How To Accelerate Faster In An Automatic Car? Expert Tips To Help You

Automobiles with automatic transmissions are commonly referred to as self-shifting vehicles. As a result, drivers are not required to shift gears manually because the transmission does so automatically.

The majority of gear control is done automatically by a system. Another advantage of driving an automatic automobile is that it is dependable, and learning to drive one allows you to concentrate more on your speed and road location.

When it comes to selecting which is preferable between manual and automatic cars, manual transmission makes a vehicle run faster. 

That’s partly true because early automatic cars were engineered to go a little more slowly. However, you should be aware that things have changed in the case of automatic automobiles.

The growth of technology has resulted in several improvements in the design of automatic vehicles today. These vehicles are now more fuel-efficient, which allows them to accelerate more quickly than manual transmission automobiles.

How to accelerate faster in an automatic car? 

When driving an automatic transmission car, the best technique to improve acceleration is to start the vehicle from a stop. This makes sense because you won’t need to press down on the gas pedal to shift gears in this situation.

Modern automatic autos accelerate faster for a variety of reasons. One of these is the fact that automated automobiles rarely have gear changes. As a result, the engine’s power is able to freely (and at a fast speed) flow to the driving wheels.

In general, an automatic vehicle can always run faster than a manual vehicle, depending on your driving ability. You should bear in mind, though, that there are several things you can do to make the cars accelerate even quicker.

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What is the best way to make an automatic car faster?

1. Using a throttle response controller

Experts say that enhancing your automatic vehicle’s throttle response is one of the finest ways to accelerate faster. Using a throttle response controller is the best way to accomplish this. You may always attain smooth and faster acceleration when this technology is installed in your car.

The Shiftpower throttle response controller is one of the top devices you can trust to achieve the best acceleration with your automatic car. One of the product’s advantages is that it responds quickly to acceleration.

Throttle response controllers are also known to eliminate acceleration delay in a variety of settings. You may always gain greater throttle power response and faster acceleration when driving your car using these products.

Another advantage of using a throttle response controller is that it improves the braking system as well as the engine’s responsiveness. Surprisingly, the technique is also effective in improving fuel economy. As a result, it saves a significant amount of money.

2. Tire Inspection and improvement

Using improved tires is another approach to increase your vehicle’s performance for faster acceleration. When I say better tires, I’m referring to those with increased tread depth.

Tires with better tread, in case you didn’t know, can go rather quickly. The reasoning behind this is that the tires have a stronger grip on asphalt.

3. Upgrade the Exhaust 

An adjustment to your automatic vehicle’s exhaust system is another option to gain faster acceleration. The main issue with this procedure is that it is quite costly to carry out.

4. Ecu Tuning and Reflash 

Engine Control Unit (ECU) tuning is one of the various methods available for making your car accelerate more quickly. This procedure entails using ECU tuning software to change the air, fuel, and spark settings in your car. The main goal of this strategy is to get your car to perform at its best.

You may improve the efficiency of your car by using ECU tuning. Furthermore, it will improve the mileage of your vehicle.

5. Reduce Weight

Any car’s acceleration is determined by its power to weight ratio. Your engine’s power will accelerate faster if it has less weight to move.

While gearing and even aerodynamics have an effect, two automobiles with the same power to weight ratio will accelerate nearly the same from a rolling start if both have full traction. It’s why, despite their lower power, superbikes are so fast.

The obvious solution is to make your car as light as possible but do so with caution.

Many sections of cars, such as carpet and back seats, weigh very little yet are frequently removed, but many parts that are commonly overlooked, such as heavy wheels, basic front seats, and the sticky under-carpet sound deadening, weigh a lot in comparison. 

6. Do maintenance tasks

You can attempt the following to enhance the transmission in automatic cars.

Every six months, change your engine oil and filter. This will assist in maintaining the transmission’s performance.

If the vehicle is not used frequently, replacing the transmission fluid with synthetic or semi-synthetic fluids that resist heat buildup and provide further gear protection may be advantageous.

Replacement of the engine’s air filter (better gas efficiency)

Spark plugs that have been replaced (newer models may not need this upgrade, but older vehicles do).

Fuel injectors have been replaced (increases power and fuel economy).

Changing the transmission fluid and filter that has become clogged. Replacing your fuel filter can also improve the speed and efficiency of your vehicle.

Transmission fluid replacement in automatic transmissions (improves performance and gas mileage).

Your automobile will also be speedier if you replace the differential fluids with synthetic lubricant.

Final thoughts

Although automatic cars are typically meant to operate slower than manual cars, you can assist them to enhance their performance. If you stick to what we’ve said, you’ll receive that fantastic result.

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