Front AC Blows Cold, Rear AC Blows Hot? What’s Happening

When the Front AC Blows Cold, Rear AC Blows Hot, your problem is the back escalator. The truck’s back has to be partitioned to provide room for the air box with the heater core, all of the mix doors, and a small a/c accumulation mechanism.

It will also come with a brass expansion valve that matches the front orifice tube. You can either remove the outdated one and clean the little screen that is located on its upper side. Just so you know, dealing with the expansion valve is simple; removing the airbox is complex. All of this may also be done without removing the back heater core

Why Front AC Blows Cold, Rear AC Blows Hot

As we have already shown, there may be several causes for this issue. Therefore, you will need to contact a repair person for any of these issues as they cannot be fixed by the average individual. When the AC is on, the front blows hot air, but the back still blows cold air. When this happened in the past, raising and lowering the temperature to extremes seemed to finally help, but that treatment is no longer effective.

Problems in the electrical systems.

If all the AC parts are in fine working condition, your automobile may be blowing hot air because of an electrical issue.

A frayed wire or blown fuse might cause an air conditioner that appears to be in good condition to stop working. Visually inspecting the fuse box and wiring in your automobile properly is the first step in locating and resolving an electrical problem.

Damaged compressor.

The AC system in your automobile is run by a compressor. Its job is to circulate the refrigerant through the system. If this part is broken, the antifreeze won’t be able to cool the condenser.

Defective condenser

The heat and humidity that your air conditioner removes from the cabin is absorbed by the refrigerant. In order for the cycle to continue, the condenser must keep the refrigerant cold. If the condenser isn’t operating properly, the procedure fails. Then you get hit in the face with a blast of hot air.

It may be as easy as the gears becoming stripped in the blend door or air mix control motor. When the temperature is changed, this door moves, directing the air over the evaporator to cool it. When this malfunctions, the air is not routed over the evaporator; instead, it passes just over the heater core, where it is heated before entering the cabin. 

This explains why the actuator would re-grab the gear or unstick itself when the temperature was raised or lowered and begin to function. Since it no longer functions, the gears are probably stripped and the door cannot be moved.

Although it is possible that a temperature sensor is malfunctioning, the actuator makes more sense in light of what you said. 

To rule this out, we would need to connect a scan tool to the computer and check the temperature sensors’ readings. Again, this is odd as it seems to continue blowing hot even when the Auto option is not in use. The temperature sensors are often exclusively used to manage heat and cool in the automatic setting.

How To Identify a Faulty AC?

You may check a few items to identify the issue if your car’s air conditioner isn’t functioning. Make sure the temperature is adjusted properly and that the air conditioner is switched on.

Additionally, make sure the filters on the air conditioner are clean. The air movement may be obstructed by clogged filters, which would make the air conditioner malfunction.

Finally, make sure the compressor of the air conditioner is operating correctly. The compressor must be changed if it is not functioning.

In certain cases, a broken air conditioner sensor may be rectified without needing more extensive work. Therefore, there could be a simple approach for you to fix the damaged sensor on your own. Take into account doing the following:

At the main electrical panel, turn off the electricity and your air conditioner.

Access the evaporator coil inside by all means. The sensor will be situated close to the coil. Put the sensor back into place carefully if it is bent. You may switch on your system by turning the breaker back on at the main panel.

However, keep in mind that you should get it checked by a qualified expert from a heating and air conditioning maintenance business if it appears to be the sensor that is the issue or if it is bent away from the coil.

How to fix Front AC Blows Cold, Rear AC Blows Hot?

There are several reasons why your air conditioner can be spewing warm air. It’s possible that the unit’s refrigerant levels are low. The air filter may also need to be changed since it is unclean. Finally, if the device is only acting improperly, it has to be fixed or replaced.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Cold AC in the car?

Because the AC system in a car is made up of several elements and each one is crucial to the system’s operation, the cost of maintaining it might be high. The system may need to be changed in its whole, which can be expensive, if one or more components are not functioning correctly.

A car’s AC unit often has to be repaired for $200 to $500. The AC unit may need to be replaced, which may cost up to $1,500, if it is not operating correctly.

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