The Best Tacoma Tires

The best customization you can do make on a vehicle is getting new wheels and tires. Regardless if you want to drive on the off-road or just cruise around, you will find the perfect set of tires. Before you dive in, there are important things you must know 1st. Like for instance, the tires because Toyota had different tire sizes from 1995 to 2018 and it could vary greatly depending on the model. If you still have stock wheels, check the car manual to find out what specifically about the factory tires. It does not mean different sizes of tires will not do, and you can surely change wheels. This is why some people customize their tires or look at the best options out there.

When you have chosen the perfect size of tires, you need to choose a rig. This will become the main factor when you decide on which tires to get. If you will be going off-road a lot, you might need heavy-duty tires. You can also look at the mud-terrain tires category for this because they work well on trails and rocky paths. If you use your vehicle for commuting every day, then you might want nice terrain tires. The all-terrain tires category is recommended for the road and light off-road trips.

Even if the tread pattern is not as huge as mud-terrain tires, these tires have bigger tread blocks compares to traditional tires. Since there are smaller tread gaps compared to mud-terrain tires, all-terrain tires will not have a good performance when it is snowing or you are driving through mud. The majority of people consider these to be the perfect tires for daily driving. There are so many kinds but you will no longer be confused after you have finished reading more information about it.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Tires For a Toyota Tacoma

1. The Lug Patterns of Tacoma Tires

The lug pattern is a consideration if you are thinking of getting new wheels because most likely, you will have 5 or 6 lug patterns. The one you have will depend on which model you have but you can always the manual. Most of the time, a 4×4 or even Pre-Runner will have 6 lug patterns (5.5” or 137.7m offset medium-sized), and others will have 5 lug patterns (range is 4.5” or 114.3 high if it is a positive offset).

Regardless if you are thinking of having good traction or looks, bigger tires are always the right way. The factory can produce larger tires based on your preference.

2. Calibration of the Speedometer

It will impact your odometer and speedometer because the factory calibrates them according to the tire size. The speed you have is calculated based how many rotations your wheels make. In case you choose bigger tires, your tire’s circumference will increase, as well as the distance around.

For instance, your vehicle is the 2017 TRD Pro that has the stock tires 265/70R16 but instead you put 265/60R18s. The speedometer of your vehicle will say 50 MPH but your actual speed is 49.86 MPH. That difference is not big but if you will use it often and will keep it for quite some time, the odometer reading will be false. Your vehicle can be reprogrammed based on the new wheel sizes to keep this from happening.

3. Lesser Power

An issue that is noticeable using bigger tires is losing power. If your wheels diameter increases, your rear axle ratio is going to effectively decrease. This is going to cause lesser torque when you are accelerating.

4. Spacers and Lift Kit​s

Remember that your wheel size can only increase up to a certain point until your vehicle will need to be lifted. You can either acquire new wheels or do trimming. Basically, your tire height can be increased by 3% before having to do changes on the height or wheels. This is approximately 1” more height, and .3 inches wider.

You can use bigger tires if you lift your vehicle. A way to recall the size of this tire is to think about the 1 inch that you can add to your tires. This is not applicable to how wide the tires are because this will depend on your wheels’ backspacing.

5. Steps When Buying Rims

  • Alloy wheels – You should buy alloy wheels in case you drive a lot in stop-and-go traffic or the mountains. There are alloy wheels which are designed for better air flow on the brakes to stop it from overheating. The alloy can help with heat dissipation too.
  • Make your rims plus-size – If you are looking to improve on the performance of your tires and make your vehicle look sportier, consider plus-sized rims. When the inner diameter is larger, you will realize the steering responds faster and your car will run better on the road. Buying rims that have 1 or 2 sizes bigger than yours mean that you need to buy new tires too.
  • Do not choose very heavy rims – Choose rims that will not be too heavy for your vehicle to handle. Huge, steel rims placed on your vehicle decreases the handling ability. Heavy wheels do not have springs and your car’s suspension does not support it. Therefore, it is useless for making the ride smoother or have a better balance when you are maneuvering.

6. There Are Winter Tires

If you will drive in the winter, do not worry because there are tires specifically designed for that. They are for driving through cold temperatures and snowy conditions, and the safety you want. Actually, you are recommended to use them when the daily temperature average drops below 7 degrees. You are recommended to install 4 winter tires to get the ultimate performance and make driving in the snow better for you.

Top 5 The Best Tacoma Tires Reviews

1. Goodyear Wrangler 235/75R15 105S Radial Tire

Weight27.6 pounds
DIMENSIONS28.9 x 28.9 x 9.3″
  • The all-season traction has an optimized design that helps in providing traction under different conditions
  • It gives you confident handling – the tread blocks are large so the vehicle has a stable footprint as well
  • You should buy Goodyear because their selection of premium tires is wide
  • Their experience is already 1 century


  • The price you will pay for is so good for the set of tires you will get because of the excellent quality
  • You can use the tires even while driving under the 10” storm and traction remains to be great
  • These tires will give your vehicle drastic improvement if you want to go off-road occasionally
  • Compared to other all-terrain tires, the grip this one stands out and you will also have a smooth ride


  • It easily wears out so when you get these tires, keep track of when you need to change them because of this but it is an overall awesome set of tires.

When buying tires and you are on a budget, choose this product because it gives you the best of both. I will personally recommend this to anyone.

2. BFGoodrich T/A KO2 All-season Radial 33 x 12.50R15/C 108R All Terrain Tire

Weight56.9 pounds
DIMENSIONS33 x 33 x 13″
  • Uses Coregard technology: the sidewall rubber is tougher, resistant to split a bruise, originated from the Baja T/AKR2
  • The tread rubber is specially formulated so the blend reduces chip and tear that adds road endurance to these tires. The advanced footprint shape of the tire leads to equal stress distribution
  • The traction on the upper sidewall increases the tire traction when going through snow, mud and on rocky areas
  • It has a serrated shoulder design and the tires have staggered shoulder blocks that provides better maneuverability during snowy or soft soil conditions
  • These tires have better biting edges because of the 3-D active sipe technology that is used for better snow traction


  • Rides quietly and it move more aggressively on the road
  • The tires are amazing and the price is also very reasonable. This one is perfect for off-roading
  • The ride with this tire is smooth and it will certainly last long if you maintain it well
  • The product is made well and this kind of tire is what I will use for a very long time
  • The price is amazing for the quality that a person will get when this product is purchased


  • There is actually nothing bad to say about these tires and so far, I have been using them a lot and have encountered no problems

If you want a fairly-priced set of tires, this is what you should get because you can expect a smooth ride and riding on the terrain is a lot more manageable than before.

3. Milestar MS932 All-season Radial-type Tire 205/55R1691V

Weight19.75 pounds
DIMENSIONS24.9 x 24.9 x 8.4″
  • Speed rating is V
  • Tread depth is 10 30 -second inches
  • Bolt pattern in terms of diameter is 52 miles


  • The cost is awesome and when I drive on dry roads, I do not experience loss of traction or hear any squealing
  • When the roads are wet, there are no traction issues even when I do heavy cornering. The vehicle does not experience hydroplaning during floods
  • When I am driving on icy roads, it is not very difficult and the tires feels safe
  • I can use these tires during any season and I could expect that it will not disappoint me
  • These tires give a very smooth ride and I am able to handle the vehicle very well ever since I switched to these
  • These tires perform great whether the condition is dry or wet and the vehicle does not wobble


  • You just need to be a little more careful when turning but the benefits outweigh this issue so it should not be a big deal

I like this product because it is priced well and it delivers the performance I expect. Ever since switching to this, I no longer want to buy other kinds because they are awesome.

4. Sumic GT-A All-Season Radial -Type Tire 195/65R1591H

Weight17.95 pounds
DIMENSIONS25.03 x 25.03 x 7.9″
  • Symmetrical 4-rib pattern which gives riding experience that is superior and stable
  • The tire uses and advanced tread compound that improves water performance
  • The center channel is circumferential and the longer lateral grooves give ultimate water evacuation
  • The sipping of tread blocks improves the riding comfort which lessens noise
  • The high rigidity of construction supports the handling of the vehicle during high speeds
  • Speed rating is H


  • These tires are quiet and steering the vehicle is very easy when I use it and even after months of use, they still perform the same way
  • Even if this is low-priced, they are my favorite among the ones I have used in the past because of the stability I get
  • For every day driving, these tires are perfect and no matter what the condition is, I never felt unsafe
  • The tread of these tires is excellent because they are high quality and the performance of their tires cost 3 times
  • They will arrive on time once you order them and you will not have to wait for a long time
  • The road grip is very good


  • They have a bit of noise but that will not really affect your driving because the stability and smoothness of the ride matters more so this issue is very minor

This is the kind of product that I will not feel ashamed to recommend because of how well it is priced and the quality that comes with it. if you want to switch tires, this is a very awesome deal and you will not regret buying them.

5. Hankook Optimo H724 All-season tire 235/75R15 108S

Weight26.7 pounds
DIMENSIONS28.9 x 28.9 x 9.3″
  • There is a center rib block which improves the handling of the vehicle while making it more stable as you change the direction
  • Tire noise is reduced because of the pitch design technology to make your ride quieter
  • The jointless with a full cover gives better durability and braking performance
  • The single-s trand wire bead improves how the vehicle behaves on the road
  • A very hard bead filler gives better durability
  • Speed dating is S
  • Special feature is it has a tread wear indicator


  • Very good cost for the quality you are going to get after buying this product
  • It balances well and I did not experience any radial run out
  • You can expect that these tires will still perform the same way even after months of using them every day
  • You will get exactly what is being advertised and you will not be disappointed
  • These tires have a nice and quiet ride which improves your driving experience
  • They are a lot better than I expected so I will buy them again when needed
  • Even when the road is wet, the tires hold very well and they look great on my vehicle
  • These tires look really good and you will not go wrong


  • The width might be too narrow for some but overall these tires are great and I expect that you will love them too because they are awesome

I love these tires and if someone asks me which is a great deal, I always say to get this one. From my experience, I never get disappointed whenever I take my vehicle out for a ride even if the weather is not the best.


Which is better for the Toyota Tacoma: A/T or H/T?

For Toyota Tacoma, it is better to use an A/T because you can use it in any condition without having to change tires especially if you use it a lot. In addition, there are H/T that can also be all-terrain so you will get the same benefits. Therefore, those who want to get an A/T should just go for it because it has a wide range of tires under this category and people will be less disappointed.

Is it true that A/T are more durable than H/T?

It is true because A/T tires have a design that is similar to football cleats and the knobby treads they have lets you break the surface on how they ride. Therefore, allowing you to exert more power into driving the car. While H/T tires are passenger tires that have a straight tread groove so that water can be siphoned away while giving the same amount of contact. This is between the road and the vehicle. Even if the construction of A/T and H/T are similar, the A/T uses a stronger and thicker rubber so the tire can withstand anything on the road. In general, the H/T tires use thicker metal reinforcement belts and hard sidewalls so their shape stays the same as the car moves down the road. In terms of durability and stability, A/T is definitely better than H/T tires.


When you are going to buy new tires for your Toyota Tacoma, you can choose from any of the products mentioned here to avoid wasting your money and disappointment. It also shows not only the expensive tires are good because there is already a lot of fairly priced tires that delivers the same performance. In addition, these tires are easy to purchase and they will be delivered on time. Other people who bought any of these products did not experience problems and they will buy again when they need them again.

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