Are Tonneau Cover Lock Cylinders? (Problem Solving)

A tonneau cover is a type of cover that protects the trunk of your truck and is usually permanently installed on the back of the truck. The job of the tonneau cover is to protect your goods or objects from dust, moisture, and the negative effects of the weather.

However, many drivers are still confused about the advantages and disadvantages of this cover. Are tonneau cover lock cylinders? Does the tonneau cover offers effective protection for your truck? In this article, we will give you a better overview of tonneau coatings and interesting information you need to know.

Are Tonneau Lock Cylinders Worth It?

Tonneau lock cylinders will provide more safety protection for your truck. The main advantage of this lock cylinder is to protect against theft. You can easily lose your goods or drop things on difficult roads even if you use the cover to protect yourself. Every time you drive through swamps or waterholes, cargo can drop unexpectedly without you noticing.

However, if you use a locking cylinder, thieves will have no way to reach your goods or unexpected drops will not occur. The cover plate with a locking cylinder will ensure absolute safety for your luggage on the truck’s trunk. This locking cylinder secures every side of the barrel lid, preventing any items from falling out. Therefore, you should use a tonneau cover with a locking cylinder to ensure absolute safety for the goods and luggage on the trunk of your truck.

What Types Of Tonneau Covers Are There?

Currently, you can easily find 2 types of tonneau coatings: hard and soft. Each type of coating has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you need to find out the information carefully to choose the right type of cover for your needs and truck.

Hard Coating

Hard tonneau covers are usually made of hard materials such as fiberglass, hard plastic, or aluminum. Its advantage is that it will ensure high safety for the truck’s trunk. However, the disadvantages of hard tonneau cover are high cost and heavy weight. It can also increase the pressure on trucks while carrying goods or traveling on difficult roads.


Soft tonneau covers are usually made from soft and flexible materials such as vinyl. However, because the manufacturer uses soft materials, the ability to protect the truck’s body will be less than that of hard materials. Rocks or heavy objects can damage the goods if you use a soft cover. The cost of soft coating will also be cheaper than that of hard coating. In these two basic types of coatings, manufacturers often divide into four types of coatings with different operating mechanisms so that the driver can easily choose each type of truck.

Retractable Tonneau Cover Plate

This type of barrel cover belongs to the hard cover type and is made of aluminum or hard plastic. You only need to press a button to control this type of cover and they will automatically close or open. This type of cover is easy to use and provides maximum protection for your truck’s trunk.

Coating Sheet Roll

The rolled tonneau cover is the most popular one and is trusted and used by many drivers. This type of cover is a soft cover because it is made of vinyl. You need to roll this cover each time you open it or remove it each time you cover the truck.

Winged Cover

This type of cover is made of aluminum and it protects your truck in the best way. However, the downside of this type of cover is that you won’t be able to hold a lot of goods or belongings because the cover has already wrapped around your truck’s trunk.

Foldable Tonneau Cover Plate

This type of cover plate is available in both hard and soft types. The biggest advantage of this type of coating is that it has a large length. So you can triple or quadruple to cover your entire truck. The large size will help you to completely cover the cargo on the truck body in multiple coatings.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tonneau Coating Sheets

Valuable tonneau covers are important to any trucker for so many reasons. In addition to protecting the truck’s trunk, the cover can also change the appearance of your vehicle as well as limit damage when traveling on difficult roads.

Some Basic Benefits Of The Tonneau Cover

Luggage protection and transportation: The biggest advantage of tonneau cover is to protect and transport the goods on your truck in the safest way. It will help you protect your belongings or goods when you move in difficult weather conditions such as rain, dust, snow, or strong winds. These weather elements will easily destroy your cargo if they are not properly protected.

Change the aesthetics of your truck: Tonneau covers will come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. So when you install this cover, it will help you to improve and change the look of your truck. Different types of covers with different mechanisms of use will make your truck more special and stylish. You can use the covers to roll, fold, wing, or fold them up completely when you’re not using them.

Substantial fuel savings: Using covers to save fuel for your truck? It sounds ridiculous and unrelated. However, using a cover to save fuel is one of the useful tips that you should learn. The reason is that when your truck’s trunk opens, the drag in the air increases. Meanwhile, when you use the cover on the truck body, the air resistance will be significantly reduced. So your truck can save about 3 to 5% fuel.

Maintain the value of your truck: Normally, if you don’t use a tonneau cover, your truck’s trunk will be more prone to damage or distortion. When you use a cover, you not only save fuel but also ensure the safety of your cargo and the truck’s trunk from external impacts or extremes of weather. So you’ll keep your truck looking like new and get better value when you sell or trade-in your vehicle.

Disadvantages Of Tonneau Coating

Tonneau covers with tough and expensive materials can add weight and stress to your truck’s trunk. So your truck will have to bear extra weight continuously while traveling on the road. It can also increase the truck’s fuel and traction problems.

Besides, the use of a tonneau cover can make the space in your truck’s trunk tighter. Because the sheet covers the outside, you can’t carry a lot of tall cargo in the trunk. It can even be difficult to choose a cover that is right for your truck’s needs and size. Because each type of coating has a different operating mechanism and no one type of coating can meet the harmony between the two factors: automatic and flexible customization.

Therefore, you need to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type of coating to find and choose the right cover for your truck in terms of cost, size, color, and mechanism of action.


Tonneau covers have many advantages and great benefits for protecting the cargo and luggage on your truck’s trunk. In particular, the tonneau cover plate with a locking cylinder has the absolute ability to protect against theft and immobilize when the truck moves on difficult roads.

The cover can also help you improve and save fuel significantly because the air resistance in the truck is greatly reduced. In addition, a tonneau cover with a locking cylinder can help you change the look of your truck and make it more distinctive and stylish.

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