Silverado Heated Seats Turn On By Themselves – Why And How To Fix?

Recently, there are many drivers who own Chevrolet Silverado constantly complaining about the problem of the heated seats automatically turning on without finding the cause.

Silverado heated seats turn on by themselves without any outside influence. What causes the heated seats to turn on automatically?

To answer this question, we have compiled a number of opinions from repair experts and you can refer to these causes before taking your car to a repair center.

How Do Chevrolet Silverado Heated Seats Work?

First, we need to learn about the basic operating principle of the seat heater to find out the common causes that it often encounters.

The heating system of the car seat is mainly composed of the switch, fan driver, turbine fan, semiconductor, ventilation duct, exhaust pipe, and other accessories.

Their working principle is to use a fan to blow semiconductors to achieve air convection in the chair, thereby changing the surface temperature of the chair.

By adjusting the switch to change the voltage direction between the semiconductor terminals to achieve hot and cold switching. The single-chip microcomputer controls fan and semiconductor to sense displacement.

Silverado Heated Seats Turn On By Themselves

One of the most common causes of heated seats turning on automatically is due to faulty work or faulty control circuitry.

1. Broken Switch

A broken switch is one of the reasons why the seat heater automatically turns on continuously even when you don’t have any action.

A damaged control switch leads to a faulty circuitry system and does not work as it should. The heated seat will work intermittently, such as automatically turning on or off or suddenly increasing or decreasing the temperature.

The seat heater switch can also be problematic if it gets flooded with water or the air is too humid, causing the electrical circuit to short or malfunction. You must make sure that water cannot get into your car and its electronic switches.

In addition, many drivers also report that the switch of the heated seats is placed in a position where it is easy for them to accidentally touch it without knowing it.

2. Check Signal From Door Module

If you have a scanner that can read the door or seat module, you can check if the door module is receiving the heated seat switch signal even if you don’t press the switch.

The heated seat switch sends a signal to the door module, which in turn sends a request to the seat module and heats the seat. So in an emergency situation, if you want to disable the annoying automatic pop-up heated seats, you can unplug the heater switch from the door module.

If it’s not the heater switch that is flickering, disconnecting it won’t help. So you need to get under the seat and disconnect the heating elements.

However, the wiring and connections are not always easy to identify as they are arranged in the heating and cooling units of the air conditioning system.


If the Chevrolet Silverado heated seats turn on automatically for no apparent reason, you can disconnect the door module or disconnect the underbody heating in emergency situations.

This phenomenon is reported by many drivers as occurring more often on wet days as the relay can be flickered by too high air humidity.

To handle this situation absolutely, you should seek help from repair experts to check the electrical circuit system, heating connection, signal from the door module because these problems require high technical skills and modern meters for detection.

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