Can You Paint Over Raptor Liner? Best Way For You To Do?

The raptor liner is a protective coating for a truck’s liner. It’s a product that shields your truck’s undercarriage from pebbles and dirt. The product is composed of HDPE plastic with an adhesive backing that adheres to the bottom of your truck.

Someone once inquired of me that Can you paint over raptor liner? What are your thoughts on this issue? To my mind, the answer is yes.

The most obvious reason for this is that you want the bedsheets to match the truck’s color. You could also find the raptor liner’s black hue unappealing.

We’ll show you how to properly paint the primer in the next post. Furthermore, there are some things you should be aware of in order to protect your liner from damage after painting and to avoid damage as much as possible. Please continue reading until the end of the article for additional information.

Can You Paint Over Raptor Liner?

The raptor liner can be painted over. The liner, however, must be clean and scuffed. The paint will not adhere to the surface otherwise. Allow 2-3 days for the raptor liner surface to heal after cleaning and scuffing. Paint will give it a nice appearance while also protecting it from the elements.

Topcoats have a hard time adhering to raptor liners, especially if they include contaminants. When you scuff and clean the area, the surface of the raptor liner smooths out and creates the ideal surface for painting.

Cleaning the raptor liner is simple because there are numerous cleaning chemicals available. Acetone is a powerful cleanser that will remove all contaminants from your bed liner. You can also use vinegar or vehicle wash shampoo.

You shouldn’t be concerned about acetone or vinegar eating away at the raptor liner because it is a tough protective coating.

Remember to keep other elements of your car, such as the paint, safe from acetone or other powerful cleaners. These will scratch your car’s paint.

Then, it may take more than a day for the raptor liner to dry on paint, depending on the conditions you are currently exposed to. As a result, it pays to wait at least two or three days before applying paint.

How to paint over raptor liner for your car?

Painting the primer is quite simple, but it also requires technique and meticulousness. After cleaning the surface, follow the steps below.

1. Choose the right paint

Now that we’ve shown that raptor liner can be painted over, the next question you might have is what kind of paint to use.

There are numerous different kinds of paint, and not all of them will adhere to raptor liner. Raptor is compatible with acrylic basecoats, 2K acrylic solid colors, and urethane-based colors.

Acrylic paint is one of the most widely used types of paint. This colored paint dries rather quickly. Furthermore, acrylic paint will not react negatively with the raptor liner. As a result, you can use acrylic paint and raptor liner together.

You can also paint the raptor liner using urethane-based paint. Color pigments and polyurethane are usually mixed together in urethane-based paint. The raptor liner will be protected with this paint. Furthermore, it will serve as a topcoat with a lustrous finish.

Raptor liner can also be painted with water-based paint. Water-based paint is generally harmless to most surfaces. So you may paint over the raptor liner with water-based paint.

Enamel, polyester, and water-based paints are all incompatible with raptor liner. Make sure you’re not using any of these paints.

2. Paint primer

If you want the paint to look beautiful and last longer on the bed liner, you must first prepare the surface.

As you gather the tools for painting over the raptor liner, make sure you have enough etch primer for one or two applications.

It’s also vital to scuff the area using 180 grit sandpaper before applying primer. When painting over raptor liner, scuffing is just as crucial.

Raptor bed liners are constructed of durable vinyl. You must choose a paint that will attach to this material adequately. You can skip the first step and go right to painting if you’re using good priming.

3. How much paint is enough?

The amount of paint needed to cover the raptor liner depends on the size of the bed liner. The greater the surface area you have, the more paint you’ll require. However, at least one gallon of paint is required on average.

Furthermore, you will require more paint if you want a thicker coating. For instance, you may require many coats of paint, followed by further paint. The amount of paint required depends on the size of the space and the thickness of the bed liner. Two to three coats of paint are ideal for a truck bed liner.

If you’re using a sprayer, this just applies. You can apply as many as four coats with a brush or roller. Allow for more than an hour of drying time for the first application.

4. The way to paint the raptor liner

It’s not difficult to paint over the raptor liner. However, you must proceed in a proper manner. The paint will not last if this is not done. Let’s see how you can cover the raptor liner with paint.

To begin, clean the area because an unclean surface will hinder the paint from adhering to it. Clean the raptor liner surface of any debris, dust, grease, or other contaminants.

Then scratch the raptor liner’s surface with sandpaper. If scuffing is required, it must be done prior to applying the paint. You can use grit paper if that is your preference.

After that, you must give the surface time to cure. To prepare the surface for painting, allow two to three days. The painting will not be effective if you do not give this time.

You can now paint over the entire surface. The paint can be sprayed. Otherwise, you can paint the surface with a gentle paintbrush. You’ll need numerous coats of paint if you want the top coat to be thick.

Then you must wait for the surface to totally dry and cure. The paint may chip if the painted surface is not properly dried and cured. So, 2 to 3 days after painting, utilize the truck or bed liner.

The lifespan of the Raptor liner?

The level of care provided to the painted raptor liner will determine this. The bed liner on most trucks is subjected to a great deal of abuse. This is why raptor liners are used in the first place.

It can last for more than three years depending on how effectively the paint job is done. However, because the raptor liner is more durable than paint, it will last for a long time.

Touch-up paint could be used in locations where the paint peels off to extend its life of the paint. Taking regular care of the painted raptor bed liner can extend its life and improve its appearance.

Does the weather affect the raptor liner?

Painting over raptor liner only enhances the aesthetic effects.  The raptor liner’s protective coating is already long-lasting and provides a robust barrier on top of the raptor liner.

This barrier can withstand both physical and environmental assault. You won’t even need a cover with this coating on your truck.

Raptor liners cure into an ultra-hard coating when sprayed onto the truck’s raptor liners. Allow the protective coating to cure for a day or two before spraying it over the metal of the truck bed.

As a result, if you plan on painting over raptor liner, you won’t have to worry about lowering or improving the protective coating’s strength.

Frequent Asked Question

Q: Should I do it myself or hire a pro to paint over Raptor Liner?

This will be determined by your level of painting experience and knowledge. Scuffing and cleaning the protective covering before applying paint to the raptor lining is required.

You must exercise extreme caution while selecting paint colors, as you may not enjoy the end result if you do not.

Set up some time for this activity because it can take a couple of hours to complete.

The simplest solution is to get a professional to sand the raptor lining for you and then apply the paint over it using precise techniques.

Q: Does Herculiner Take Paint?

Herculiner is often associated with polyurethane-based paint that is clean, dry, roughed, and additive-free. The manufacturer does not recommend tinting Herculiner. A fully cured Herculiner can maintain good health for a long time. A coating of protective calcium binds all dirt together in a Herculiner.

Final thoughts

To make the raptor liner more appealing, you can paint over it. The paint will shield the truck’s bed liner from various physical and weather conditions. However, before applying the paint, you must wipe and scuff the surface. Otherwise, the paint won’t be effective or long-lasting. If you have any questions about this please contact us to find out the answer as soon as possible.

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