How to Pass the Driving Test for the 1st Time

Taking a driving test can make some people nervous but there are proven ways you can do so that you will pass the test for the 1st time. Aside from practicing with your instructor and the people you trust, you need to read more about what you can do to pass the driving test even if it is your 1st time. You do not want to do the test again because it will give you the same nervous feeling all over again and that is something you need to avoid.

Find a Good Instructor

Even before wondering about passing the test, you should find an instructor who is compatible with you – a person who you easily work with and is trustworthy. You should not be afraid to book a trial lesson because it will help you determine if the instructor is right for you now. You are going to spend about 40 hours with the instructor so a good instructor increases your chance of passing the test for the 1st time. in addition, you might even finish the test earlier because your instructor is the right one for you.

Familiarize Yourself with the Area

If you have seen the area already, it is most likely that you will know all about the road layouts, markings of the lanes, traffic signals, limits of speed, and that will boost your confidence. If you do not know the area before driving there, you should make it a goal to show up early so you can check it out. Although, it is really better to become familiar with the area before the day of your driving test.

Take Advantage of Learning Opportunities

While you are a passenger, imagine yourself in the driving seat. Observe the roundabouts, junctions, and how to signal maneuvers like what you need to do during the driving test. The more you are able to do this, the more it will become 2nd nature. While you are doing the test, this needs to be 2nd nature so keep doing this every chance you get.

Check Your Eyesight

You will be required to read a plate number 20 meters away that uses the new style or an old style one which is 20.5 meters away. The new style plates are the ones that have 2 letters and then 2 numbers. For instance, AB47 TSK. If you cannot read the plate number, you cannot continue the test. Therefore, before you take the test, check your eyesight and if you need to wear glasses, get them before the driving test. This is very important because you need to be able to read traffic signs and road signals from a distance so you know what to expect.

Ask for a Practice Test from Your Instructor

In order for you to know what will happen that day, ask your driving instructor for a practice test, where you would have to drive under different conditions based on the test. You also need to complete all test elements in order for you to pass. This is going to give the knowledge you need on what you must expect, and you will be able to correct weaknesses in advance. This is very important because it will determine how much of a chance you have in passing the driving test.

The Show Me, Tell Me Questions

To test the knowledge you gained from practicing, you might be asked about anything. This could be from knowing how to check the brake lights if they are functioning to ensuring that you are well-protected by head restraints in case there is a car crash. Anything related to driving can be asked from you and you can ask your instructor to help you with this too. They should know what questions that might be asked during the test so you will avoid failure and master the test.

Moving Off and Stopping

The test will involve stopping the vehicle at the right distance from being on the curb and moving off. You are going to this a couple of times during the test. The examiner is going to assess how good you are in stopping the car safely, it is in a legal position without it being too far from the curb. It is crucial that you are able to move off and stop the car properly. In addition, you should be able to know how to use the mirrors correctly and take note of the blind spot if you want to pass the test for the 1st time.

You are Not the Examiner

Whatever you assume on that day, remember that the final say will come from the examiner. This is going to work in 2 ways; it is either you can feel that you are experiencing a mishap or a distraction. Although, keep in mind that if your issue has been addressed correctly and done everything to maintain safety, the examiner might think you did well and will pass you. You should always stay calm and have confidence in your driving skills. Always stay calm even if you are getting nervous because that could cloud you from doing the right thing. Your examiner will also assess your ability to stay calm and if you are able to do the right action in order to fix it. Another thing is that you should calculate your every turn and always look ahead because you might miss some road rules.

Remember that if you want to pass the driving test, you should stay focused and prepare for it. Never schedule too early nor too late because you might show up unprepared or you already forgot what you learned. Another thing is that you should get enough sleep and eat before your test to prevent you from feeling weak.

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