Chevy Silverado Shuts Off While Driving – Top 6 Popular Reasons

Chevy Silverado suddenly stalling on the road is one of the extremely dangerous incidents, especially when you are traveling on the highway with other vehicles at high speed.

Cars are very complex machines with many moving components and parts, so they are prone to failure in a variety of ways as any of these parts also can suddenly stop working.

Chevy Silverado shuts off while driving – What is the cause and how to fix it? We have listed some of the common causes and solutions when your car suddenly stops on the road.

Chevy Silverado Shuts Off While Driving – Reasons And Solutions

There are many causes for Chevy Silverado to suddenly stall, you can refer to some common causes from auto repair experts.

1. Out Of Fuel

Usually, the only reason your car shuts down while driving is because it’s out of fuel. Before thinking too much about the cause like the electrical system or generator, the wiring, etc., you should check the fuel first.

The reason many drivers encounter is not using the fuel gauge, thinking that the fuel is still enough to go, or the broken meter does not give a warning. Don’t forget to check the fuel gauge regularly and make sure the amount of gas is in the tank.

2. Cooling System Problem

This is the most common problem according to many experts in the field of car care and repair.

The reason may be due to a leak of coolant causing a lack of cooling water, or a problem with the cooling system, such as the cooling fan not working, leading to the engine overheating and shutting down suddenly.

You can see the coolant temperature gauge needle jump to indicate overheating, the machine runs more sluggishly and there may be a click. Stop the car in a safe position when you detect that the engine is overheated and flip the bonnet up to check the water in the tank.

3. The Battery Suddenly Stopped Working

The battery is an important device to provide the energy needed to start the combustion process and also to power other electronic components in the vehicle.

When the battery is dead, one of the problems you are likely to encounter is the car shutting down while driving because the battery will not be able to charge correctly, so it can run out of power at any time.

However, in many cases, if the battery is suddenly stopped working but it can still be restarted due to a short circuit while driving.

4. Generator Broken

The generator is responsible for managing the power supply to various components to keep your car running properly. So, if the alternator is damaged or caught fire, it will not be able to supply power to the entire vehicle and cause it to suddenly shut down.

However, the generator is unlikely to fail unexpectedly due to common causes, it often works inefficiently or flickers over the life of the vehicle.

If you’ve had a car for many years or bought a used car, regular inspection and maintenance will help you avoid this problem.

5. Faulty Fuel Pump

The vehicle’s engine needs a stable fuel supply to be able to move on the road. Therefore, if the fuel supply is depleted, the Chevy Silverado can turn off the engine while driving.

A faulty fuel pump is one of the main problems that can affect the fuel supply to the engine. Sometimes it’s not even the fuel pump that’s the problem but the fuel filter.

The fact is that fuel contains a lot of dirt. After a long time without being replaced, the fuel filter can become clogged, preventing fuel from being pumped into the engine, causing an engine stall.

A clogged fuel filter can also damage the fuel pump by overloading the pump in low fuel conditions and not cooled enough. Therefore, you need to regularly check and replace the fuel filter to avoid damage to the fuel pump.

6. Ignition System Problem

The ignition system also plays an important role when it comes to powering the vehicle. A faulty ignition system can cause problems as soon as you start the car, such as weak combustion leading to shut down or difficulty starting.

Ignition power can be related to a failure in several components such as spark plugs, high voltage wiring, motor, or power supply system.

A damaged ignition system can be caused by long-term use without replacement or by frequent flooding of the vehicle.

Some warning signs such as loss of control box signal, fuel pump, and injectors may not work, so it is easy to mistake it for a fuel pump failure.

The engine can die suddenly without warning. In some cases, there may be an engine fault light, a worn ignition switch, and a faulty ignition relay.


A sudden shutdown of a car can be due to many different reasons, but you can make it a priority to check the common causes that we have mentioned above.

The problem of a car suddenly stalling is very dangerous, especially on the highway. So don’t ignore any warning signs before that.

Don’t forget to follow regular maintenance and repairs to ensure that you won’t encounter dangerous problems while driving.

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