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Toyota Softex?

Besides the great benefits, Toyota Softex still has certain disadvantages that you need to consider to make the best choice for your car interior.

1. The look Is Not As Luxurious As Real Leather

For many luxury cars, genuine leather is still the first choice of many drivers because it brings luxury and luxury from high prices. This can create an expensive car and show off the wealth of the owner.

Toyota Softex does not aim at luxury from expensive costs but focuses on the affordable segment. So, if you are a person looking for furniture at a high cost, then Softex is not a reasonable choice.

2. It Is Thinner Than Other Materials

Many drivers are often concerned with the quality of the upholstery material for how long.

Thin upholstery can be breathable, not sweaty, but won’t last long. In particular, interiors that are often exposed to a lot of friction and movement such as the steering wheel and seats will be very susceptible to wear and tear.

A material that is thinner than another like Softex cannot be more wear-resistant than real leather, especially if your car is used frequently. Therefore, Toyota Softex is not as durable as other materials.

How To Properly Clean Toyota Softex?

With each type of material, we need to follow its own rules for periodic cleaning and maintenance to keep the product as new and durable. To clean and maintain Toyota Softex, you need to follow the following principles:

  • You should vacuum the chair thoroughly before cleaning to ensure thorough removal of accumulated dirt.
  • You can use regular car cleaners, no special leather products are needed to clean the seats. Avoid harsh cleaning agents that can wear and tear the Softex.
  • Never soak Softex in water, if you accidentally spill water on this material, use a cleaning cloth to clean it to avoid water that can damage the synthetic leather.
  • After cleaning, always leave the door open for Softex to dry. This material dries very quickly, so you won’t spend much time on this problem.


Toyota Softex both have advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before using it. Therefore, the choice of Toyota Softex to cover interior products depends on your preferences and needs.

If you often change the interior with different colors, then Toyota Softex will be an ideal choice. However, if you need long-term use and require durability, you should consider it before choosing Toyota Softex.

In addition, no matter what material is in the interior, you also need to regularly clean and maintain according to the principles of each material so that the product is durable, beautiful, and always like new.

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