Best Replacement Shocks for Toyota Tacoma

Since it was introduced more than 20 years ago, it had become a mainstay in the segment of midsize pickup trucks. The usual advantages of the Toyota Tacoma include several body styles, solid build, off-road abilities, reliability, and durability.

The drawbacks are only minimal like it is normally a bit more expensive compared to the trucks made by domestic manufacturers. In addition, taller drivers might feel uncomfortable in the cabin of the 1st and 2nd generation Toyota Tacoma. Although, in general, this vehicle does what it is supposed to and almost all truck shoppers recommend it.

The Toyota Tacoma today could also be bought in the extended cab or crew can variation of body styles with cargo beds that are long or short. The Toyota Tacoma can be bought in 5 levels of trims: TRD off-road, TRD Pro, TRD Sport, SR, SR5. The SR is entirely not like the stripped-down truck you might be thinking of. It has power windows, locks, composite bed with clears for tying it down, sliding back window, Bluetooth stereo, and rearview camera. The other models also have their own features but all of them use shock absorbers just like any other car. You will find here a list of the top 5 most sought-after shocks.

The products listed have been tried and tested by customers who like to use their Toyota Tacoma for a lot of heavy-duty activities. In addition, since it has been in the market for years, the shocks created for the Toyota Tacoma have gone through innovations and improvements to suit the needs of people. Moreover, it is important that you know what to buy because there are a lot of products out there that will tell you they are good quality but they are really not. Check these out:

Top 5 The Best Replacement Shocks for Toyota Tacoma Reviews

1. DTA 70090X Full Set 1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma 4WD Only or 1998-2004 Tacoma Prerunner

  • It is fully loaded and installation is very safe and easy
  • The struts are charged with nitrogen gas, Teflon brand piston steal has 4 lips, piston rod with micro polished chrome and S3 fluid for all levels.
  • Heated and treated coil spring coated with powder to make sure it lasts long and provides protection against corrosion.
  • There are insulated Spring seats which makes riding experience comfortable
  • You can apply neoprene bumps and boots
  • Dimensions: 44 pounds


  • The struts are well-manufactured and price is unbeatable for all 4 of them
  • Installation is not time-consuming as it only takes about 1 hour
  • Makes the truck move great and makes it nice and stiff


  • Some people find the ride too stiff for their preference

These shocks absorbers are almost perfect and it really delivers what it says. Not to mention the great value you get for the price because some will cost higher but does not really speak for its quality.

2. Freedom Offroad Tacoma 0-3” Lift Extended Nitro 2005-2014 Rear Shocks

  • There is a set of 2 rear performance shocks in the package
  • This product is designed for vehicles that are lifted 0-3”
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Dimensions: 15 pounds


  • It will fit the model it is intended for without any issues and you will not have a problem with the installation
  • The instructions are easy to read and follow
  • Since having the product in my Toyota Tacoma 2008, the rid has been very smooth and I hardly feel the bumps in the road because of these shocks
  • The product is not overpriced and the quality is really solid


  • The installation took about 2 hours but that is probably because it is my 1st time to install shocks of any kind

These shocks are sturdy and stiff to keep my ride stable and smooth. I love the structure and durability the product comes is made of because it will definitely last long. I can easily tell why it has remained long in the market and it is one of the best. I recommend this product to anyone who needs a reliable and good replacement.

3. SENSEN 1240-FS Front Pair of Shocks for 95-04 Toyota Tacoma

  • Made with precision for a better fit and can restore the original ride height
  • All of its components are manufactured according to the expectations of OE specifications
  • The quality-controlled system got its certification from ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949/2002
  • You can buy this product with confidence because it comes with a limited lifetime warranty from SENSEN


  • It is definitely a great purchase because of the price and you get great quality
  • These shocks fit perfectly the model they are intended for so you do not feel cheated
  • You will get exactly what is described and it comes with all of the hardware
  • I did not have a hard time with the installation and they work really great. No regrets


  • It does not include a top Mount and bearing plate so you would have to buy them separately but it is overall a great product to buy for its quality

Buying these shocks was one of the best things I did for my truck because it really needed new ones that will work great with it. I will recommend this to people I care about.

4. KYB SR4130 Strut Plus Complete Corner Unit Assembly

  • This strut assemble is complete and it is manufactured by a trusted name when it comes to OEM quality of shocks and struts
  • The design is for proper riding height and the 1st handling capabilities found in Toyota cars
  • The exact fit is engineered and already pre-assembled for results that are professional
  • There is an upgraded coil spring with a coating that is resistant to corrosion and it has been fatigue-tested
  • The design components on both sides are very specific just how the manufacturer intended it to be


  • It is a great assembly of a direct replacement strut
  • Dropping it in is not difficult and it cooperates with you completely
  • The ride height it gives provides a smooth ride which is very pleasant
  • The vehicle feels steady even on uneven and breaking surfaces


  • The product does not come in pairs and they are not compressed to make installation easier for you

I really like this product because it is well-made and my ride has been really smooth ever since I installed this in my Toyota Tacoma. Anyone who wants to buy this will not be disappointed.

5. Rancho Suspension QuickLIFT Loaded Strut and Shock Kit For Toyota Tacoma 4WD 2005-12

  • The Rancho front and rear struts are already included and RS9000XL Shocks
  • This product will level front suspension
  • The tuning technology is 9-position
  • Product is made with a liquid metallic finish
  • There is a limited lifetime warranty
  • Dimensions: 50 pounds, 12 x 15 x 35”


  • This product looks awesome and there is room if you want to put bigger tires
  • I got great value for my money and these shocks are really easy installation
  • These shocks will add 2.5” of lift to your vehicle and nothing less than that
  • They come with lifetime warranty so you can buy it with confidence and without hesitation because it is really good


  • It only lifts the front of the truck and it might take a bit of getting used to but all will be great after that. There is a little oversight but other than that you will find nothing to complain about since it is well-made

This product is best for those who want to use bigger tires and want a better ride. You will also be able to tell that the construction is solid and the company thought about it really well.

How to Replace the Struts of Your Toyota Tacoma

You will know the struts need to be replaced when:

  • You see there is leaking oil from the shock’s rod/shaft and goes into the shocks or struts. In case it is too dirty to determine, get a rag and wipe it off.
  • The front or back bumper starts to bump up and down and if it continues to do so, the truck is riding only on leaf springs or it could be on the front coil springs
  • When it is more difficult to brake the vehicle than usual to do a nose dive, and if it is already rocking back and forth too much
  • If there are bushings/mounts that cracked or broke, it is because the top stem located on the rear shocks can be quickly eroded during bad conditions

The original struts provided by the factory normally lasts for a long time. If you do not require much from your truck, drive on the pavement and avoid hauling too much equipment a lot. The shocks could last anywhere from 50 to 100,000 miles.

If you like to drive off-road a lot while hauling heavy equipment at the same time, or you want to make your vehicle more leveled and/or install bigger wheels, you should upgrade your struts and shocks for a better riding experience.

To change the strut, you 1st have to use a hoist or a jack to lift the vehicle while you are removing the front reel. After that, you will remove the brake caliper and rotor before disconnecting the sway bar link. You will know unlink the strut from the vehicle’s steering knuckle, and then disconnect it from the strut tower so it can be completely removed. In case you are replacing the entire strut, installing it is quite simple. At the same time, refusing the spring coil is common and if you do this, there is no need to replace the compress and disassemble the worn strut. The new strut would have to be put together prior to installation.

How to Replace the Shocks of Your Toyota Tacoma

1. Front shocks

  • Raise the front shocks using a floor jack and then use jack stands to support it. Use a tire iron to remove the nuts by loosening them 1st and then set aside the wheels. Look for the shocks located under the carriage. Unlink the shock’s bottom part from the arm using a ratchet and wrench. Remove the retainer and Mount on the upper part and the cushion that comes from the top shock that goes on top of the spring. Pull the shocks and do this again on the other side.
  • Remove the cushion and retainer from the old shock and put it on the new one. Insert new shock in the mount located on the coil spring on top and then install upper cushion, upper nut and retainer. Set the torque wrench dial to 18 feet lb. before using it to make the upper nut tight again until the wrench slips. Install the bolts on the lower part and set the torque wrench to 29 feet lb. Do this step again on the other side.

2. Rear shocks

  • Raise the Toyota Tacoma’s rear end to remove the wheels.
  • You have to disconnect the nuts next, as well as the cushions and retainers from their stud and axle. Pull out the shock and do this step on the Tacoma’s other side.
  • Position the replacement shock on the frame and axle together with the retainers and cushions and use a torque wrench set to 19 feet lb. to remove the nuts. Do this step again on the Tacoma’s other side.

Mount the wheels and lower the trucks rear end.


  • If you go off-road or accidentally drive aggressively, your shocks should be inspected for wear whenever you have the tires of your vehicle rotated or balanced.
  • The specifications of the torque could vary depending on the year and if your Tacoma is 2WD or 4WD.

The best replacement shocks for Toyota Tacoma are all here and you just have to choose which one you need.

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