10 Common Questions Asked About The Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is a midsize pickup truck that has a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds and with the right package, it can reach up to 6,500 pounds. In comparison to other vehicles in the same category, this one is fairly popular because of the price and what it can do. However, no matter how much the manufacturer spends on advertising, people will still ask questions about the car. Over the years, there are common questions that regularly come up and they will be answered here.

1. When should I replace the timing chain?

The Toyota Tacoma has no interval when it comes to changing the timing chain. The older Toyota engines had issues with the guides of timing chain and the tensioners on the engines that did not have regular oil change. Tacomas can have a mileage of 200,000 without changing the timing chain.

2. Does the Toyota Tacoma come with a standard TSS-P?

The TSSP is a safety package that is standard on all new Toyota Tacomas. It is an advanced safety system that combines pre-collision system and Pedestrian Detection. You will also be assisted by the LDA, AHB, and DRCC. The TSSP’s excellent features can create safety that is designed to make you more aware and make better decisions on the road.

3. When I am pressing on the brakes, why does the passenger side light turns on

Since the red tail lights are the brakes and amber are the signals, the 2 bulbs are separate, which means it is unlikely to be a bulb issue. The brake light circuit might be shorted or bleeding which does into the circuit of the signal light.

4. Am I allowed to turn off my daytime running lights?

Keep in mind that the daytime running lights are part of the safety features which helps make the front of the car visible to others during daytime. This is very helpful especially during the rights for after dawn periods and right before sunset increases the visibility to others on the road. If your car has a “DRL OFF” function, you can turn them off when you twist the headlight control knob to “DRL OFF.”

5. Is a clogged air filter caused by the P1135 code on a Toyota Tacoma?

The vehicle is subject to a lot of smoke/ash because of a local forest fire and dust coming from roads for 4-wheel drives. It means that your air/fuel sensor is malfunctioning but the air filter an also play a role in this. In addition, there is a possibility and you should change the filter, then erase saved code and use the car to check if it comes back. It is worth trying if it makes your car run smoothly again.

6. How to reset maintenance light on Toyota Tacoma?

Using the key, turn it to the on position, figure out what the odometer reading is telling you, turn it back off, push down and hold reset button found on the trip meters. While you continue to press the button, use the key to turn it back on, but not up to the start position.

You will notice that the light is illuminating for 3 seconds before it flashes for 15 seconds every 4,500 miles after it has been reset. Usually, this could only mean your vehicle needs an oil change.

7. What is the best way to remove an oil filter because it is broken that could be cross threaded?

An experienced mechanic might already have invented a tool that can be used for this and can lend it to you. A flat bar steel with 2 ¼ x 1 ½ bolts makes a tool that can match to the holes in a newly installed filter. You should remove the cannister of the outer filter and use the tool to remove the remaining base. This is going to work great.

8. How to replace the brake pads on a Toyota Tacoma

Confirm the remaining friction material’s thickness and if it is already less than 2 mm, the pad replacement is still warranted. You can inspect the surface of the brake rotor visually that makes the pad contract and measure the brake rotor using precision tools for variation of thickness, warpage and run-out. Check the caliper, pads, torque plate, and rotors to find out if your caliper is freely operating. Install the new pads and other additional components that you want. Lubricate the components of the brake system like the sliding pins of the caliper, and check the brake fluid’s condition. It is mandatory to top off the brakes.

9. My Toyota Tacoma will not start after 4 years has passed, and it only rolls over using the starting fluid.

The mass air flow sensor most likely has debris that went into the small heated wire, which could be causing the symptoms. You should remove the top of air cleaner and inspect if there is any foreign object in the air tube. Normally, it is very hard to remove any trash you will find there without causing damage to the MAF sensor and it might need to be replaced. Even a small particle on the wire element can lead to that problem.

10. How do I pair my Bluetooth device to my Toyota Tacoma?

Press setup button and then touch the “Bluetooth” on the screen and then tap “add”. Navigate through your phone settings and go to Bluetooth settings. On your phone, ouch which device is to be paired, confirm your PIN and tap “okay” or “pair.”

Once the device is connected, it will automatically connect whenever you switch the engine to “ACC” or “ON”.

These are the most commonly asked questions about the Toyota Tacoma which you might be asking too and all the answers are here.

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