How Many Cans Of Spray Paint To Paint A Car?

For an old and used car after many years, fading or peeling paint is quite possible. In particular, if you do not have measures to protect your car under the sun, rain, snow, or negative effects from the weather, this problem can often occur.

Therefore, many people tend to buy aerosol cans to paint their cars instead of bringing them to the car manufacturers because the costs at these companies are often very large.

However, what should be noted when painting a car with a spray bottle yourself? How many cans of spray paint to paint a car? Let’s find out the details and tips in the article below.

How Many Cans Of Spray Paint To Paint A Car?

To paint a complete car, how many cans of spray paint are needed is probably a question that many people are wondering about before embarking on a new shirt for their car.

This is absolutely not a specific and exact answer as to how many cans of spray paint are enough. It also depends on many factors such as different brands of aerosols with liquid or thick ink, the size of the can of spray paint, the size of the car, and the area you will be painting.

In addition, you need to determine the number of layers of paint that you will apply on the car is 1 layer, 2 layers, or 3 layers.

To get a safe coat of paint for your car, you should spray at least three coats of paint. To do this, you will need at least 20 regular-sized spray bottles.

With 3 coats of paint and such a number of sprays, your car can be fully covered with better quality. If you only have a limited budget, you will need a minimum of 10 cans of spray paint to make this happen.

However, you should be aware that if you apply only one coat of paint it can be easily damaged by the effects of sunlight and weather. So that thin layer of paint won’t last long and you’ll need to reapply frequently.

How Long Will Car Paint With A Spray Bottle Last?

If you spray enough 3 coats with the number of sprays mentioned above or more then you can keep this paint for several years. For many people, they can hold up for 10 years or even longer.

This completely depends on factors like the brand of aerosol that you buy. Does it have top quality and durability? Are your painting skills good? Is the car completely covered with multiple coats of paint? In particular, the maintenance of your car is also one of the most important factors.

As you know, a car painted with aerosols will not be able to have the same durability or UV resistance as when it is painted in the car company by high technology and tested.

Therefore, you need to protect your car from the harsh effects of weather by avoiding direct light, rain, and snow to protect the paint for a longer time.

Is It A Good Idea To Paint Your Car With A Spray Bottle Yourself?

It would be absolutely a good idea if you are a professional painter or have experience in painting cars with aerosols.

Why? Because it saves you a great deal of money and especially you can design your own car in a unique style and unlike anyone else. Your personal style will be most evident in each paint color.

If you can paint your car yourself with a spray bottle, you can design or add a coat of paint whenever you feel it’s fading or needs replacing.

However, if you are inexperienced with painting cars with aerosol cans and just got this idea from reading a few articles or simply trying it out to demonstrate your skills, then you should consider carefully reminding yourself.

Because this job requires good car painting skills and how to adjust the can of spray paint or different parts of the car. You won’t get a chance to do it again if you’ve already started doing it.

In particular, many people have to spend a lot of money to fix the paint because they are uneven, burst, and very bad. This job also requires a lot of time, so it can take you a whole day to do this job.

It also requires a very high meticulousness in every small detail of the car to create a perfect whole. Don’t be fooled to let the paint stick to the windows, tires, mirrors, or other small parts because it will take a long time to clean them again.

How To Paint A Car With A Spray Bottle?

To paint a car with a spray bottle with high quality and cost-effectiveness, you can refer to the steps and tips below to get the job done.

Step 1: Choose a spacious location

Before you begin your car paint project with a spray paint can, you’ll need to find a suitable location for the job. A good space needs enough light and good ventilation because it can create an unpleasant odor for many hours.

In addition, you need to choose a place with electricity and as little dust as possible. If your garage has a fireplace it should be avoided as this can cause a fire when exposed to paint fumes.

Step 2: Remove rust, dents, cuts

No matter how to paint with a spray bottle or a modern sprayer, you cannot paint directly on these defective areas. They can become more prominent after you’ve spray-painted them. Therefore, it is necessary to repair any visible dents, remove rust or decorative plastic on the car.

If you don’t have the specialized equipment for repairs, head to the nearest garage to have your car prepped and ready for a fresh coat of paint.

Step 3: Remove the old paint layer

Spray paint can give the car a smooth, even, and adherent surface. If you want these amazing results, your car needs to remove as much of the old paint as possible.

Therefore, the phase of removing old paint for the entire vehicle is essential that you must follow. Use the scrubber until you see the original primer and the metal surface appear.

Step 4: Clean

The post-rubbing car cleaning stage is an indispensable step. You can use a cleaning cloth with alcohol or mineral to wipe away what is clinging to the surface of the car. This also works to remove any residual moisture such as water, oil, or gasoline.

Step 5: Wrap parts without painting

When applying the new method of painting a car with a can of spray paint, you must prepare masking tape and newspaper. You use them to cover the surfaces of the car that you don’t want to paint such as mirrors, window trim, glass, door handles…

Step 6: Thin primer coat

If you have sanded your vehicle, you must use primer-type spray paint to prevent corrosion. The right technique for this step is to quickly spray paint on the metal surface.

Step 7: Wide coverage primer

If you’ve removed any rust, polish them up with a spray of milky primer. You continue to spray the primer until they are smooth and cover the surrounding areas.

Step 8: Sanding again

Polish the newly primed surfaces again, but be sure not to scrub too much and expose the metal surface.

Step 9: Remove paint dust

All techniques when using paint sprayers do not forget to clean the dust before painting. Therefore, wipe all the post-sanding dust off the primed surface with a slightly damp cloth.

Step 10: Spray paint

Hold the nozzle of the spray paint can, about 12 – 15 cm from the surface of your car. Combined with the painting movement technique from top to bottom and left to right.

With a paint sprayer, you should start with a thin, even layer of paint. Typically, the color painting process will take three to four coats to completely cover the surface of the vehicle. Follow the manufacturer’s drying time from 20 minutes to an hour.

Step 11: Sanding and wiping

Before you apply the final coat of paint. You should sand the surfaces again to remove paint residue. Then wipe the surface of the car with a clean cloth.

Step 12: Spray polish

You can use a polish spray and apply a coat of paint to complete the final step. You can apply the same technique as paint color.

Step 13: Polishing

Polishing helps to polish the old paint and fade the shine of the new paint. You should use specialized equipment to finish your paint job.


Spraying car paint with a spray bottle is also a good idea for you if you want to have a car with your impression.

However, you should carefully learn the steps before you start. It’s better to do this process with someone experienced to handle unexpected situations. At the same time, it will also save you time and the paint will dry more evenly.

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