Let’s Me Talk About Subaru Push Button Start Problems! (Solved)

The keyless ignition system, also known as keyless start, keyless push-button start, intelligent key, and smart key, is one such vehicle convenience that’s becoming increasingly popular. Whatever it’s called, this function lets you start your car without having to go through your pockets or handbag for a key.

Subaru, like most current cars, includes this button as standard equipment. Not everything, however, is flawless. They frequently provide us with numerous issues that we must investigate and resolve. Subaru push button start problems are discussed in this article.

These buttons may not have caused you any difficulties, but that doesn’t imply they don’t exist. You won’t be able to start the automobile if they don’t function. The challenges regarding push-button start are detailed below. Read the entire article to learn a lot of interesting things.

Subaru push button start problems

The push-button allows you to start the automobile without a key, allowing you to avoid rummaging through your pockets or handbag for the key. If your engine does not start when you click the start button, one of the following issues could cause.

1. Smart key problems

As previously stated, the start button is an invention that helps starting the car easier. They do, however, require a key. The distinction is that the key does not fit into the lock directly. Electromagnetic induction connects this key to the button.

It is impossible to start the car if you do not have the key or if the key is left outside. This problem will be solved if you keep the key near the button or simply keep the key in your Subaru.

If you leave the key in the car but it still won’t start, it’s possible that the key’s battery has died. If your key’s battery runs out, the system may not be able to recognize that the fob is inside the vehicle, and so the engine will not start. You can get around this by pressing down on the engine start button with the fob. While this will start your car, you should replace the fob batteries as soon as possible.

Another case is that the lock does not recognize the car, the car does not recognize the key when the communication security waves do not coincide. The Start/Stop unit does not transmit power to start the vehicle. The reason is that the smart electric key has not been installed with a code in the car. Or for a long time, the key was faulty. In this case, you need to bring it to a car lock shop to be able to check.

This, I believe, is pretty frequent. However, the treatment is pretty straightforward. Please be aware of this problem if you utilize the start button.

2. Subaru battery failure

If the automobile engine fails to start after pushing the start button, it is likely that the car battery has been destroyed. It’s possible that the battery connections connecting the negative and positive wires are dirty or loose if the engine starts sporadically (or not at all) or stops in the middle of the road.

The car ran out of battery is the reason why we can’t start the car. Although we can still use radio speakers, audio, and video. The Start/Stop system needs a lot of electrical energy from the battery to push the current to start the engine. A low battery will make starting difficult. Therefore replace the battery as soon as possible.

If the engine cannot be started, we recommend that you should not hold the start button or smart key in the START position for more than 10 seconds. Because the greater the battery voltage drops, the longer you keep it. As a result, if you start the engine once and it still doesn’t start, you should stop for 5-10 seconds and then restart the engine.

3. Not working brake light

The car can only be started with the push-button start mechanism when the brake is on.

How does your car’s security system detect a slipping brake pedal? The brake light switch is situated on the brake pedal, as you can see. When you push the brake pedal, it turns on the brake light and informs the security system that the brake has been pressed.

The brake light switch and the circuit must be checked if your brake light is not working. Some cars include a dashboard indicator that tells you to apply the brake. The brake switch is suspected if the indicator light stays on while pushing the brake pedal. It is fairly usual for brake switches to fail.

4. Subaru is not in park mode

When the gearbox is in Park or Neutral, an automatic car with a push button start can only be started. After the transmission range switch malfunctions, even when the transmission is shifted into Park, it still displays that it is not in Park. Some vehicles will start in Neutral but not in Park. This is also a sign that the gear selection switch is malfunctioning.

The car may not start for a variety of reasons, including a malfunctioning fuel injection system, a bad spark plug ignition system, or a faulty battery wire contact. A bad starter. Errors such as running out of charge can be self-resolved, but for other errors, we must consult a garage because they are more equipped to manage these situations.

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How to deal with Subaru push button start problems?

We will reveal a few ways to fix these problems. They are really simple, you can apply them right away.

Change the smart key’s battery

You’ll need your automobile owner’s manual, a thin-edged screwdriver, and a new battery to execute this procedure.

Key fobs usually contain a slot through which you may insert your screwdriver and take the unit apart. In some cases, the fob will have a “pull” tab on the side that you can use to open it. If you don’t know how to open your fob, review the owner’s manual for your vehicle.

When you open your key fob, you’ll normally see a circular battery that has to be replaced. With your screwdriver, gently slide the old battery out and click the new battery into place. Finally, put your car fob together and test it to ensure it works with your vehicle.

We also share the information about the way to increase horsepower in Subaru you can refer to.

Change the Subaru battery

A wrench to remove the cables, gloves, and petroleum jelly to spread on the terminal before installing the new Subaru battery are the only items needed to change a Subaru battery.

To remove the battery, simply follow these instructions.

Step 1: Remove the clamp that holds the batteries.

Step 2: Using a wrench, first disconnect the negative cable.

Step 3: Remove the positive cable from the circuit.

Step 4: Remove the battery by the strap, but be cautious of any spills because battery acid is hazardous.

After that, replace the battery.

Before you use your new battery, check to see if it has to be charged. When you buy batteries, they are usually at least 75% charged.

Step 1: Install the replacement battery.

Step 2: Connect the hold-down clamp.

Step 3: Apply petroleum jelly to the terminals of the battery to prevent corrosion. Here’s how to replace car battery terminals if they’ve become too corroded.

Step 4: Connect the positive and negative terminals in reverse order.

How to properly use the start button

To start your vehicle using the push-button start, follow the procedures below:

Hold the brake pedal on your vehicle.

Hold down the push-button start button on your key fob until your engine starts.

Follow these instructions to turn off your car’s engine:

Place your vehicle in park mode.

Keep pressing and holding the start button until your engine turns off.

Final thoughts

Isn’t it convenient to have a start button? They do, however, have some issues. There are certain difficulties that you can solve on your own, but others that require the assistance of a professional. Make sure to thoroughly inspect and maintain your vehicle. Please contact us if you have any questions and we will respond as quickly as possible.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Me Talk About Subaru Push Button Start Problems! (Solved)”

  1. Being a new owner of a Subaru Outback, I found one issue that puzzled me. The car would not start after being shut down. I suspect that improperly actuated the shutdown sequence. All the lights and instrument display panel were lit up, but the start button would not work and also I could not lock the car after exiting it.
    I finally found that sequencing the start button through the settings allowed me to start the car again. Who knew that you could be locked out so easily?

    • Hi Deg,

      It sounds like you’ve encountered an unusual situation with your Subaru Outback’s start button and shutdown sequence. It’s not uncommon for modern vehicles to have specific procedures or sequences for starting and shutting down the engine, and sometimes issues can arise if these sequences aren’t followed correctly.

      It’s great that you were able to resolve the issue by sequencing the start button through the settings. This kind of information may not always be immediately apparent, and it’s a good reminder for new car owners to familiarize themselves with the specific features and procedures of their vehicles.

      If you continue to experience any issues or have concerns about the start button or other features, it’s advisable to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or reach out to the Subaru dealership or customer support. They can provide guidance on proper procedures and may also be able to assist you with any technical issues you encounter.

      Remember to keep your vehicle’s documentation handy and stay informed about any software updates or recalls that may affect your Subaru Outback. Regular maintenance and staying informed about your vehicle’s features can contribute to a smoother ownership experience.


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