Why Is My Ecoboost Getting Bad Gas Mileage? (Solved)

One of the issues that many car owners are concerned about when driving is excessive fuel consumption. Why is my Ecoboost getting bad gas mileage?

Cars that consume a lot of fuel are an unusual occurrence that many drivers and car owners frequently experience after a period of use. 

According to car care and maintenance technicians from car manufacturers, the cause is partly due to some car parts, in addition to the driver’s driving habits.

Furthermore, poor driving habits or infrequent vehicle maintenance are two of the reasons why fuel consumption is higher than usual, and this easily leads to damage during use.

The following article will explain the causes of your Ecoboost’s excessive fuel consumption and how to quickly overcome it.

Why Is My Ecoboost Getting Bad Gas Mileage? 

Poor gas mileage is frequently a symptom that the vehicle’s operating system is having issues; therefore, the cause must be identified and fixed as soon as feasible. 

Drivers must therefore inspect the following components to identify any problems and address them quickly when they notice that their vehicles are using more gasoline than usual.


One of the reasons your automobile uses more fuel over time is because the tires are too worn or the tire pressure is too low. Because of the increased friction between the wheel and the road as a result of excessive tire wear or low tire pressure, the engine uses more fuel as a result of increased drag.

As a result, the driver should examine the condition of the tires when they notice anomalous fuel usage. 

Ensure that the tire pressure is set according to the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines, which are typically written on the driver’s side of the door. To guarantee safety, it is advisable to rotate or replace worn tires.

Engine Oil

After some time, the lubricating ability of the engine oil becomes ineffective if it is not renewed. The engine will use more fuel than usual as a result of the friction between the larger components, which might shorten the engine’s lifespan over time. 

In addition to the user replacing the incorrect engine oil, the chosen viscosity also has an impact on the engine’s functionality.

The driver must therefore check the oil condition using the engine oil dipstick if they are unaware of the periodic oil replacement schedule. 

In order to select the proper lubricant for the vehicle’s engine, it is also required to examine the handbook or speak with the technical specialists of the automobile manufacturer.


The car uses more fuel than usual when its coolant is inadequate or of poor quality. Experts in auto maintenance claim that each model has a coolant temperature sensor positioned on the engine’s side, in close proximity to the coolant.

The result will be lower than the real temperature if the cooling water supply is uncertain or the sensor malfunctions. The engine will receive a larger fuel injection than usual, increasing the fuel usage of the vehicle.

As a result, users should frequently check and replace the coolant in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions based on each vehicle model. The coolant reservoir is often found under the bonnet in the engine compartment.

Fluids assist the vehicle to run smoothly and steadily and extend the life of crucial components. Examples include engine oil, braking fluid, coolant, etc. Owners of cars must therefore frequently inspect and repair these components.

In addition, automobile owners should replenish their engine coolant after 24 800 miles per the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent this solution’s chemical composition from changing. 

Experts advise mixing coolant at a ratio of 60% coolant to 40% distilled water. To prevent burns when checking and replenishing the coolant, let the engine cool before opening the radiator cap.

Engine Air Filter

The air filter’s job is to filter the air and keep dust from getting into the combustion chamber, as its name implies.

If the engine air filter becomes excessively clogged over time, less air can enter the combustion chamber, forcing the engine to inject more fuel in order to maintain the required power.

Manufacturers advise car owners to change the engine air filter after the vehicle has been driven for 12,400 miles and to pay attention to routinely cleaning the engine air filter system after the vehicle has been driven for 3,100 miles.

For older vehicles that are frequently driven in dusty conditions, it is advised to clean the air filter every 1860 – 2480 miles and replace it every 9300 miles. Additionally, the air filter system should be frequently checked; if the filter is discovered to be ripped, moist, etc., a new air filter should be installed.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are in charge of igniting the mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chamber.

The quality of spark plugs will deteriorate over time due to soot and open legs, resulting in slow ignition and low efficiency of burning the fuel-air mixture.

This will result in a large amount of fuel being injected, resulting in waste. As a result, in addition to the above parts, the car’s spark plugs should be checked and replaced.

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Exhaust System 

During the course of driving, the exhaust pipe may be dented as a result of a collision, resulting in the phenomenon of the exhaust pipe becoming blocked or obstructed, causing an increase in exhaust pressure and causing the vehicle to consume more fuel.

As a result, users must inspect the exhaust system; if it is discovered that the exhaust pipe is clogged or blocked, they must bring the vehicle to a service and maintenance station for inspection, repair, or replacement.

Furthermore, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, when taking the vehicle in for maintenance, the fuel injector system should be checked.

Because if the injectors are dirty, the amount of fuel injected into the combustion chamber will be unpredictable, potentially resulting in fuel waste.

Other Reasons For Poor Gas Mileage

Besides the parts to pay attention to, there are many other issues you need to pay attention to.

Low Fuel Quality

Besides the quality of the oil, fuel can also be the reason why your car consumes more fuel. According to research done by AAA in the US, fuel can vary widely in quality. If the fuel is not up to standard quality, the engine will consume faster and easier.

Refueling at random stores puts the vehicle’s fuel consumption at risk. Therefore, to maintain sustainable quality, you should choose a reputable fuel supplier.

Air Conditioner

The energy generated by the combustion of fuel is used to run air conditioners. Additionally, it means that using the air conditioner uses more fuel. 

If the inside temperature is higher than the outside temperature, open a window to bring the two temperatures into balance before turning on the air conditioner. Your automobile could consume less fuel thanks to this method.

Driving Habits

The manner in which the driver operates the vehicle also has an impact on fuel consumption. Some bad driving habits, such as slowing down or abruptly stopping, can result in increased fuel consumption.

To improve fuel efficiency, pay attention to how you drive steadily. More fuel will be used if you have to stop frequently, which means more acceleration and braking.

Furthermore, a fully loaded vehicle will put strain on the vehicle and increase fuel consumption.

Proper gearing can optimize fuel consumption in manual transmission vehicles. Driving in a lower gear than necessary will result in a higher fuel consumption.

When you enter the wrong number, you will quickly notice that your vehicle’s mileage is decreasing. If this is the case, you should think about changing your habits and practicing shifting gears correctly.

Final Thoughts

The common causes of Ecoboost getting poor gas mileage that we want to send to you are listed above. Hopefully, by reading this article, fuel-related issues with automobiles will be quickly resolved, allowing costs to be reduced. Furthermore, remember to visit our website so that we can quickly and accurately update more information.

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