Burning Rubber Smell From Car Tire? What Should You Do

Burning rubber smell from car tire – Have you ever smelled something like that?

A car can have a variety of fragrances; they can be from foods or drinks, but you’ll be able to tell where and what they are. If your vehicle, on the other hand, has a burning rubber odor, you should investigate the source. So let’s have a conversation about it.

So, if you smell burnt rubber coming from your car tire, should you be concerned? If you notice a burning rubber smell on your tire, you should have your vehicle checked out to be safe. There are a variety of explanations for a rubber smell from your automobile tire.

If you slam on the brakes unexpectedly and the tire leaves a mark on the road or concrete. A burning odor coming from your vehicle indicates a serious problem that requires immediate treatment. Stop and inspect immediately to keep safe. 

It needs to be corrected as soon as possible because it may cost more to fix. So, if you smell burning rubber coming from your vehicle or a car tire, pull over and inspect your tires while driving.

Burning rubber smell from car tire? Some reasons you need to know

1. Brake too fast

You’re speeding down the road when you come upon an obstruction and have to suddenly brake. This causes your tires to scuff up against the road surface, generating a lot of heat. As a result, a small portion of the tire melts, creating a strong rubbery smell.

2. Wrong size tire installed

You have to change a new tire that is the wrong size. Rubbing tires against the inner fender surrounds causes the rubber to burn and create an unpleasant smell.

3. Hot weather

In warmer areas, this is frequently the case. When the temperature is too high, the melted asphalt adheres to the automobile tires, giving them an unpleasant rubber odor and shortening their lifespan.

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How to fix burning rubber smell from car tires?

Any inaccuracies should be corrected as quickly as possible when they are discovered. When you smell burning rubber from your tires, don’t panic; simply follow the procedures below to solve the problem.

How to fix burning rubber smell from car tires

1. Do not brake too quickly.

You should not drive too fast to safeguard your tires. Limit emergency braking that damages your tires by keeping a close eye on the road and avoiding obstructions calmly. Tire burn is a common occurrence as a result of driving too fast.

2. Replace tires immediately.

If the wrong tire size is causing the rubber smell in the tires, take it to a car service center right once to have it fixed. This is a major condition that, if not addressed right away, will shorten the life of your vehicle and put you at risk.

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3. Remove asphalt

Asphalt adhering to the body and tires of automobiles not only makes it harder to move, which can be dangerous for drivers, but it also detracts from the vehicle’s aesthetics, bringing discomfort to owners. We can, on the other hand, quickly remove the asphalt coating from the car’s body and restore it to its original condition.

Sonax asphalt remover or all-purpose eraser

It only takes 3-5 seconds to clean the automobile like new after spraying Sonax asphalt remover or multi-purpose cleaner on the damaged region. After the plastic stain is entirely removed, wipe the body and tires with a moist cloth. Finally, use a polishing solution to maintain the color of the car paint.


Gasoline is capable of removing tough stains such as asphalt, rubber, and so on. As a result, a tiny amount of car gasoline should be impregnated on the section of the car that is stuck to the body and tires. After a few minutes, wipe the plastic spray with a soft cloth to clean it.

However, using a lot of gasoline and powerful bleach will cause the paint color to drift or fade, therefore this approach should only be used on small, recently adhesive plastic spots.

Experts recommend using a polishing solution after cleaning with gasoline to maintain the car’s color.

Diesel oil

To remove the tar stain, clean the area, then apply the oil and let it soak for a bit. The oil will dissolve any asphalt stains on the car’s body or tires.

After that, wipe it down with a soft cloth soaked in oil before rinsing it off with water.

 Cana Detergent Cream

Cana Detergent Cream is a polishing remover that can get rid of even the toughest stains. Simply apply the cream to the asphalt stain and wipe it away with a cloth.

The car’s paint may become stained if you use Cana Detergent Cream. As a result, you’ll need a polishing solution to lighten the car paint color or a repaint to balance out the paint color on the treated plastic stain.

Small Note

The above 4 methods should only be used with small asphalt stains. In case the tires are stuck with too much asphalt, you should bring your car to a car care and maintenance center to be treated with a solution and specialized chemicals.

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Final thoughts

The phenomenon of burning rubber smell from car tires is quite common. If your car is in the condition described above, don’t be too concerned. To keep your car in excellent shape, follow our advice.

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