How To Mount Light Bar On Roof Without Drilling?

Light bars are currently gaining a lot of user interest. This is due to the numerous advantages that this sort of lamp provides. So, how to mount light bar on roof without drilling?

The light bars are a crucial component of equipment for nighttime driving that increases visibility. Greater road illumination is ensured by a light bar connected to the roof, especially on off-road vehicles and trucks. Besides, the light bars will give your car a new look.

If you’ve ever had to put light bars on the roof of a truck, you know how time-consuming the operation can be. 

If you enjoy cars, it won’t be difficult for you to figure out how to mount a light bar on a roof. Read on and we will help you find the easy way to install the light bar for your car.

6 Benefits Of Light Bar

There are numerous reasons why an increasing number of car owners are installing light bars at this time. In truth, the lighting system of pickup trucks is still rather poor, therefore an additional light bar is absolutely necessary. Overall, this sort of lighting is popular for a variety of reasons.

Diverse In Models And Types

This sort of light comes in a variety of forms, including light bars in yellow, blue, and white, as well as round and square lights. The light can be used for a variety of purposes, including capo lights, roof lights, etc.

Flexible Lighting Capabilities

At the moment, the lighting capacity of each light bar design will be varied, with several sorts available for customers to choose from, including: wide-spreading light, close-up light, distant light, and long-range lighting. kind for concentrated light, etc.

Above all, the illuminating capabilities of all types of light bars is highly valued, as it greatly assists the user when driving.

Aesthetic Excellence

Aside from enhancing lighting, installing a light bar for cars can also help to improve aesthetics.

In general, a light bar with a variety of shapes will offer your automobile a unique look; users can shape a strong and aggressive look for their vehicle.


Because the light bar is made using modern technology, it can endure for 50,000 hours and has an IP68 waterproof classification. The light bar, in particular, can survive any adverse weather conditions while remaining stable.

Energy Saving

Light bars, in general, emit very little heat when compared to other types of lighting. Furthermore, this lamp consumes less energy. Furthermore, because they are long-lasting, users save money on repair and replacement.

Ways To Mount Light Bar On Roof Without Drilling

It is not essential to drill into your car if there are already bolts or clamping points for mounting the accessory to the roof. Here are some examples.

Using Roof Racks

Most cars come with roof racks as standard equipment, however you might need to take your light bar off first. Once it is in place and you are happy with where the rack is, replace the light bar and secure it on top of the rack.

It’s not always possible to drill holes in your roof, especially on newer models when the roof is made of a certain material that can fracture and disintegrate. To avoid drilling the roof, you can clamp it to a hook or other similar clamping point attached to the bodywork of your car.

Putting In Place On Spare Tire Carrier

The most straightforward place to put a light bar is typically on top of your spare tire carrier. It might be necessary to relocate the license plate or taillights and utilize different mounting hardware to ensure that everything fits together properly.

The drawback of this arrangement is the limited space for additional attachments. It is preferable to mount the light bar on your roof as a rack or load-assist bar.

Using Clamping Points

It’s not always practical to drill holes in your roof. Especially on newer models where the roof can be built of a unique material that can fracture and disintegrate.

You can clamp it to a hook or other similar clamping point attached to your vehicle’s bodywork to prevent drilling on the roof.

Through Available Bolts

The simplest method of mounting the unit on a roof without drilling has to be this. Given that it is directly above the windshield and won’t obscure your view, the location is likewise excellent.

You should loose the bolts at the bottom of the windscreen on both sides before mounting the brackets for the light bars and then the light bars themselves through the brackets.

Assisting Of Magnetic Roof Mounts

Another option for mounting a light bar without drilling uses magnetic roof mounts, which work by using tiny magnets. So you attach these little magnets to the top of the car rather than drilling holes in it. After that, all you have to do is hang your light bar from them.

Using The Rearview Mirror

Some light bars have brackets included so you may fasten them to the rear-view mirror and prevent them from obstructing your vision.

It is possible to mount the mirror using its upper mounting points, a separate bracket attached to it, or even the side mounting points on the mirror frame.

Install in Bull Bars

This is a great place to put one or more light bars if your car has a bull bar or nudge bar. The most common mounting method is typically a clamp for security. Because less invasive solutions are less likely to corrode or wear down your bull bar over time.

The majority of clamps feature an adjustable range. Rubber inserts can be used to provide a suitable fit if necessary. These brackets also offer the added advantage of supporting antennas, work lights, and spotlights.

How To Mount Light Bar On Roof Without Drilling?

We discussed several methods above to help you choose the best one. And here are the instructions for mounting a light bar on a roof without drilling.

Choose Suitable Positions

Although there are several locations where you can put a light bar, your spare tire carrier is probably the simplest. To make everything fit in perfectly, you might need to move the tail lights or license plate and utilize alternative mounting hardware.

It’s a problem that there isn’t much room left in here for any additional accessories. A better approach is to place the light bar on your roof as a rack or load-assist bar.

Mark A Spot

You should mark the spot where the light bar will be mounted. If your car has removable roof racks, you might have to take them off, mount the rack, and then put your light bars in permanently after that.

It is best to temporarily remove any load-assist bars or permanent roof racks from your vehicle if they aren’t detachable in order to attach the light bar where they won’t obstruct it from working.

Height Measurement of Your Roof Rack

To choose a light bar that will meet your demands, you must first determine the height of your roof rack.

If you want to extend your lighting capacity, you can mount additional light bars on the same roof rack. Standard vehicles are typically 2 feet wider than they are long, you can place two light bars on a roof rack.

Identify the Mounting Brackets’ Height

The mounting brackets are specifically made to mount firmly and damage-free onto the roof rack of your car.

Make sure the mounting brackets you purchase are intended just for this use. If not, you run the danger of harming your roof rack.

Whether the mounting brackets for the light bar are removable. Let’s test if they still fit on the roof rack of your car when you remove it or adjust the height.

Make sure to measure and mark each light bar. If more than one is being attached to a single roof rack so that they are installed equally and don’t interfere with one another when in operation.

Installing The Light Bar

Install your light bars permanently on the roof rack or load-assist bars of your car once you’ve decided how high to place them. Make sure you adhere to all installation guidelines specific to your light bar model.

Locking Brackets 

Attach the mounting brackets to your vehicle’s load-assist bars or roof rack. To make everything function, you might need to add additional bolts of various lengths.

Full Checking

Your light bars will easily fall off or be damaged since they won’t hold firmly. Please carefully fasten these to prevent falling off when moving, especially on bumpy roads.

Light bars can be rather heavy, so if your mounting brackets are only made of plastic, you may need to reinforce them with some more metal.

Plastic is far more brittle than metal, and it is much more prone to break when struck by a heavy object like a rock or small boulder.

Final Thoughts

Not often as easy as it sounds, mounting lights without drilling can be challenging. Avoiding drilling a hole into your car’s frame can make it more durable and prevent eventual collapse.

Hope this article how to mount light bar on roof without drilling will be useful for you. Please leave us a remark if you have any questions, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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