How To Tell If You Have Variable Assist Power Steering?

In modern society, driving is becoming easier and safer with the help of driving technology. Variable power steering is one of the most useful assist features in the automotive industry.

However, many drivers may not know and understand the application and working mechanism of variable power steering. How to tell if you have variable assist power steering?

Find out with us what variable power steering is and simple ways to tell if your car supports this premium feature.

What Is Variable Power Steering?

Variable power steering is a system where the level of assistance varies according to the speed of the vehicle. It allows the driver to control the car at low speed with just the tip of his finger.

The principle of operation is to regulate the pressure on the steering gear. With the variable power steering system, the wheel speed sensor and the car’s steering wheel rotation sensor will signal the control unit to adjust the appropriate pressure.

The controls do this by reducing the amount of fluid flowing into the steering system. The goal is to increase the vehicle’s stability and prevent the vehicle from rolling over or losing control.

The variable power steering system has been researched, developed, and applied the most features in the past two decades. The perfect blend of old and new technology has made the variable power steering system more efficient and highly applicable.

Variable power steering is very reliable and safe because all system problems stem from the steering angle sensor. In particular, the car’s sensor system is extremely intelligent and has absolute accuracy.

The downside is that the contacts can wear out, resulting in the wrong signal being sent to the control unit.

How To Tell If You Have Variable Assist Power Steering?

To check if your car has a variable power steering system, you can identify it in 3 easy ways below. If you still can’t check it yourself, you can get help from car repair professionals.

1. Check The Code Under The Tire And The Trunk Lid

To check the variable power steering, you can visually observe the following situations. You can check the underside of your car’s spare tire cover, you’ll see labels to identify service parts.

If you see the three-letter code NV7 on the label, it means your vehicle has variable power steering. You won’t find this in a separate unit as it is built-in as part of the power steering system.

If you want to know if your car has GM variable power steering, look under the trunk lid. You will probably see a 1SC label, which means you have GM variable power steering.

2. Look Up Your Car’s Serial Number At The Dealer

There is nothing more certain than knowing the exact specifications of your car manufacturer. You should look up the vehicle’s specifications from the seller or online via the manufacturer’s website.

Through the parameters, you can know if your car has variable power steering or not. The specifications will indicate the type of variable assist your vehicle uses, such as hydroelectric or electric power assist.

However, you should observe and learn carefully because the specifications and rates of variation are difficult to understand.

3. Look For Wires Around The Pump

Check the connection to the power cord at the pump outlet in your car. If your car has this connector, it means it receives a signal to change the force while driving.

It works by creating a forced change between the two ends of the pump. This is also the principle of operation of the hydraulic power steering system.

In particular, if your car has a hydraulic booster, try using a flow pump. You check if it stays the same when the rpm increases.


The variable power steering system is extremely useful for the driver in the event of having to travel many hours a day.

To check if your vehicle supports variable power steering, you can check under the tire mounting with the markings NV7 or 1SC under the trunk lid. Don’t forget to look up the specs from the manufacturer and check the pump operation if your car has hydraulic power steering.

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