Is It Legal To Practice Driving In A Parking Lot?

Parking lots are often an ideal place for new drivers to practice. An empty parking lot will give the new driver confidence to move because there are not many obstacles as well as loud sounds like moving on the road.

However, many people question whether new drivers going out to practice are breaking the law or do they need any permission? Is it legal to practice driving in a parking lot? Do you need any paperwork or permission to drive in the parking lot? Join us to find the answer below.

Is It Legal To Practice Driving In A Parking Lot? – Maybe

Is it illegal for me to drive in the parking lot? – The answer is NO!

Do I need any permission? – Sure!

As you know, most of the parking lots belong to private organizations that are allowed to exploit and use according to the law.

Therefore, it is completely legal for you to practice driving in a parking lot if you do not cause an accident or a major collision that leads to loss of life and property.

The law will only intervene and handle drivers who violate traffic laws and cause serious consequences while driving. However, parking lots are often owned by an individual organization so they will also have mandatory regulations.

To drive in a parking lot, you need to contact the management in that area to ask for permission or pay the prescribed fee. Many parking lots may require a fee to allow practice driving on their property.

You should not arbitrarily enter the parking lot to practice without consulting the management, they may report to the police about illegal entry and this action of yours is against the law.

Also, if the parking lot is owned by a government organization, you should consider getting permission to practice there. Because they often require you to have a driver’s license to drive in a government area. Practice is not allowed and is not encouraged here.

Moreover, practicing driving without a driver’s license and supervision from teachers can still be risky in unexpected situations.

Therefore, you should still comply with the new government driving regulations. They will arrange for you to have supervised practice sessions in the new driving areas where the practice is allowed.

Once you have your driver’s license, you can go to the parking lot to practice which will be safer and easier to get a permit from the owner of the parking lot.


It is not against the law to practice driving in a parking lot if you have permission from the management of that parking lot.

Currently, there are many parking lots that will put up a sign to warn whether or not to allow practice driving. You can observe or contact directly to avoid violations of unauthorized access.

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