Why Is the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta SE Cruise Control Not Working?

Find out the reason why the 2011 VW Jetta se cruise control not working.

To give you the most opulent car imaginable, experts and automakers have introduced a ton of amenities over the years. While some of these amenities are designed to make driving more enjoyable, others are more focused on safety.

Beginning in the 1950s, vehicles came equipped with cruise control. Nowadays, almost every car has a cruise control system that enables you to keep your speed constant. 

This feature is especially useful when traveling on the highway and want to maintain your pace without having to constantly press the accelerator.

You will reach a time where cruise control may stop working for a number of reasons since it is not intended to last indefinitely.

You may find all the specific details you require about the major factors that contribute to cruise control system failure in this page. Additionally, it shows certain details about simple repair solutions.

What is Cruise Control?

In the 1950s, cruise control was first made available for automobiles. But it took a while before it was a standard feature in the modern car. When you are moving at a constant speed, you can use the cruise control option.

With the help of this electrical device, you can set a specific speed and release the gas pedal. Because you don’t have to try to keep your speed up on a lengthy journey, you get more rest. 

Because a car uses less gasoline when moving slowly, using the cruise control can also help with fuel economy.

You might find adaptive cruise control, a clever technology, in modern vehicles. With the use of sensors, adaptive cruise control helps you keep a safe distance from the cars in front of you while still allowing you to proceed at a set speed. 

When the automobile in front of you slows down, traditional cruise control requires you to take control, while adaptive cruise control does not.

How Cruise Control Works?

Without the driver’s active involvement, cruise control maintains the speed of the car. To use cruise control, you must first “On” the device via a button or switch. 

The cruise control does not activate on its own, though. The cruise control module (CCM) keeps track of the current speed when you “Set” cruising speed and subsequently takes over the throttle body to keep the car moving at that pace. 

The CCM adjusts the opening of the throttle body as the vehicle’s speed changes (because of slopes or wind, for instance).

Over time, throttle body control has evolved. Early methods employed a vacuum motor and cable; but, gradually, electric motors took their place. 

Cruise control is now integrated into the engine control module (ECM), which electronically controls the throttle body, thanks to the development of drive-by-wire or electronic throttle control systems (ETCS).

Simple cruise control systems nonetheless demand that the driver be aware of the traffic and road conditions as they change. Systems for adaptive cruise control, often known as “smart” cruise, use radar or laser detection to keep a safe distance from vehicles in front of them.

Some adaptive cruise control systems only slow down the engine to maintain distance, while some of the most recent systems can actually apply the brakes to the car to slow it down or stop it. Even with adaptive cruise control, it’s crucial that drivers keep their eyes on the road at all times.

Reasons Why 2011 VW Jetta SE Cruise Control Not Working

Cruise control malfunctions could be caused by a number of factors. The top 6 most frequent causes are listed below. See if your cruise control problem is related to any of these areas by checking each one. The solution to the issue is frequently neither overly difficult nor prohibitively expensive.

Cruise Control Switch 

You select your cruising speed by flipping the cruise control switch. For the purpose of maintaining the acceleration speed, this information is sent to the cruise control module and engine control unit.

It’s possible that the module and unit wouldn’t get the necessary speed information to keep the acceleration continuing if the connections within the cruise control switch started to wear out. The system then cancels the current cruise acceleration setting and completely shuts off.

Defective Brake Pedal Switch

The brake pedal switch will turn on the brake pedal when it feels the brake pedal is depressed. The cruise control system is designed to stop working when the driver depresses the brake, so the cruise control is hooked up to the brake pedal switch. If the brake pedal switch doesn’t work, the vehicle may think the brakes are being pressed, so cruise control won’t work.

Blown Fuse

The cruise control system, in reality, has a comparable fuse. If there is a short circuit, it will break to protect the system. As a result, if the cruise control system’s fuse blows, the system will stop working totally.

Keep in mind that if your cruise control stops operating or does not work properly, you should avoid using it until it is repaired.

Because a malfunctioning cruise control system may fail to cancel the needed procedure. This will create numerous hazards when moving.

So, after self-evaluating the cruise control system’s health, take your vehicle to a reputable facility for fast inspection and repair.

Vehicle Speed Sensor

The engine control unit and the cruise control module get speed information from a few vehicle speed sensors that are included in most cars. 

Your cruise control module will only be able to determine the vehicle’s speed if the vehicle speed sensors provide it with that information.

The cruise control system might not function properly if the speed sensor malfunctions. As a result, the engine will have more trouble stopping and the speedometer will stop working.

Electrical Issues

The cruise control system is wired up to a number of electrical parts. When the cruise control stops working, you should absolutely inspect the connectors, wiring harnesses, and ground straps.

Verify that the system is still receiving power from the voltage source. The failure of the cruise control could be caused by any of these parts being loose or damaged.

Broken Cruise Control Cable 

The gas pedal and the cruise control system have their own separate throttle wires in older cars with cruise control.

These cables could sag with use. The cruise control system won’t be able to effectively operate the throttle plate if the cruise control cable has been stretched or is broken.

Faulty Cruise Control Module or PCM

If your PCM or cruise control module is malfunctioning, the check engine light may come on. It will set off a code that will enable you to locate the systemic issue. Check the ground and power connections if the module is the issue. You must replace the module if there is no issue there.

Vacuum Actuator

The internal diaphragm of the actuator may suffer damage, or there may be a vacuum system leak. It’s possible that the actuator isn’t functioning properly because of a faulty control solenoid. The device must be replaced.

Cost to Repair Cruise Control on a 2011 VW Jetta

Your cruise control system’s failure mode will determine how much it will cost to fix. Spending between $125 and $350, including parts and labor, is typical when replacing a brake or cruise control switch. To change a fuse, however, simply costs a few dollars, and just takes a few seconds to do it yourself.

The cost of repairs, however, may be significantly higher if a main component, like the actuator, breaks. 

An actuator for the cruise control can cost upwards of $700 to replace in some automobiles. Driving a high-end or hard-to-find vehicle will increase these expenditures.

Even though it might not appear critical right away, the malfunctioning cruise control system can have an impact on other performance characteristics. 

It’s possible that you’ll start to have problems with acceleration or the speedometer. It’s usually advisable to get the cruise control fixed as soon as you notice a problem to be safe.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, based on my expertise with cars, it is better to talk to a mechanic to figure out why the cruise control system on the car ceased working. The mechanic will then give a thorough evaluation of the system failure’s type and the cost of any required repairs.

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