Ford Active Grill Shutter Problems – How We Solve?

Besides the problem of the steering wheel buttons not working, the Ford Active grill shutter problems are also worth noting.

The active grill shutter’s function is to reduce aerodynamic drag and increase fuel efficiency. However, difficulties may also develop with this component, so it’s important to know their root causes and typical solutions. Even while it helps drivers operate vehicles safely, the grill shutter occasionally behaves poorly.

It may react strangely by generating noise or experiencing high-temperature problems for a variety of causes. Many folks also mention their struggle with and desire to do away with a troublesome active grille shutter on their Ford.

If you’re worried about some of the most typical Ford active grill shutter issues, you might be interested in learning what causes them and how to fix them.

Determine the best course of action for resolving the issue after carefully observing how your Ford Active behaves. We have listed the causes and solutions for your Ford active grille shutter’s malfunction for your benefit. Find the answers by reading this article.

What Do Active Grille Shutters Do?

Intelligent airflow is provided by a vehicle’s Active Grille Shutter, which functions in tandem with engine electronics.

It guarantees a seamless, successful, and effective airflow regulation method. a sophisticated, intelligent microcontroller-based mechatronic system that uses automatic open and close technologies to autonomously control the aerodynamic flow of air.

When the engine needs more air, the shutter opens to begin the operation. As a result, the engine will receive the precise amount of fuel required to maintain proper combustion for maximum power, performance, efficiency, and emissions. This will enable optimal air distribution throughout the engine.

Ford Active Grill Shutter Problems

ford active grill shutter problems

Learn about the reasons for defective Ford active grille shutters before you begin the actual repair process. Simply put, the primary function of an active grille shutter is to regulate the temperature of your Ford engine.

Active grill shutter issues can occasionally occur. There are several things you can do when they do occur.

When you start your car and go for a drive, the symptoms of a faulty Ford active grille shutter will become apparent.

The Active Grille Shutter technology keeps the grille vent open when you’re driving slowly to keep the engine cool. It may automatically close as you gain speed, enhancing aerodynamics and contributing to fuel efficiency.

You must inspect the fuse and get it repaired or replaced if it is the cause of the issue. Using your scanner tool to clear away an error code is a good method to solve the problem of poor communication from the PCM.

Last but not least, if the active grill shutter is misaligned, you will need to adjust its location. This is a practical approach to the issue that will help you get the greatest outcomes.

Causes Of The Ford Active Grill Shutter Problems

It’s crucial to comprehend the potential reasons for active grill shutter problems before you begin fixing them. 

Broken Fuse

There may occasionally be no battery light in the car, and the driver will notice reduced power from the heated air. It is obvious that a blown fuse is the cause of the shutter grills’ closure, which warms the engine’s interior.

You receive notification that it is not functioning in the form of a no active grille shutter code.

The Ford shutter system cannot function properly because the engine overheating causes a fuse to blow.

It is susceptible to blowing fuses in front-end collisions, and mechanical and calibration issues can also cause this to happen.

The fuse of the Active shutter assembly blows due to the binding of shutters because of some obstruction.

For the active shutter grill system to function correctly, you must ensure that overheating does not occur in the pickup’s engine or interior compartment.

To lessen the air drag over your Ford, be sure to swap out the damaged fuse for a new, higher-quality one.

Ensure that the replacement is taking place when the shutters are open and your car is in neutral.

When the system is malfunctioning and you are unable to open the shutters, you may be able to do so by turning off the air conditioning in the car.

Damaged Shutter

One of the main causes of the Ford active shutter grille system failing is a defective shutter.

As this assembly is on the front bumper, any accidental tear will influence its structure, so the shattered shutter appears to have had some sort of accident.

Reduce air drag and boost fuel efficiency by giving the shutter and frame the right shape.

This shape is no longer suitable for airflow following the accident, which causes the engine to overheat.

There is a potential that some system parts, such as broken frames and broken linkage, will experience breakage.

As a result of the efficient parts of AGS not being in their proper shapes, the system is unable to analyze the AGS code under these circumstances.

The system’s inability to function properly due to a stuck-in shutter is caused by the inability of the inactive shutters to flap, which causes the engine to overheat.

This is mainly because the Ford’s shutters are constantly opening and closing, which leads to the collection of certain dirt and debris.

Any obstruction during assembly results in a stuck-in shutter, which causes them to stick together and become immobile.

You need to frequently clean the assembly’s front sections and check for contamination from dirt and debris.

After an accident, you must check to make sure that no system component has a default.

To lessen air drag and supply cooler air in the engine, you must ensure that the components are in the correct shapes and positions.

Incorrect Alignment

The shutter grill system’s accurate and error-free operation depends on proper installation and alignment.

In its assembly, there are a few specific components whose alignment follows a fixed pattern; any problem with their location will impair operation.

Because every component of the gadget is present where it is required, keeping the frame after the shutter will alter how the device operates.

The pickup Active shutter grille’s inconsistent operation is also caused by loose wiring and connectors.

Water buildup inside the working assembly causes the components to corrode, and cracks start to show on the shutter’s surface.

If the system isn’t functioning, check to see if the device’s cables, connectors, and retainers are secure and in good working order.

You must ensure that the module’s components are in their correct locations and are not corroded.

To keep fuel efficiency perfectly, you must ensure that there is no water present in the component.

Defective Actuator

If the system isn’t working, make sure the connectors, retainers, and cables are in place and in good condition.

The components of the module must be in the right places and free from corrosion.

You must check the component to make sure there is no water inside in order to maintain maximum fuel efficiency.

Any damage to the actuator components, such as wires and sensors, causes the motor to malfunction and improperly interact with the shutter blinds.

The wires of the actuator corrode due to moisture content and burn due to engine overheating.

You must verify that the system’s motor components are all operating properly and that the motor has a durable connection to the blinds.

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How To Fix A Ford Active Grill Shutter Problem?

The internal fault code in most Ford causes problems with the active grille shutter. The active grille shutter module in Ford occasionally produces DTC, or Diagnostic Trouble Codes, that could be problematic.

If you’re unfamiliar with this process, we advise purchasing an OBD II adaptor or scanning tool before moving on.

  • Start your engine and let it idle.
  • Next, use FORScan to connect the OBD II adapter to your car and the laptop. You can also plug it into the car using a scanner tool.
  • Allow some time for the FORScan scan to provide data. Then, a bar will appear, displaying a warning of the AGS or active grille shutter module’s fault codes.
  • Then, choose the fault code and push the reset button. Wait a few seconds after that.
  • A bar will appear asking you to cycle the ignition and then start the engine.

Here are the measures you can take to solve this problem if the problem is a blown or defective fuse.

  • To see if the fuse is bad or worn out, open the hood. Find the bad fuse in your fuse box.
  • Remove the cover from the fuse box and look to see whether the fuse is blown. The faulty fuse can be removed with nose pliers.
  • Lock the fuse box cover and install the new AGS. Close your hood and use a scanner tool to re-calibrate the AGS module. The procedure is finished by starting the car’’s engine.

Cost of Active Grille Shutter Repair

It appears that many people are unsure about the price range for active grille shutter repair. While the price of the parts may differ depending on the brand and model of the grill, on average, repairing the active grille shutter would cost between $100 and $400. This pricing range would cover the cost of the components, labor, and any potential repairs.

Final Thoughts

One of the features that distinguishes Ford automobiles from the competition is their Active Grill Shutters. However, they occasionally experience problems, just like any other mechanical or electronic device. We really hope that this can assist you in quickly getting your Ford recuperated!

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