2015 Silverado Power Folding Mirrors Not Working?

What should you do if your 2015 Silverado power folding mirrors not working? The answer is that you must reset them.

These days, mirrors that can fold in are standard on most larger automobiles. These are quite typical on trucks and SUVs from numerous manufacturers, and Silverado is not an exception. The ability to fold the mirrors in allows you to fit into smaller locations, which is the main justification for this.

Some people’s garages weren’t designed to accommodate a large vehicle, so being able to fold the mirrors in provides just enough room for the vehicle to fit into the garage. The folding mirrors on previous cars were manual, but they are now motorized on contemporary cars.

We’ll examine the causes and instructions for power folding mirrors in this article. Besides, we also take a look at some potential further issues.

How Do Power Folding Mirrors Work?

Mirrors come in two varieties: a power folding mirror and a traditional mirror. Due to the fact that you can operate them with just one hand, power folding mirrors are fantastic. Furthermore, when you’re moving at a high pace, they might automatically fold. By having non-folding mirrors, this helps lower the possibility of any mishaps.

Power folding mirrors eliminate the worry of forgetting to fold them before a drive. Whenever you require them, the mirrors will automatically fold. You can simply get a clear view of both sides of the vehicle from them by tilting them in various directions to help you with parking.

Additionally, when you hold onto the reverse gear, they tilt automatically, making it simpler for you to position yourself.

Power folding mirrors are fantastic because they lower the chance of accidents and also enhance the driving experience for the majority of motorists. This is so they don’t have to be taken out every time you get in the car and folded back up before you leave because they can fold down when they’re not needed.

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Why Are Your 2015 Silverado Power Folding Mirrors Not Working?

Power mirrors are an essential component of safe driving. The driver may be unable to adjust the mirrors if a component or circuitry in the power mirror system breaks. This makes it difficult to see the traffic situation behind the car and has an impact on traffic safety.

Wiring System

Important components of the power mirrors circuit are the battery, ignition key, fuse, selection switch, mirror position adjustment switch, motor, and intermediate connector.

These parts are linked together by wires. As a result, if the conductor is fractured or the contact is not good at any point, the circuit at that point will be open. Furthermore, they were unable to get the drive motor to function normally, causing the power mirrors to fail to adjust. The location of the open circuit can be determined precisely depending on the problem’s symptom.

Blown Fuse

The fuse regulates both the left and right power mirrors. Both power mirrors cannot be adjusted if the fuse is blown.

Faulty Connector

A loose or rusty ground connection is referred to as a bad ground connection. A bad connection also prevents the driver from adjusting the power mirrors.

Error Power Mirrors Switch

The power mirror switch assembly regulates the power mirrors system. This system is made up of two switches: a left/right selection switch and a mirror position adjustment switch. 

Switch difficulties are typically contact and mechanical in nature. If the contact is not satisfactory, the circuit in the switch should be tested further. Perhaps mechanical issues are mainly caused by broken jacks.

Power Mirrors Motor Failure

Two motors incorporated inside power mirrors allow them to rotate right, left, up, and down. As a result, if the motor is scorched or damaged, the mirror adjustment will suffer.

Normally, after discovering the motor problem, the motor assembly is replaced. An open circuit or a faulty ground connection could be the reason for power mirrors not being able to be adjusted. It is also possible that the left/right selection switch has been destroyed, or that the motor inside the power mirrors has failed.

How To Fix 2015 Silverado Power Folding Mirrors Not Working?

Your power folding mirrors could have a number of issues, and you now need to know how to fix them.

Reset Power Mirror

The simplest vehicles can be reset on your own, but some may require a specialized tool. You may reset some power folding mirrors by simply folding them all the way in and then back out using the controls on your car.

A small button that you push to the left or right to select the mirror and an arrow button that slides the mirror in or out are the controls you need. You should first pull the mirror all the way in, then pull it all the way out.

If you are resetting the mirrors because they were manually folded, there may be a popping sound. This will adjust the mirrors’ position for even the most straightforward issues. However, this straightforward reset technique isn’t always effective.

Clean Your Mirrors

Cleaning the mirror is one thing you can do to resolve your side mirrors’ folding issue. The electrical impulses from your Silverado may become distorted if dirt and debris are on the mirror’s surface.

If so, it can make it impossible for your mirrors to fold. Remove any loose particles or dust that may be on them before wiping them down with a soft towel to clean them. Before reusing them, you should make sure they are totally clean by spraying a cleaning solution on them.

Wrong Form

Checking to see if your side mirrors are mounted correctly on your car is one thing you may do to attempt to remedy them from not folding. While some vehicles have mounting brackets to keep their side mirrors in place, others don’t have any at all. In any scenario, these mirrors will only function effectively if they are properly fitted on your car.

You must look at where they are mounted on your car and how far back from the body of the car they sit in order for them to be able to fold properly to determine if they are installed appropriately. They won’t fold if they are put too far back, and they won’t be able to fold at all if they are mounted too close to the car’s body.

Examine The Fuses

To find out if the mirrors are on various circuits, check the fuses. While the side view mirrors are typically on the same circuit, this may explain why one mirror is powerless. It’s likely that the fuse won’t have a “mirror” label, so you might need to check them all.

Check The Electrical Connector On The Mirrors

The circuit for the mirror motor may include three or more wires. It makes use of wires for both vertical and horizontal movement as well as a yellow common ground wire. For the side view mirror to work, it needs power (positive) and ground (negative).

A test light can be used to check the side view mirror for power and ground. Try connecting and fastening wire to the test light’s tip and its ground using electrical tape if the light’s tip is too big to back-probe. Moreover, you can make probes by joining and pasting paper clips to the wires’ ends.

See A Mechanic

If you can’t fix the mirrors using our advice above, this is your last option. It is difficult for unprofessionals to repair themselves. So, let’s meet with your mechanic and resolve all issues as quickly as possible.

Final Thoughts

If you believe that the power folding mirrors on your 2015 Silverado are broken, fix them. Resetting them to their neutral position is the first thing you can do. You should be able to fix your mirrors with the help of this. To determine if these fixes will work for you, you may also clean them or make sure they are put correctly on your car. The best course of action for your 2015 Silverado power folding mirrors not working is to visit a technician. We hope this information will be more helpful.

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