Will FM Transmitter Drain Car Battery? (Explained)

On long travels, FM transmitters come quite handy. By using Bluetooth, these transmitters connect your phone to your vehicle. 

Using a regular FM radio, an FM transmitter is used to transmit signals from portable devices like mobile phones or MP3 players. 

Car audio without auxiliary connectors for MP3 players or phones is frequently utilized these days. 

The main concern is whether or not this device will consume a significant amount of the car battery’s energy and eventually deplete it.

The transmitter is compatible with vehicles lacking an AUX connector. You may stream music to your automobile from your phone using an FM transmitter. But will an FM transmitter drain the battery in my car?

No, an FM transmitter won’t deplete your car’s battery, despite what you might have heard. But since it just uses a tiny bit of power, there shouldn’t be any issues. 

How FM transmitters operate and how they affect battery life are covered in this article. Additionally, it will offer some suggestions for avoiding this.

What Is An FM Transmitter?

With the help of FM transmitters, you may make and receive calls while streaming audio from your smartphone to your car at a reasonable cost.

The transmitter makes it possible to pair a phone with a car’s radio without the use of additional wires or the expenditure of more expensive Bluetooth accessories.

On the market, there are two different types of transmitters:

The most basic sort of FM radio transmitter is a 12-volt connection with an integrated wireless chip. It can connect to a smartphone using this setup and stream music over an FM frequency.

More advanced FM transmitters pack a lot of capabilities into a small package. In addition to music streaming, they can assist with hands-free communication, music data, and on-the-go device charging.

Will FM Transmitter Drain Car Battery?

The majority of people assume that the battery in their car just serves to power the engine when it is started. 

However, the battery is capable of much more than that. All of your car’s electrical equipment, like the radio, headlights, and windshield wipers, are also powered by it. Additionally, if you have a Bluetooth receiver, your battery will need to power it as well. 

The battery won’t be significantly depleted by an FM transmitter because it doesn’t draw much power. 

The battery will eventually be drained if you constantly leave your Bluetooth receiver on, though. Your battery might not have enough juice to start your automobile if it is already poor.

There are a few things you can take to avoid your Bluetooth receiver draining your vehicle’s battery if you’re concerned about it. 

To begin with, make sure your Bluetooth receiver is off when not in use. Make sure it is turned on if your automobile has a feature that automatically cuts off electricity to accessories when the engine is off.

There are buttons for turning an FM transmitter on and off. Additionally, it depends on the type of vehicle you use. 

Because you can always use the transmitter even when the engine is off, there may be some slight power or energy consumption when the automobile engine is off.

Even if you leave it plugged in over the weekend, it might once more suck power from it, but it won’t be enough to completely deplete the battery. 

If you’re unsure, you can unplug your FM transmitter to make sure it won’t eventually drain your battery by drawing power from it. This will aid with battery conservation.

What Can Drain A Car Battery When The Car Is Off?

We frequently worry that an FM transmitter may drain your battery of its power. In general, we cannot declare with certainty that your dead battery is the result of the FM transmitter if that is all that is present. Your battery may run out if you use certain other devices. Here are a few examples:


Normally, the OEM stereo doesn’t cause any issues at all with the battery. But the issue started as soon as you upgraded your car’s audio system.

Some auto owners alter the sound system of their vehicles by installing large speakers that are then wired directly to the battery. 

By doing this, you are disabling your car’s electrical system, which causes it to enter standby mode.

The head unit will give them the signal to turn on. They will only use three milliamps or less when in standby mode. 

The switches will register erroneously after they enter standby mode and will produce hundreds of milliamps even if they are not in use or producing any sound at all.


It is a well-known battery drainer for automobiles. The power drain caused by the car alarms would never allow even the healthiest type of cell to survive. 

You should be able to verify it twice if you have your car alarms fitted by non-dealers. The electrical system of the signal is improperly connected, which causes the majority of battery drain issues.

Electrical issues caused by improperly fitted automobile alarms can lead to parasitic battery depletion. Bring your vehicle to an established auto electrician to prevent this.

Remote Controlled Keys

An ongoing search for the key’s frequency is conducted with a radio receiver. The receiver immediately turns on to see if the keys match the one for your car when it gets the signal with the rate allocated to it. 

Leaving your automobile parked for a few weeks without starting the engine could result in some serious problems.

Proximity keys have this issue, which is a problem. Similar keys scare it and alert the frequency every time one passes by, which is constantly. 

Your battery will eventually be completely destroyed after being drained for several minutes.

What Is The Best FM Transmitter For Your Car?

When seeking ways to enhance their car radio system, a lot of automobile owners ask this question. 

When selecting the best FM transmitter for your automobile, there are a few factors to take into account. 

The sound quality should be taken into account first. The market is filled with a wide variety of FM transmitters, some of which are superior to others. Look for an FM transmitter with a digital signal if you want the highest audio quality.

Some transmitters need to be plugged into a wall socket, while others can be powered by the cigarette lighter in your automobile. 

You must purchase a transmitter that is powered by your car’s cigarette lighter if you wish to use it while driving.

The cost of an FM transmitter can range from $20 to over $100. You might wish to hunt for a less priced transmitter if you’re on a tight budget. 

However, you should be prepared to pay more for a high-quality transmitter if you want the highest sound quality.

Depending on the transmitter, a one-year or two-year guarantee may be included. Look for a transmitter with a longer warranty if you intend to use it for an extended period of time.

To find out what other clients have to say about the business, browse online reviews of other businesses. In the event that the transmitter is defective, you should be able to return it.

How To Save Battery On Car?

Car batteries typically last three to five years. Here are five easy techniques to help it last longer so you don’t have to change yours after just one or two uses.

Keep Your Battery Clean

A car battery’s grime, dirt, or moisture can create leakage over the battery case, resulting in a short circuit that could flatten your battery. 

A sponge and a dry towel work well to remove this surface-level filth. To prevent buildup, perform this at least once every month.

Unfortunately, rust frequently develops on battery terminals and battery lead clamps. To guarantee your battery’s longevity and effectiveness, it’s critical to remove dirt or build-up from the terminals, lead clamps, and other parts that may have corroded. 

These parts can prevent power from flowing through the battery. If necessary, request that your mechanic clean the terminals when servicing them.

Avoid Using Electronic Equipment When Your Car’s Engine Isn’t Running

The battery can be discharged by leaving your headlights, interior lights, or ignition on while using the infotainment system but not starting the engine. 

This is due to the fact that when the engine is turned off, your car’s alternator shuts down, causing electronic devices to draw power from the battery instead.

Make it a practice to always verify that everything is off before leaving your car to prevent this, especially your lights.

Don’t forget to lock your car as well before leaving it. This serves more than just security needs. If you leave your car open, the computer system may still be active, which could be draining your battery without your knowledge.

Get Routine Maintenance Done On Your Vehicle

It is advisable to have your car battery professionally examined to reduce the possibility of an unplanned breakdown. Ask the mechanic to ensure that your battery is functioning properly and in good condition when you take your car in for a service.

Final Thoughts

So FM Transmitter does not affect the battery much. We’ve got the answer for you and more information on how to help protect your battery. Hope the article is helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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