How To Keep Brake Drums From Rusting?

Brakes are one of the important parts of a car that we need to periodically maintain and replace to ensure safety when traveling. The construction of the car brake is composed of steel and cast iron, so it is easy to rust and bear the negative effects of the weather.

Rusty car brakes will affect the braking quality and the ability to brake quickly when you are moving at high speed. So, one of the questions that many drivers are concerned about is the protection of their car’s brakes. How to keep brake drums from rusting? Let’s find out more details in the article below.

How To Keep Brake Drums From Rusting?

The structure of the car brake has many different parts, so each part has a detailed way of preserving it to prevent rust. However, you still need to follow some rules to protect your car’s brakes daily.

Start by parking your car in a dry, moisture-free place, away from water, such as a temperature-controlled garage. You should clean the undercarriage regularly to remove all dirt and debris.

In addition, you can apply anti-corrosion paint on the rear liner to prevent rust and control the brakes more easily. If your car’s brakes are rusty in every detail, you can follow a few steps below.

1. The Brake Drum Is Rusted

You have to clean the drum, scrape off rust and debris. After that, you continue to clean with brake cleaner, then high-temperature spray paint.

To protect the brake drum from rust, you should regularly clean and clean the dirt with specialized products to avoid the stains that stick to the metal for a long time, causing oxidation, abrasion, and rust.

2. How To Protect Brake Discs From Rust?

You can follow a few ways below to help prevent brake discs from rusting.

  • Apply a primer on the brake discs to create a protective layer on the brake discs from everyday dirt.
  • If you do not drive often, park your car in a dry and covered place to avoid the effects of weather such as sun, rain, snow.
  • You should use your car daily and gradually increase the brake pressure to remove the rust layer and make the discs shiny.
  • Replace the brake discs with carbon-ceramic discs that will help prevent rust better.

3. How To Protect The Disc Brake From Rusting After Washing?

  • The first note is that you should spray dry the car after washing so that water does not penetrate the brakes.
  • You can start the car for a while to let the water drain out of the brake system completely.
  • Use a special brake disc protection spray because it will help prevent rust. This product will create a protective layer on the brake disc surface to prevent dirt, excess oil, debris, and oxidizing agents.

4. How To Remove Rust From The Brake Rotor?

  • The dirt that forms on the brake rotor after a few days will be cleaned when you drive and operate the brake system.
  • Use brake cleaner to remove rust completely. Cleaners are useful in helping to remove rust from brake rotors.
  • Spray brake cleaner onto the brake rotor, then wipe clean and dry. If there is still rust, you can spray the brake cleaner again and use the brush to scrub gently.
  • If the rust is still sticking to the brake rotor, you can try other types like CLR and Evapo -Rust to remove it. These products are particularly effective at removing rust without harming the metal.


It’s completely normal for dirt to stick to the brakes and can be easily cleaned or activated when driving. However, to protect the brake system in the long run, you should park the car in a dry place, away from moisture or substances that cause metal oxidation.

After washing the car, always remember to dry the brake disc unit to prevent moisture from getting on the brake rotor. In addition, you should check and maintain the brake system periodically to prevent rust.

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