How Long Does It Take to Learn How to Drive?

People are not the same when they are driving. There are those who hate parallel parking, while others become nervous as soon as they start the engine. It is the same when you are trying to learn driving. There will always be a person who can say they passed after taking only 3 lessons, but that is not the average. Normally, it takes about 45 hours of regular lessons and 22 hours of practice to learn driving. Here is what you need to know about learning how to drive.

Choosing a Driving Instructor

Actually, there are different ways to learn driving. For instance, you can ask your friend or any family member to teach you. Another way is to attend professional lessons and training given by different organizations.

The 2nd option is more practical because everyone has their own schedules too. This is why is important to choose the right instructor. They can help you improve multi-tasking skills when you are in different situations. Therefore, the quality and professionals of the driving instructor can significantly influence your results.

  • Look at their qualifications – Driving trainers needs to be professionally educated. They should either be an approved driving instructor or a driving instructor for trainees.
  • What is their reputation? – You need to ask family and friends about the instructors they had to make sure that an instructor is perfect for you.
  • Are they reliable? – Picking the right instructor is crucial because they do not come cheap. Aside from that, the wrong instructor is going to be a hindrance to your progress and it will cost you more. Furthermore, if your instructor is usually late, give short notice cancellations or double books, you should think about switching to a different instructor.
  • Comfortability – While you are learning how to drive, it is important for you to feel safe, supported, and confident. Therefore, if you are not comfortable with the instructor after a couple of lessons, it is time to change instructors.

Driving Theory Test

All drivers should pass this test. Having a good understanding of the theory is significant when you are taking the practical test because you will be watched by the examiner. This is to see how you can apply the knowledge you gained from the theory test to real driving.

What the test consists of:

  • Hazard perceptionIt checks your capability to spot and respond to hazards as you drive.
  • Multiple choicesThis part of the test will cover the areas like safety, the vehicle, road rules, driving conditions, traffic signs, and a lot more.You need to learn quite a few things to pass this test but if you prepare, you should be okay and it will not consume too much time.

How it Really Takes to Learn

It really depends on a couple of factors before you are able to complete 45 hours of lessons and 22 hours of practice.

  • The number of lessons you have in a week – If you are able to schedule time effectively, your lesson should be more than once a week because it is better for investment. Since you are a beginner, spending too much time between lessons makes you forget and you need to re-learn everything again. You can try having not less than 2 lessons every week on the 1st month. When you get used to multi-tasking, your number of lessons can be reduced if you want.
  • How time you have for private practice – After a few weeks of learning about driving and taking the driving theory test, it is reasonable to ask your instructor about practicing on your own. Given that you do this with a friend, parent, or sibling. There are a couple of things you have to arrange and have them ready 1st but it is worth it in terms of value and time. Having enough private practice means your ability to succeed in the driving test is higher. This is also saying that you are able to control any car under different weathers. Obviously, practicing more makes you achieve your goal sooner.
  • How good is your knowledge about highway code – If you do not know all of them, your test results could get messed up. You are expected to know the road rules from the theory test, so things, like stopping even when there are hatchings and not respecting the pedestrian lane, could bring you down. Do not neglect using theory test apps, CDs, or books after taking the actual test. Stay updated about the revisions, still practice with your instructor, and give yourself a test when you are out.

Your Nerves

It is just normal to be nervous before your driving test but here are tips you can try:

  • Try booking your driving test in a couple of weeks when there is not a lot to think about.
  • Make sure that you got a lot of rest on that day. If you take the test tired, your skills and attention can be lessened and you have the tendency to mess up.
  • Visualize your goal and do not linger on the thought of failing and only think of passing the test. Keep in mind that the instructor is not going to suggest that you take the test if you are not capable to pass it.
  • If possible, take an early test. You will have less time to sit around and worry about it. In addition, make sure to arrive 10 to 20 minutes early. Less than that will make you feel rushed and if it is more, you will only sit around there getting all worked up.  

Actually, the time it takes for a person to learn how to drive depends on their determination to meet the average time needed. If the person is lazy, then he or she will take forever to learn. 

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