Does Carmax Change Oil Before Selling? (Explained!)

CarMax is a used car store that provides non-negotiable pricing for the automobiles they have for sale, and given the condition, you might want to know if Carmax changed the oil before selling the vehicle.

Does Carmax Change Oil Before Selling ? The simple answer is that CarMax performs oil changes as one of the most basic services for the automobiles they sell. Most dealerships worth their salt understand the importance of providing this most fundamental of services, and those who do not suffer in public opinion.

Does Carmax Change Oil Before Selling ?

Carmax does oil changes before selling, however, it is still your responsibility to check the vehicle’s oil level before buying. They provide a decent oil changing service, thus it is best if you change the oil from them if it hasn’t been changed yet.

CarMax offers oil changes by appointment at both its Service Centers and RepairPal Certified Shops. Oil changes start at $40 and are not covered under the CarMax MaxCare extended warranty.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the oil used in the automobiles sold by CarMax. The condition of the engine itself, the mileage of the car, and the clarity of the old oil are all factors.

A high late model oil is suggested for cars with a frequency of close to or above 80,000 miles. This provides the lubrication required to prevent heating up. The caliber of repairs a car receives from CarMax often depends on the mechanics that worked on it.

Additionally, CarMax offers scheduled oil changes at its Service Centers and RepairPal Certified stores. For general oil changes, the starting price is $40; the MaxCare extended warranty offered by the dealership does not cover this service.

What does Carmax do Before Selling Besides Changing Oil ?

Before selling an automobile, Carmax takes extremely significant steps. They have a stellar reputation in the auto industry as a result. So, before selling an automobile, they perform the following.

Quality checkers’ evaluation and vehicle damage classification.

They examine the vehicle for any damage that has occurred naturally or as a result of collisions and write a report on it. They make their own assessment of the overall quality of the automobile and don’t depend on what the previous owner mentioned.

As required, painting and detailing.

They will fix the automobile in their own garages if the paint is chipped or there are any other visible problems, which will increase its value before being sold.

Before selling the used car, a thorough safety inspection.

For drivers and the long life of a vehicle, safety is crucial. In order to make the automobile safe for driving, they do a rigorous and thorough safety examination.

Final examination before submitting it for sale.

They do a final inspection to ensure the automobile is fit for both selling and usage after finishing all checks and being pleased with the general quality of the vehicle.

If it doesn’t meet requirements, decide whether to sell it or auction it off for parts.

The decision is made whether to sell the automobile for parts and hold an auction for any interested purchasers when a car is not fit for usage or fails their testing.

As necessary, make adjustments to the oil and tires.

We are mostly focusing on this. When an oil change is required, they perform it and make sure you may buy and drive the car with no reservations. Additionally, they inspect the tires and rims for any problems and make any necessary repairs or replacements.

The procedure requires a lot of people and work to complete, thus it is unlikely that errors will fall through the cracks. However, this is not to suggest that errors never do. Each automobile undergoes a 15-hour restoration process that includes an oil change.

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Does changing your own oil void the CarMax warranty?

At CarMax, you may test-drive the vehicle you wish to purchase for a full 24 hours. Additionally, its vehicles have a 30-day up to 1500-mile return policy. It’s also crucial to remember that federal law does not mandate even the most basic oil changes at used automobile lots like CarMax.

However, there may have been a breach of federal commerce laws given that the company does advertise itself as one that conducts all these inspections. Therefore, changing the oil won’t nullify the warranty because doing so is necessary to keep the automobile in excellent condition for a long period.

CarMax is one of the biggest car dealerships in the US. According to their policy, they won’t carry out any maintenance that might void a warranty. This includes actions like getting an oil change.

As a result, if you bought a car from Carmax and the manufacturer’s guarantee is still in effect, you must take it to the dealership for any necessary maintenance. Extended warranties are offered by Carmax, however they don’t simply cover the engine. The “Carmax Protection Plans,” which are these additional guarantees, are offered for both new and used cars. The plans include towing, roadside assistance, and compensation for rental automobiles.

How frequently should an oil change be performed?

Carmax is one of the few companies that does oil changes, however they are not usually necessary. Your driving habits and the kind of car you drive will determine this. An oil change may wait five to six months for the average motorist.

However, if you routinely tow large loads or travel in stop-and-go traffic, you might need to get your oil changed more frequently. Carmax suggests changing your car’s oil every three months or every three thousand miles, whichever comes first.

How to sell a car to CarMax?

Say you want to trade in your vehicle with CarMax. In around 25 to 30 minutes, they will examine your automobile and present you with an offer. When that time comes, the documentation will already be ready, and if the offer is accepted,

You can sign it right away. You will have seven days to decide if you don’t. Purchase of Transfers It will take around 28 days to send the automobile to the dealership of your choosing if you decide on and buy it through CarMax.

The number of cars being transported and their beginning separation from the desired location, however, decide the duration.


For any automobile that has been sitting for more than 15 hours prior to being sold, CarMax offers an oil change service in addition to comprehensive vehicle maintenance.

Additionally, you may file your complaint and have it resolved without charge if your car was neglected, did not have an oil change, or has any other problem. A method of marketing them is a surprising observation. Receiving your buy may take close to a month, but your car may only take minutes.

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