How Much Is To Change Car Interior Color Cost?

The interior of a car is one of those parts that many drivers often intend to change and upgrade to better versions.

In particular, the color of the car interior can become old, outdated, and not suitable for the color trends of many young people. Therefore, they want to change the colors and interior equipment to make their car modern and personal.

However, many drivers wonder about the cost to change the interior of their car. How much is to change car interior color cost? How much does the furniture cost? Below we have detailed lists of these fees that you can refer to for financial consideration.

1. How Much Is To Change Car Interior Color Cost?

First, you should determine that changing interior colors and interior equipment will cost you a lot of money.

They depend on different factors such as whether you are going to do it yourself, an engineer, or a furniture specialist. Are your furniture products high-end imported goods or affordable prices?

So, changing the color of the car interior will cost as little as $4,500 and as much as $20,000. This is not a cheap fee for the average income of many current drivers.

Changing car interior color done by a professional will give you a very satisfying feeling of quality. They will clean, change and everything will be perfect as new.

However, if you have a limited budget, you can buy your interior color kit that costs between $300 and $800. This kit will include paint colors, dyes, and sprays.

It will take you a few hours to change the paint color and install new furniture on your own. However, you should consider this issue because when changing the furniture, you need to clean all the nooks and crannies to remove dirt.

This work will require a lot of time and patience for many hours. In addition, if you are not experienced with painting furniture, you may have difficulty because of the narrow working space and many small and difficult parts to paint.

You can completely easily stain the carpet, other equipment and make the interior of your car more cluttered than ever.

2. Dye Or Spray Car Interior – Which Is Better?

Tinting is for leather while spraying is for vinyl and plastic. If you have a leather interior and want to change the color, tinting will be the best option for you.

Alternatively, if you have vinyl furniture, you can change the color with spray paint. Spray paint takes a new technological step forward in changing the color of the car’s interior.

Dye or spray paint both works even on fabric seats. When it comes to changing car interior colors yourself, all you need is some quality spray paint and a coat of primer. Then, carefully learn the basic instructions for changing interior colors.

Although inexpensive, changing the color of a car interior yourself requires careful spray painting technique, as you need to use protective gloves to avoid the paint getting on your skin and sensitive areas.

3. How Much Does It Cost To Change Leather Seats?

Most drivers, after intending to change the interior color, will often consider changing from fabric seats to leather seats or dyeing leather seats to become newer.

If you have a fabric chair and you want to cover it with leather, it will cost you between $1500 and $2000. Leather seats will always bring a sense of luxury, sophistication, and cleanliness to the car interior.

If you want to re-stain your leather seats to make them look newer, the cost of having it done by a professional can range from $200 to $750. If your leather chair requires further repair of the leather or damage that cost can be up to several hundred dollars.

However, you can also dye leather seats at home easily. Be sure to remove the seat from the car to avoid contaminating the interior of the car.

You need to use tape to cover other parts of the chair and furniture to prevent the dye from getting in and making it difficult to clean again. You should use gloves because the dye easily sticks to your hands and harms the skin of your hands.

4. Some Costs For Other Interior Details

In addition to the problem of changing the color of the car interior, you can also refer to some detailed prices for other interior accessories below.

How much does a car wrap cost?

To fully wrap a car, you need to cost around $2,000 – $5,000. If you want a special vinyl wrap, you might have to shell out $10,000 or more. Wrapping car parts, such as the hood or roof, typically costs $300 or more.

How much does it cost to change a seat belt in a car?

Typically, you will have to spend between $20 and $250 to replace a car seat belt, depending on the manufacturer.

How much does it cost to replace the carpet in the car?

Normally, you only need to spend about $200 to replace car carpets and take a few hours to install. However, you need to choose the carpet to match your car floor mats.

How much does the car seat cover kit cost?

If you want to completely change the color of your car seats, you can buy a car upholstery kit for about $800, plus $750 for a professional to install. So a set of custom seats for the whole car could cost around $2,500.

5. Summary

Changing colors for car interiors and interior accessories don’t come cheap. Therefore, you can consider making the change yourself or with the help of interior experts.

The cost of hiring an engineer or repair specialist is very high, but it will give you absolute satisfaction and feel like a new car.

If you are replacing the interior yourself, be sure to follow the instructions and be careful not to contaminate other parts of the vehicle or you will have trouble cleaning many of these devices’ cars.

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