Why Is My Ford Fusion Hill Start Assist Not Available?

In general, the majority of the terrains and roads are steep and at an angle. Without precise restrictions, forcing your car to pass over it might not be a safe choice. 

Cars have a technology called Hill Start Assist that enables them to safely and easily climb uphill terrain. 

The equipment installed in the car detects the incline and measures the angle to make navigating the terrain easier.

However, a key problem that drivers encounter is that when they are driving up a slope, the hill start assist is absent, which causes them great trouble. 

The driver is informed that the hill start assist has been turned off by the illumination of the hill start assist off light.

SO, why is Ford Fusion hill start assist not available?

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why your Ford Fusion hill start assist is not available. In addition, relevant information will also be mentioned in full. Hope they will be of help to you.

What Does Ford Fusion Hill Assist Do?

Starting on a hill is not a simple method. Because it takes a few seconds for the driver to release the brake and shift to the accelerator. 

If you let go of the brake but the accelerator pedal is too slow or too weak, the automobile will quickly plummet downhill.

If you let go of the brake and step on the accelerator too quickly, the automobile will easily hop and even lose control. 

As a result, Ford engineers created the Ford Fusion hill start assist to make hill departure easier and safer.

The hill start assist system is engaged when the vehicle comes to a stop in the middle of a hill and begins to go forward. 

The Hill Assist will automatically hold the brake when the driver releases the brake pedal. As a result, the driver can gradually shift to the accelerator and step on the gas to continue the voyage. 

There’s no need to be concerned about the car rolling or tumbling when you let go of the brake pedal.

Tilt Detection Sensor

If your Ford Fusion is stopped on a slope while the engine is still running, the tilt sensor will activate, delivering a signal to the ECU, which will determine whether or not your car is likely to crash downhill. 

The downside of this sensor is that even if the automobile has a pothole or the body is tilted, it still “understands” that it is on a hill.


This is the center that processes the signals received by the vehicle’s sensors. Based on the input signals, the ECU can make braking judgments. 

At the same time, it can adjust the damping pressure and determine the slope of the road to provide the necessary braking force as well as the appropriate torque to drive the car.

Wheel Motion Sensor 

A speed sensor is built into each wheel. When the wheel rotates without starting the engine, a magnetic field appears and is recorded into signals provided to the ECU by the sensors. It also understands the movement of the wheels.

Damping Pressure Sensor

A component of the suspension system that determines vehicle weight, including the weight of passengers and goods. These sensors generate a signal that allows the ECU to determine the system’s operation based on the vehicle’s weight.

Braking Pressure Sensor

When the ECU detects that the car is drifting, it sends a control instruction to the brake system to prevent the vehicle from drifting. More or less brake pressure is regulated by this sensor.

Torque Control

This system manages the vehicle’s traction with enough force that the car does not drift or skid when it begins to move. 

Once the vehicle accelerates, this system automatically turns off. These sensors can detect how much torque is transmitted to the wheels via the powerplant.

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Causes Of Ford Fusion Hill Start Assist Not Available

It’s possible that the Ford Hill Assist won’t function, and the Hill Start Assist light might come on. 

Nowadays, when most individuals rely heavily on driver assistance technology, it might be challenging for most people to do hill starts alone. 

An OBD-II scanner must be plugged in to determine the problem’s root. Check out the following potential causes if you are unable to do that:

Brake Light Fuse Is Broken

The blown brake light fuse is one potential cause of the hill start assist not working. When the hill start assist is activated, the brakes are compressed, which causes the brake lights to come on. 

Therefore, the entire system could fail if one component of this cycle is malfunctioning.

Random Mistake

Random messages, lights, or codes can appear on your dash at any time. Even the Ford Hill Start Assist not available message can be shown in this manner. 

Anything might be the cause, including a car with few miles on the odometer. Perhaps you held the start button down too long, disabling some functionality.

ESC and TC were disabled

If the Traction Control (TC) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) are both completely off, that could also be the reason for this. Both are coupled to one another and related to the vehicle’s stability, much like the Hill Assist.

After restarting their vehicles, users reported that this issue was resolved. It’s because following the restart, the traction and stability controls were set to their default state once again. 

Therefore, the HSA was also turned back on. You may confirm this for yourself by looking for the ESC and TC.

Damaged ABS Sensor

A fried Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) sensor is a frequent cause of this problem. But there isn’t a remedy for this. You need to completely replace the sensor to address the problem.

Software Error

There is a good possibility that a software problem exists when an electronic component of an automobile malfunctions. 

One of the main reasons why the Hill Start Assist is unavailable is due to this. Ford issued a technical service bulletin a few years ago to address a comparable issue.

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What Should You Do When Your Ford Fusion Hill Start Assist Not Available?

You can try and apply a few of the tips and strategies listed below to reactivate Hill Start Assist.

Restart Your Ford Fusion

Restarting the vehicle works in some cases. The entire car mechanism is reset by turning the engine off and on again, which also solves any minor or transient faults. The system can start operating as intended after the Hill Start Assist unavailable notice disappears.

Start the System Again

If the issue still exists, it is advised to take the vehicle to a repair shop, where the technician will either reboot the entire system or reformat it using the software that controls the ECU located below the steering wheel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you turn on the hill start assist on a Ford Fusion?

  • Making use of hill start assistance.
  • To access the main menu, press the right arrow button on the steering wheel.
  • Use the up and down arrow buttons to highlight Setup, then hit the right arrow button.
  • Select Hill Launch and then hit the right arrow button.
  • To confirm the setting, highlight the selected setting and push the OK button.

Q: What is hill assist on a Ford Fusion?

When it recognizes when a car is stopped on a slope, Ford’s Hill Start Assist automatically maintains the position of the vehicle. As a result, the driver won’t have to move their foot fast from the brake to the gas pedal or worry about the car rolling.

Q: Which Ford cars have hill assist?

Ford automobiles featuring the Ford Hill Start Assist feature are available at Al Spitzer Ford in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. These models include the Ford Focus, Fiesta, Mustang, Edge, EcoSport, Ranger, and F-150, among others.

Final Thoughts

Using the previously indicated ways, the issue with the hill start assist option can be resolved, allowing your hill helper to resume regular operation and support you in navigating those challenging terrains with steep slopes that appear to be built at an angle. Hope this article will help you more.

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