What Should I Do When Ford Radio Removal Tool Not Working?

Both drivers and passengers in Ford cars can find plenty of amusement through the radio. The removal of it, though, might be warranted for other reasons. Using a tool is the best solution but when ford radio removal tool not working – what should you do?

Most car radios today can play music from a variety of devices, including CDs, portable audio players, USB flash drives, SD cards, Bluetooth, and hard drives. Constant improvements are made to their features.

Tools make radio removal easier, but even without them, we can walk you through the process.

Reading this article will teach you how to take out a Ford radio without the tool. All the information you require will be explained to you.  It’s simpler than you might. 

Let’s take a look into it!

How To Do When Ford Radio Removal Tool Not Working?

A Ford din removal tool is typically used to remove a car radio or audio system. There are numerous circumstances, though, in which you might not have one on hand. 

For your convenience, we have listed how to remove Ford audio without using special tools. Let’s follow our assistance below.

Preparation: screwdrivers with large and tiny heads for disassembling Ford radios. Most screws are small, microscopic, and painstakingly designed, necessitating the use of screwdrivers of a similar size. Also required are two good knives, a wire cloth hanger, a pair of pliers, or a wire cutter.

You should turn off your car’s engine before taking any action. Afterward, locate a roomy workspace that is ideally quiet.

Step 1: Leave The Negative Battery Cable Disconnected.

To begin with, separate the negative battery cable from the car’s battery using the 10mm wrench or screwdriver you have ready. All that’s left to do is release the clamp going to the negative lead post after that.

Step 2: Open Up The Stereo Mounting Bracket.

After that, remove any dash panels or additional interior components to make room for your stereo mounting bracket. Your ability to complete the subsequent tasks will be made easier as a result.

Step 3: Remove the radio’s mounting bracket 

Using Two Good Knives

Now, using a screwdriver, remove the screws holding the sides of your stereo together. Next, using two sharp knives, remove the stereo from its mounting bracket.

To serve as handles for removing the stereo unit from its mounting bracket, press them into the little opening on the sides of the stereo. You will then have access to the radio’s wires at the back.

Using A Wire Cloth Hanger

Make your own removal tool if the knives don’t work. Here, a wire cloth hanger will be used in place of the typical Ford radio removal tool.

With one hand, hold the wire cloth hanger. With your other hand, use a sturdy pair of pliers or a wire cutter to cut it into two “U” forms. Invest in a good pair of cutters because cheap, everyday ones won’t have the ability to cut the wire and will also harm it.

The bottom of the hanger should be cut. About two 7- or 8-inch portions of the hanger should be cut. Use your thumbs and fingers to adjust the shape of the wire if they don’t fall into a “U” shape naturally. Be careful or you can accidentally injure yourself.

Determine the locations of the holes in the stereo plate on the Ford. Then, put the tool’s ends that you made into the openings. As soon as you hear a click, you should press it inward. 

Next, remove the stereo from the mounting dock by pulling it with the help of the hanging parts. To remove the unit successfully in a single outward motion, make sure to do this cautiously but firmly.

Step 4: Remove Every Electrical Plug From The Device’s Back.

After that, start removing the wirings from their corresponding wire binder. Take this step with extreme caution. If you pull the wires directly, it could be hazardous. Additionally, remove the antenna cable from your device’s back.

What To Keep In Mind While Removing The Radio On A Ford?

  • Technique and ability are required to remove the radio from the car. Although not difficult, this helps to keep the car’s interior from being scraped.
  • Many cases do not know how to remove but yet purposely cause the automobile to be impacted, causing no damage to the electrical circuits inside the car.
  • Because the radio has several circuits and screws, take care not to break the wire.
  • If you find it difficult or are stopped in the middle, don’t rush but instead remain cool. To avoid harm, remove it slowly and carefully.
  • Because the screws can be extremely little, keep them in a safe area to avoid falling or losing them.
  • To avoid a short circuit, remember to turn off the radio, open the bonnet, and turn off the electricity before removing the radio.

Does Removing The Radio Blow The Fuse?

A vehicle radio has at least one fuse inserted to protect it from power surges and other electrical issues. If the audio system receives too much power, this fuse will blow, cutting the circuit and protecting the main radio.

There are numerous fuses for the entertainment system in current automobile models. If you are familiar with a basic voltage or electrical continuity meter, checking the fuses is rather straightforward.

Typically, problems can be solved by simply changing the bad fuse. But if the replacement fuse blows out shortly after installation, there is a specific electrical issue that needs to be fixed.

What Is The Best Solution?

If after following all the above instructions you still feel that manual removal is not the best option for you, think about using a repair business. They will have experts available to handle it for you.

These individuals possess the requisite knowledge and abilities. Additionally, they have the necessary tools to perfectly remove your radio or stereo device. You may rely on them to complete this task fast as well.

Moreover, they will bill you for labor expenses on an hourly basis. So be prepared to spend some money. Depending on where you seek services, the costs will change. Larger cities typically have greater prices for box stores. The greatest option if you’re on a tight budget is to shop at smaller, neighborhood stores. Alternatively, you might even be able to hire independent mechanics.

It is advisable that you ask other Ford owners for recommendations if you do not already have a repair facility in mind. Their recommendations will be more pertinent because they own a car in the same family as yours.

Final Thoughts

The way to remove radio when the Ford radio removal tool not working is now complete. It’s now easy, efficient, and takes less time to do it yourself. Hopefully, after reading all the fundamental procedures, you find the information to be simple to understand.

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