Jeep Loses Power While Driving – Why And How To Fix It?

The situation of Jeep cars losing power is one of the cases that many drivers encounter. This situation is even worse if you are driving and traveling on the highway.

It can cause inconvenience to other vehicles or even cause traffic accidents. So why does the Jeep lose power while driving? How to fix this situation quickly?

Jeep Loses Power While Driving – The Reason Is The Battery

One of the main reasons why your Jeep is running without power suddenly is due to the battery. A dead battery will cause a complete power outage that makes your car unable to start.

When the battery is about to fail, the battery’s ability to charge is poor, assuming a new battery is charged to use for one day, but for the battery that is about to fail, it will only be charged for 2 hours. This is also the reason why Jeeps often lose power while driving because the capacity of the battery becomes less.

In addition, when you have just replaced the battery, but the battery is still out of power, the main reason is that the generator does not generate electricity to charge, so your battery can only be used for a short time. Therefore, you need to check the generator and the power of the battery.

Top 5 Reasons Why The Battery Is Out Of Power And Damaged

A battery has a lifespan of 2-3 years depending on the manufacturer. But there are some reasons why a car’s battery needs to be replaced sooner. It depends on how you store and use them. The following are some of the main causes of reduced car battery life.

1. Continuously Driving At A Short Distance

Continuously starting the machine just to move for a short distance will quickly cause the battery capacity to decrease.

If your daily commute is only short in the city, the charger will not have enough time to fully charge the battery. According to technicians, on average, once a month, you should drive to the highway to run continuously for about 10-20 minutes at a stable speed so that the battery is charged as optimally as possible.

2. Leaving The Car Too Hot Or Too Cold

If your car is subjected to extreme heat or cold, it will damage the internal structures of the battery – especially the chemical components, which can lead to damage or a weak power supply.

In the process of daily use and maintenance of the car, you should limit exposure to the sun for a long time, avoid the situation that the car has to run continuously on the street, then put it in a tight place.

This phenomenon will cause lead sulfate crystal layers to build up, reducing battery life while charging time is longer, and the battery can fail quickly.

3. Car Is Flooded

In case your Jeep is flooded, if you try to restart the car, it will cause water to overflow into the lines, sockets, etc, harming the power supply. This is one of the reasons why the power supply is quickly depleted and many parts of the car are damaged.

Your car in a flooded situation that is not checked and maintained in time will make the battery more easily damaged. Water can rust the terminals and prevent the battery from working as well as it should.

4. Using Too Much Electricity In Cars

Turning on the power and equipment in the car when the engine is not running such as headlights, turn signals, interior lights, air conditioning system, entertainment system will cause the battery to decrease quickly.

In addition, forgetting to turn off electrical devices when leaving your car overnight also causes your battery to run out of power quickly.

5. Many Entertainment Devices

Installing a lot of technological equipment to the vehicle without taking into account the upgrade and ensuring the safety of the power source can be dangerous. In every car, every electronic device will use a small amount of energy to keep it running, even when the car is of such as clocks, locking systems, alarm systems, etc.

However, if there are too many devices using electricity at the same time, it can cause risks in the circuit such as short circuits, short circuits, damaged components, etc, and the battery will run out of power in a short time or degrade longevity.

In addition, many car users today tend to install more electronic devices, lights… This group of equipment, if not calculated and installed properly, will be a threat not only to the battery but also to the vehicle’s electrical system.

How To Handle A Dead Car Battery?

Depending on the reason why the battery is dead, there are different ways to handle it.

  • The temporary fix is ​​to ask another car to charge the battery or energize the battery.
  • In case the battery runs out of power due to grounding, you need to check whether the power cord connected to the battery is short-circuited. In this case, we recommend that you take the car to an auto repair shop for inspection.
  • In case the battery is about to fail, the solution is to replace the battery, but you need to know how the battery is damaged. Normally, all types of batteries have warning signs through the eyes of the battery, if the green eye is normal, black is needing to be charged, white is a damaged battery.


The main reason why your Jeep is running but running out of power is the battery. Less common causes are the generator and the wiring connected to the battery.

You should use and check the battery periodically to avoid battery damage and lead to problems. Consider before installing any additional electrical equipment and calculate carefully to protect the electrical system on the vehicle.

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