Does Armor All Damage Leather?

Armor All is a company that manufactures a wide range of cleaning and protective products for use in cars. The name of the company’s products has become famous not only in the US but also in many countries around the world.

While there are many products on the market, their most popular is the traditional Armor All multi-purpose cleaner and the multi-Purpose Wipes.

These products are used on all surfaces of your car. The information on this product all states that they are safe to use on dashboards, vinyl, fabrics, carpets, dashboards, or other vehicle components.

While Armor All multi-purpose cleaners are claimed to be safe for many surfaces, are they safe to use on skin? Does Armor All damage leather? Let’s find out the most accurate answer!

1. Does Armor All Damage Leather?

First, we need to learn some background information about the ingredients, mechanism of action, and different products from this brand.

Armor All is an American brand of car care and cleaning products manufactured by the American company Armored AutoGroup in Danbury, Connecticut, United States.

The company offers a wide range of products such as sprays, gels, liquids, and wipes to clean, shine and protect the automotive interior and exterior surfaces.

According to the patent documents, Armor All is composed of water, PDMS (silicone), diethylene glycol, glycerin, and various additional chemical compounds. All products of Armor All come in spray and wipe form, NOT recommended for use on the leather surfaces of your car.

This type of cleaner is only recommended for use on other car surfaces such as vinyl, carpet, dashboard, and plastic. Because the chemical components of this product are not good for the skin and they can cause the leather surface of the seat or steering wheel to corrode and lead to tearing or serious damage.

Regular use of Armor All reduces skin quality. It clogs the surface on leather seats, making it impossible for the leather to exchange air or escape vapors, making the surface of the chair prone to mold and unpleasant odors.

Also, using Armor All on leather seats is very dangerous. This product usually creates a slippery layer. As a result, you and your passengers are more likely to slide forward every time you apply the brake.

If you want to protect the look of your leather seats, avoid using Armor All regularly and should use specially formulated leather conditioners.

2. Are There Any Specialized Products For Cleaning Leather Surfaces?

Amazingly, there are products made by Armor All that is safe to use on the leather interior of your car. Armor All has a line of products specifically formulated to protect and enhance your leather car seats called Armor All Leather Protectants.

Armor All Leather Protectants has specially formulated leather and water-based silicone compounds to keep your leather goods safe. These chemical formulations contain absolutely no alcohol or petroleum distillates.

When you use this product on leather car parts, you will protect the leather from fading, drying, cracking, or discoloring. So, if you regularly use Armor All Leather Protectants to clean and care for the leather surface on your car, it will make it like new.

How to use it?

To use Armor All Leather Care Protectant on the leather interior of your car, you should follow some guidelines as follows.

First, you have to shake the bottle well to mix the liquid inside. Second, you should spray your leather interior protectant normally.

Then, you use a clean damp cloth to wipe the product, don’t forget to swipe several times to remove the residue left behind. You can use this product once a week to keep your car’s leather soft and shiny.

3. Damaged Skin, What Products Can Help To Fix It?

If the leather interior of your vehicle has been damaged, Armor All products cannot repair it but can be used as a temporary solution.

Depending on the type and severity of the damage to your car’s leather surface, Armor All Leather Care products can clean, maintain and protect your damaged leather to help restore its original condition.

While the product cannot repair damaged leather, it will be able to camouflage a damaged area to help prevent the surface of your vehicle’s leather from becoming too severe and visible at a glance.

The best Armor All product to use on damaged leather is Armor All Leather Care Gel. This is a product that has a thick gel-like texture and coats the interior of your vehicle.

Usage is as follows:

Apply a generous amount of gel coat directly to your car leather seats and use a clean cloth to apply evenly to the entire seat. The entire gel will adhere to the surface of the skin and create a smooth and shiny surface.

So, if the phenomenon of cracked or broken skin will be effectively solved with this specialized product. However, with serious damage problems, Armor All Leather Care Gel cannot help effectively.

4. Conclude

The leather surface of automotive products is very sensitive to harsh detergents. Armor All multi-purpose products are not suitable for cleaning and protecting the leather surface of the products.

Therefore, you should look for a specialized product that is recommended for use in cleaning and renewing leather such as Armor All Leather Care Protectant.

In addition, you need to pay attention to how to use it to avoid creating slippery layers and affecting the movement in the car. Maintain a weekly cleaning and care to preserve the longevity of the leather surface and keep it looking new.

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