What Does Matte PPF Wrap Cost? (Explained)

Your car begins to look dingy and you want to learn more about matte PPF wrap cost?

A paint protection film can keep the exterior of your car looking beautiful and preserving its value. Your car’s exterior starts to seem dingy and dull due to dents and dings, bird droppings, filth, debris, and sun exposure, which is one of the reasons why it depreciates. 

Consider putting paint protection film to the exterior of your automobile to keep it appearing brand new while also protecting the paint, preserving the aesthetics, and maintaining its value.

In fact, so many drivers consider wrapping PPF film is the right decision? Because the cost is very high and the result looks like a clear piece of plastic on your car. 

Can PPF’s advantages outweigh its expenses? Let’s read on to discover the benefits of purchasing paint protection film.

What Is PPF?

PPF stands for Paint Protection Film, which is a rather thick, transparent coating of urethane used to shield the paint on the body panels underneath.

Urethane is a polymer that is widely used in the automobile sector as well as almost every other industry. Urethane is a material that is used in modern automobiles for insulation, sealing, and even interior parts.

The substance is highly durable, adaptable, chemically stable, and UV-resistant. Once applied, it acts as a second skin for the body panels of your car, shielding the paint from mechanical harm such as dings, scratches, and paint chips as well as UV and chemical deterioration.

5 Reasons Why You Should Apply Matte PPF

PPF protects your car exterior and keeps it newer for a long time. We will help you learn more about this special film characteristics:

PPF – Scratch And Impact Resistant Materials 

The application of PPF protects the paint surface from scratches caused by stone splashes or the impact of insects on the surface of the car. They also protect painted surfaces from corrosive substances and UV radiation, which can damage the vehicle’s surface and interior.

PPF – High Flexibility 

Paint Protection Film adheres firmly to the curves, contours, and corners of various vehicle parts without needing to be removed. Furthermore, the tensile strength of the film layer is several times that of other film brands. The film will maintain its original shape even at extreme temperatures.

PPF – Water And Dirt Resistance 

PPF employs cutting-edge waterproofing and nonstick technology. This is an advantage when compared to many other sorts of films on the market. In other words, your vehicle will be better protected against yellow stains, tarnish, and other dirt.

PPF – Self-healing 

Boiling water or briefly placing the car in the sun will automatically fix minor scratches in the PPF film. With its self-elasticity, PPF makes coated surfaces virtually scratch-free and always looks new.

PPF – Anti-UV 

A unique coating on PPF considerably boosts its capacity to reflect sunlight and heat, offering up to 95% UV protection. This reduces paint loss when exposed to the sun over extended periods of time.

Procedure For Applying For PPF For Automobiles

The majority of the professional PPF installation method begins with cutting the size according to the type of vehicle to be pasted.

Large organizations require a specialist film cutter to help install and cut the film according to the plans, making the installation accurate, easy, and saving film.

However, many PPF installation businesses lack a machine, resulting in the usage of huge film rolls, which must be cut by hand with scissors, press knives, and other tools, resulting in film waste.

The PPF gluing procedure has the following steps:

Step 1: Clean The Car’s Exterior

Before applying PPF, the surface should be cleansed with soap and a dry towel. The operator must completely clean the vehicle’s surface of trash and grime.

Step 2: Applying Each Automobile Component

The PPF parts are pre-cut to the existing car model and will be bonded to the automobile in distinct components such as the hood, door, bodywork, lights, and so on.

The protective layer on the PPF will be removed and the film will be wetted with a specific liquid. This liquid will assist the film in not adhering to the car paint surface immediately, making it easier for the mechanic to handle, pull, and align the film in the proper place.

After the PPF bonded surface has been properly adjusted, the technician will use a rubber wiper or a stiff, porous ruler to remove any solution, bubbles, or creases.

After flattening and removing any bubbles or creases, you can use an industrial heat gun to maximize PPF adherence to the vehicle surface.

This task appears simple, yet it requires a highly trained and experienced person to produce the flawless, error-free PPF film.

Step 3: Allow It To Dry

PPF will require 24 to 60 hours to dry and properly attach to the paint surface after the paste has been completed. As a result, it is not advisable to wash the car during this time, especially with high-pressure car washers.

What Does Matte PPF Wrap Cost?

The cost of the entire process depends on some factors. The price of paint protection film will be justified by how nice your car will appear if it spends most of its time outdoors rather than in a garage. Costs for full car PPF can vary. Prices range from a few hundred dollars to well over $7000.

Matte PPF Wrap Cost Influencing Factors

Some factors directly affect the price of this matte PPF wrap. The price could be more or lower than the average. Let us investigate!

Condition Of Your Car

Every PPF installation starts with automobile preparation because the paint of a vehicle must be immaculate before any permanent protection is applied.

Straight out of the dealership vehicles are far from ideal. They occasionally already have several paint flaws and swirls. And whoever installs that PPF will have to spend a lot of time prepping the paint before they can apply any film when a car like that arrives for permanent protection.

Your paint protection film installer will start by considering the state of your car. After that, the cost of the preparation work will be calculated. Depending on your market and the state of your car, that might be anywhere from $0 and $300 or $600 or more.

Amount Of Coverage 

The level of coverage you choose for your car is likely the most crucial determining element in price. 

Some auto owners prefer to apply Paint Protection Film only to the parts of the automobile that are most at risk, such as the front bumper, bonnet, rocker panels, and rear wheel arch. 

Other auto owners desire PPF to cover every exterior surface. It goes without saying that the cost will differ greatly for those two sorts of car owners.

Your installer will need to take into account a few factors depending on the level of coverage you desire. The cost of the materials will be affected. 

The majority of companies use the filmmaker’s software, which gives them the option to select the brand, model, and components they want for your vehicle. That will then show how much their substance is worth.

The amount of labor required to perform your PPF job will depend on the coverage level you choose. While many shops use various techniques to calculate labor costs, one common strategy is to use a percentage of the material costs because this indicates how many square inches of film will be applied and, therefore, how much time it will take.

Hard Process

The difficulty of applying PPF to your particular car is another aspect that could affect how much it costs to install Paint Protection Film. 

It goes without saying that Paint Protection Film is a two-dimensional piece of material that needs to be molded or molded to fit around a three-dimensional item. It needs to be moved around all of your car’s curves and features.

As a result, installing PPF on automobiles with striking design elements or sharp shapes is more challenging and takes longer. This aspect may play a further role in figuring out how much labor will cost for your PPF job. 

Some shops take into account the complexity of the installation on your particular car, though not all do. Additionally, when they choose the kits, their software typically presents an installation problem.

Final Thoughts

So, we provided a response to the query regarding the matte PPF wrap cost and the pertinent details. The price will vary depending on your car’s condition, the space where PPF was applied, and the car’s shape. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to leave a comment in the blank space below.

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