Do You Tip Windshield Installers?

Tipping has become a way of showing appreciation and respect for service providers, door-to-door employees, or delivery workers in recent times.

The tip is not a mandatory rule when you use different services. However, it shows courtesy and generosity as well as a respectful attitude towards workers.

So, a question often asked by many people is what services should you tip when using? One of the questions that get a lot of attention from customers in the field of auto repair is the windshield.

Do you tip windshield installers? How much tip is reasonable? Let’s find out more details in this article.

Do You Tip Windshield Installers?

There is no exact answer to this, but you can consider some of the points below to decide whether to tip the windshield repairman. First, we need to know that tipping has gradually become a culture and an implicit rule in many repair services.

You may not come across any specific rules, but it seems that your habits and surrounding stories will influence your actions.

According to statistics from, more than 40% of service users often offer extra tips to repair or delivery staff. Of these, at least 6% leave a tip over 25% of the service they received. This figure shows, tipping is gradually becoming a cultural practice and there are implicit rules without any formal agreement.

1. Windshield Repairers Deserve A Tip

All services and workers deserve a tip, especially with home repairs like windshield replacement. Installing a windshield is a complex process and requires a lot of technical and safety skills during the repair process.

When you request windshield repair and replacement, a technician will gather detailed information about your car model and what type of windshield will fit it perfectly.

This will not be difficult if your cars are popular and popular models. However, if you have a classic car or a small number of limited editions, finding the right windscreen model is not easy.

After finding the right model, technicians will safely bring the windshield to your home and perform the repair procedures. Transporting windshields in particular and glass products, in general, is laborious and requires great care.

Technicians will use advanced adhesives and primers to install the new windshield. The window is then replaced and cleaned. The entire process can take up to several hours depending on the extent of the damage and your level of replacement.

From the above process, you can see that the repair and installation of the windshield is also not an easy task. In particular, technicians have to come to your house to do this because most people will not go out on the street with a broken windshield. After all, it is very dangerous.

2. When Should You Tip?

Tipping does not have any rules that make you obligated to do this. However, if you are a generous person and value worker, you can consider these factors to decide whether or not to tip the windshield repairman.

  • If windshield installers are extremely friendly before, during, and after installation.
  • They work carefully and seriously when working and protecting your car.
  • If your windshield installation is more difficult than usual and takes longer for the technician.
  • If the windshield installer completes the task beyond your expectations.
  • If you feel sympathy for the job of windshield installers because most of them are only paid a low salary to do this work. Your generous tips will give them extra income at the end of the month.

3. How Much Tip Is Reasonable?

There are not any specific numbers on tips for employees, it completely depends on your generosity and financial level.

However, you can tip no more than 20% of the value of the service you are using because this is just an extra amount for the employee’s efforts to work and complete a good job.

Tipping is not the main payment so you can give it to the repairman separately instead of adding it to the cost of the repair shop.
In other words, cash is still the preferred method by many employees when it comes to receiving tips from customers.


Tipping is an optional issue in any service, it only shows generosity and respect to employees with whom you sympathize. If you don’t want to tip the windshield installer, that’s fine too. Employees are not allowed to ask for tips from customers if they do not actively do so.

This completely depends on your attitude, feelings, and financial capabilities. So you don’t have to feel guilty or think about it.
If you are pressured to pay an extra tip or request from a windshield installer, you can contact management directly to sort this out.

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