Mustang Heated Seat Not Working? How To Repair

Heated car seats are fantastic for cold winter mornings, but they are not without flaws. How do you fix a non-working Mustang heated seat? How to repair the Mustang heated seat not working? 

The heater element breaking is the heated car seat issue that occurs the most frequently. The actual heat switch breaking is a somewhat uncommon occurrence. 

This is the final thing to be checked because you must disassemble the complete seat to find out if the heater element is damaged. A number of simple fixes exist, so check those first.

This post will explain why your heated seats are not working. We will also provide pertinent information on heated chairs. Furthermore, there are solutions to this problem.

Why Mustang Heated Seat Not Working?

A few of the most common reasons for heated seats are listed below. Please refer to and inspect the vehicle to determine the exact cause.


The plug is one potential cause of a damaged heated seat. The plug usually attaches to the wire harness underneath the seat. 

Check the plug to see whether the plug sockets have any rust or dirt. Turn on the ignition of the automobile to confirm that the plug has electricity if these are clean. To make sure the switch has at least 12 volts on both sides, use an electrical tester.


Another frequent cause of a non-functioning heated seat is a blown fuse. Consult your owner’s manual if you’re unsure of the location of the fuse box in your vehicle. 

Examine the fuse box and change any blown fuses you find. One of the quickest and simplest ways to fix a damaged heated seat is to replace a blown fuse.


The device that keeps the heated seat at the proper temperature can be located and examined. Carefully remove the seat cover to reveal the thermistor. 

The thermistor may have shifted if there are any scorched spots on the seat or the carpet of the automobile. The thermistor won’t be able to detect the proper temperature if it isn’t positioned properly in the seat.

How to Repair Heated Seats in a Ford Mustang

Examine the Ford Mustang’s fuses. Under the driver’s side console is where you’ll find the fuse box. Remove the fuse box lid to reveal a diagram that shows where the heated seat fuse is located on the other side. 

Check the fuse by sliding it out and pulling it apart. In that case, swap it out for a fresh fuse. The simplest and most straightforward repair for the heated seat circuit is this.

Start the Mustang and flip on the heated seat switch. The switch should illuminate the picture of the heated seat. If it doesn’t, your switch might be broken if it doesn’t. 

Use a voltmeter to check various components of the circuit surrounding the heated seat button after removing the console where the switch is located. Use a soldering iron to repair any weak connections or replace the connection altogether with a new component.

Examine the connection between the Mustang’s electrical system and the heated seat element using a voltmeter. Switch on the heater for the seats.

Apply the voltmeter to the circuit before and after connecting the heated seat to check the connection. To check the three internal pins for continuity using the voltmeter, unplug the heated seat connection module.

Clean up any loose dirt, dust, or debris that might be obstructing the electrical connection between the heated seat connection and the vehicle’s electrical system.

Besides, the burnt-out wire that heats the car is the most frequent issue. This wire will eventually break since it is so thin and weak. There is a break in the wire if there are any burn marks on the fabric surrounding the element. The wire has to be changed.

To establish whether the complete element has to be replaced or if just one piece is malfunctioning, use an ohmmeter. 

Resistance will be displayed on the meter for a healthy wire. A new element is required because it is much simpler to install than to keep repairing the old one. It will be more prone to breaking after it breaks.

To remove the vehicle seat, do so. Either the seat must be slid off its tracks or the bolts holding it to the automobile must be removed. 

Prior to actually taking the seat out of the automobile, disconnect all the wiring. To get to the components, you’ll need to detach the seat’s base and back. 

To disconnect the pieces of the seat, you probably need a screwdriver and a torx wrench. You can reach the heater elements by removing the leather and cushion from the base. On the seat’s back, you can see the component.

Before replacing the wire, make an effort to remove as much as you can. The majority of components self-stick. Make sure the wire is attached in the same location as the previous piece.

The seat back may now be put together. Just do the opposite of what you did to disassemble the seat. To connect the wires to the plugs and supply power to your new element, you must pass the wires through the holes in the base.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Q: What causes my heated seats to stop working?

Because the heating wire that warms the seat is fragile and prone to breaking, it is typical for the heating element to be the primary cause of a heated seat not functioning. To determine which part of the heating element is broken, use an electrical tester.

Q: Can you check a heating element with a multimeter?

The element is failing and won’t be heating up completely if the reading is significantly greater than the calculated value. The element is failing if the reading is far below the calculated value and will either heat excessively or not at all if a portion of the element has shorted out or exploded.

Q: How do you fix a heated seat?

Take the car seat out of it. Remove the cushion and leather from the base, then separate the back from the base of the seat. Replace the wiring and the heating element on each heated seat component. Put the seat back together.

Final Thoughts

The post goes into great detail on the causes and problems. Take your pick and figure out what’s wrong with your Mustang. If you have any questions, please leave a remark.

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