Top 5 Reasons For Intermittent Vibration At Highway Speeds

Driving on the highway is extremely dangerous because even a small incident can cause you and others to create a series of accidents on the road.

In particular, one of the phenomena reported by many drivers is that they feel their car suddenly shake at high speed when driving on the highway.

Many drivers were extremely worried and did not know why the car suddenly shook when accelerating. What is the reason for intermittent vibration at highway speeds? Let’s learn the reasons in detail in the article below.

What Is The Reason For Intermittent Vibration At Highway Speeds?

There are many reasons why your car suddenly shakes when accelerating. Below we will list the 5 most common reasons that many drivers often encounter so that you can get more useful information and make the most accurate judgment.

1. Tire Problem

One of the first things you need to pay attention to is the tire. Tires play an important role in keeping the balance and helping the car to run smoothly on the road.

If the tire has a problem, it will significantly affect the speed of the vehicle and cause sudden shaking and loss of balance when at high speed.

A flat tire will cause the vehicle to lose its balance between the tires or skid. When a tire is flat, it will cause vibrations for the vehicle.

In addition, the car can also shake because the tires are not in a balanced position, such as the tires are not standard in size or something has been damaged.

Therefore, the amount of air in the tire is not evenly distributed, causing your car to lose balance and the pressure on the damaged tire causes the car to shake violently when accelerating.

Uneven tire rotation will cause the vehicle’s balance to be disturbed and shaken. In particular, the different air pressure in each tire will also put pressure on the shock absorber. This situation, if not rectified soon, will put pressure on the steering wheel, making driving more difficult and dangerous.

If you feel your car suddenly vibrate when accelerating, take it to a repair shop to have the tires checked. If the tire is not fully inflated for a long time, the resistance of the tire will decrease and there is a risk of a tire burst.

2. The Axle Of The Car Is Damaged

The condition of your car suddenly shaking when accelerating can also come from the axle. Because the axle is an important part and lies at the bottom of a car like a frame to support other components.

If your axle is not good or damaged, it will not be able to properly balance the car when moving. Usually, when a car is involved in a serious accident or carrying an overload, the axle can be affected causing deviation or imbalance.

Damaged axles will not be able to keep the wheels in balance and cause gravity not to be evenly applied to the tires, causing the car to shake violently.

If you suspect that the axle is damaged due to a strong collision or frequent overloading, immediately take the car to a repair shop for inspection.

3. Brake System Malfunction

A damaged car brake system is also the cause of the car’s excessive vibration when accelerating. To test this, you can accelerate and suddenly break to feel this.

If the brake disc is worn or damaged, it will reduce the pressure of the brake and cause the car to shake violently when the brake is applied. In addition, you can check the brake pads, if they are corroded or used for too long, your car will not be able to brake optimally.

The brake system on a car has an extremely important role because it is the part that protects your safety when driving. Therefore, you should periodically check or see signs of replacement to ensure good brakes when traveling at high speed.

4. Damaged Engine

A damaged car’s engine is also one of the reasons why you feel your car shake strongly when traveling at high speed. If the car’s engine is not supplied with enough fuel it will affect the operation of other components or cause electrical problems. Therefore, the engine will also not be able to operate optimally and cause imbalance when moving.

One of the reasons why a car’s engine does not work well can stem from an incorrect clutch or system setting. To solve engine problems, you must check the fuel supply unit, fuel filter, or spark plugs.

Some common causes of engine damage are a dirty fuel filter or spark plug. They will cause blockages that make the engine work less optimally and cause the car to shake or move unevenly on the highway.

5. Problem With The Shock Absorber

The task of the shock absorber is to reduce the vibrations generated when the car is running to help the driver feel smooth when moving. If your car shakes violently, the cause may also be from the shock absorber.

If the shock absorber is damaged, it will automatically cause the car to shake because it cannot keep the balance and stability of the car as it should.

In fact, the phenomenon of shaking will appear when the car is running at high speed. If you are traveling at low speeds and the vibrations still occur, the shock absorber has been severely damaged and needs to be replaced.


The phenomenon of a car shaking suddenly when traveling at high speed on a highway can be caused by many reasons. However, the 5 main causes of this phenomenon are tires, axles, brakes, shock absorbers, and engines.

Cars shaking violently while driving on the highway is extremely dangerous. Therefore, you should maintain your vehicle periodically as well as replace accessories regularly to ensure safety when traveling at high speed.

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