Toyota Tacoma Wheel Bearing Noise – Why It Happens And What To Do

A Toyota Tacoma wheel bearing noise can be an indication of a big problem.

If you notice that your vehicle is producing some kind of a high pitched hum or noise when you drive, the wheel bearing may be having some issues. 

There are also a few other components that can be causing this humming sound. Thus, it is best to know why these things happen and to pay attention to other warning signals linked with a bad bearing to keep safe. Let’s investigate.

Toyota Tacoma Wheel Bearing Noise

A Tacoma wheel bearing noise can be troublesome to deal with. 

Primarily, the bearing has gone bad, which means an immediate replacement is a necessity. When the wheel bearing is not doing its job right anymore, then it puts a good amount of stress on a few other components in your vehicle. 

Hence, failure will eventually arise, which can be much more expensive to deal with. 

But before you start thinking about a Tacoma wheel bearing replacement cost, it may be worth checking out the different symptoms of this problem.

1. Noise

Each time there’s noise generated by your vehicle, it is never a good sign. But you will need to know where exactly the noise is coming from and what’s causing it.

For instance, your brakes start to make some squeaking noise when they have worn quite far. This means you will have to replace it. However, some motorists notice a sound even when they are not braking. In this ase, the tires could be misaligned, which causes the noise. 

It is not a wheel bearing issue, so it is best to differentiate between the two types of sound. 

2. Poor Steering

Now, if steering appears to be less efficient as it used to be, the wheel bearing could be causing this issue. With further wearing down of the bearing, the tire tends to move in directions not intended for them to go to. 

This is why the alignment is changed significantly whenever you accelerate, brake, or turn. If you hear a noise in addition to bad steering, then you can very well guarantee it is an issue with the wheel bearing. At this point, checking for a Toyota Tacoma wheel bearing replacement cost may be in order. 

3. Louder Noise As You Accelerate

In addition to the noise getting worse each time you turn, the sound may also become louder as you accelerate. The front bearings could have gone bad and the wheel bearing needs to be replaced as soon as possible. 

When Should You Replace Your Toyota Tacoma Wheel Bearing?

If you have done a test drive of your vehicle and the noise persists or gets worse as you pick up speed, it could be a bearing issue. 

The same holds true when you put your vehicle on a jack stand and the wheel tends to wiggle right at the bearing. Sometimes, there may not be any wiggle, but this does not mean that the wheel bearing is perfectly okay. 

Turn your tire and check for some kind of audible noise produced from the bearing. 

You would know that it is time to replace your wheel bearings when there is a loud grinding or growling noise from the wheel. This is the typical kind of sound you should hear, which gets worse as the problem with bearing wear continues. 

You may also check further by loading some weight into the vehicle and swerve from one side to the next. If there is a significant increase in the noise as you turn the wheel to the left, then the wheel bearing located on the right is having some issues. 

Additionally, if you notice that the wheel hub moves easily down, up, in or out, then it could be a wheel bearing problem. 

Lastly, a vibration in the vehicle body or the steering wheel may be caused by a faulty wheel bearing. The same holds true when there is no directional stability with your vehicle. This is why you may find it difficult to steer in the right direction each time you attempt to do so. 

With all these things said and done, you need to explore the Toyota Tacoma rear wheel bearing replacement cost to know how much you can expect to pay for such repair work. 

For the most part, a wheel bearing replacement for your Toyota Tacoma should set you back about $530 to as much as $600. This involves labor cost and parts. The price is higher depending on the parts involved and how serious the problem is.

In some cases, there may be other issues involved, which can bring the price higher than expected.

Do keep in mind that the price range depends on how old your Toyota Tacoma is, as well as the mileage. So, it is essential that you do your research when it comes to finding a suitable mechanic to address the problem well – and a reasonable price point. 

Bottom Line

Generally, a Toyota Tacoma is a reliable vehicle with a proven track record. When it comes to durability and dependability, you can never go wrong with a Toyota Tacoma.

However, there are instances when problems arise such as with a bad wheel bearing. If you notice a noise that gets louder each time you accelerate, or there is extra play on your steering wheel, then you should check for the possible causes of these problems. 

Be sure to resolve a Toyota Tacoma wheel bearing noise concern by having this component replaced by a professional. Fortunately, it should not be a serious issue to resolve, especially if you get it checked and diagnosed before things got any worse. 

Check the different symptoms involved with a bad wheel bearing as we have indicated in this post, and then do your homework on a trustworthy mechanic for getting the wheel bearing replaced sooner than later.

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