Is A Scion FR-S A Good First Car?

Choosing the right first car is an important decision. It is dependent on elements such as safety, affordability, and driving experience. We now turn our focus to the Scion FR-S (Toyota 86). This is a quick and nimble compact automobile that has attracted the imagination of many first-time car buyers. So, is a Scion FR-S a good first car?

The Scion FR-S features an attractive style and sporty performance, making it a unique option for rookie drivers. Now we’ll look over the Scion FR-S’s numerous features. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the price, fuel efficiency, and maintenance. 

What Are Pros  Of Scion FR-S?

is a scion frs a good first car

Here are 8 outstanding characters of Scion FR-S that make it an appealing choice for certain buyers:

Excellent Handling And Balance

The Scion FR-S is known for its remarkable handling qualities. Its rear-wheel-drive configuration, low center of gravity, and precisely calibrated suspension result in a responsive and balanced driving experience. The FR-S excels at accurate and predictable handling, even while navigating tight turns.

Engaging Driving Dynamics

The FR-S is appealing to drivers because of its engaging and connected driving experience. The lightweight design and responsive handling combine to an exciting driving experience. 

Eye-Catching Exterior Design

The Scion FR-S draws attention wherever it goes because of its sleek and sporty look. Its muscular front fascia, sculpted lines, and unique rear end give it a distinct appearance. The FR-S’s design strikes a mix between sportiness and elegance.

Affordable Entry into the Sports Car Segment

In comparison to many other sports vehicles on the market, the Scion FR-S has a lower starting price. This makes it an appealing option for those looking for a sports car feel without breaking the bank. It’s a cheap way to experience spirited driving.


The FR-S, as a Toyota product, inherits the brand’s well-established reputation for dependability and longevity. Owners frequently find comfort in knowing that their FR-S will deliver years of dependable performance.

Customization Opportunities

There is a thriving aftermarket for the Scion FR-S. Owners can readily locate aftermarket components and customizations to fit their tastes into their vehicles. The FR-S offers a wide range of customization possibilities, whether you’re looking to increase performance or improve looks.

Manual Transmission Option

The FR-S is available with a manual transmission, staying true to its sports car roots. The direct and compelling feel of rowing through the gears is appreciated by enthusiastic drivers, adding to the overall driving pleasure.

Balanced Fuel Efficiency

Despite its sporty flair, the FR-S achieves a good combination of performance and fuel efficiency. It’s also more fuel-efficient than many other sports vehicles, making it a viable option for daily commuting.

How About Cons Of Scion FR-S?

Although Scion FR-S has lots of advantages, it still has cons such as limited interior space, modest engine output, etc. You need to learn more about them before making a decision. 

Limited Interior Space

The Scion FR-S is a compact sports car with a performance focus, therefore interior room is limited, notably in the rear seats. While the front seats are adequately supportive and comfy, the back seats are cramped and lack legroom. This limits the car’s ability to transport passengers, particularly adults, for long distances.

Modest Engine Output

The FR-S is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that is adequate for daily driving. However it may leave some enthusiasts dissatisfied. This can have an effect on the car’s acceleration and performance in scenarios requiring quick overtaking or high-speed highway driving.

Rough And Uncomfortable 

The sport-tuned suspension creates a jarring ride, especially on rough or uneven road surfaces. While this stiffness improves the car’s handling and cornering abilities, it might also result in a less comfortable and smooth ride.

Limited All-Weather Capability

The FR-S is a rear-wheel-drive sports car that is less capable in bad weather. It may necessitate extra vigilance and possibly winter tires in regions with extreme winter conditions.

Minimal Standard Features

The base variant of the FR-S may lack some current conveniences and technology features. It may lack contemporary infotainment systems, driving aid technologies, and creature amenities that many drivers have come to anticipate.

Small Cargo Space

The Scion FR-S has a trunk, although it is relatively small and may not provide enough storage room for heavier items or luggage. Furthermore, the back seats do not fold flat, restricting the car’s adaptability for carrying heavier luggage.

Noise Levels

The FR-S’s cabin may be quite noisy, especially at high speeds. Road and wind noise may enter the cabin, which can be exhausting on extended highway rides.

Is A Scion FR-S A Good First Car?

is a scion frs a good first car

NO, you shouldn’t choose Scion FR-S for your first car.

The Scion FR-S is a fun car to drive. However, it may not be the greatest choice for your first car for a number of reasons. Especially if you’re a newly licensed, beginner driver:


Sports vehicles, such as the FR-S, can be more expensive to buy, insure, and maintain than more conventional first cars. The original purchase price, increased insurance premiums can all put a burden on your finances.

Inexperienced Driver Challenges

The FR-S’s aggressive performance and quick acceleration may be difficult to control for an unskilled driver. These vehicles can have a steep learning curve, and new drivers may be at a higher risk of accidents or incidents.

Safety Concerns

Sports cars frequently favor performance and handling over safety measures and crash protection. You should select a vehicle with superior safety systems and higher crash ratings.

Limited Space

The FR-S is a small sports coupe with limited cargo room and interior space. It may not be suited for comfortably transporting passengers, particularly in the rear seats. You may encounter difficulties when performing duties such as grocery shopping or transporting bulkier things.

Adverse Weather Handling

Rear-wheel-drive sports vehicles, like the FR-S, might struggle in inclement weather, such as rain or snow. They may be rendered inoperable in certain conditions, which might be difficult for a new driver.

Maintenance Costs

Sports cars frequently necessitate specialist maintenance and parts, which can be more expensive than those for conventional vehicles. High-performance tires, brakes, and engine components may incur additional costs.

Limited Fuel Efficiency

High-performance engines often burn more fuel, resulting in greater long-term fuel expenses.

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Final Thoughts

While Scion FR-S provides a fascinating driving experience, it may not be the most practical or cost-effective option for all first-time drivers. When making this option, you should consider issues such as your finances, safety concerns, and everyday demands. Finally, picking the perfect first car should reflect your interests as well as your practical needs on the road.

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