How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Semi Truck? 

It may seem like a wise decision to operate a semi-truck on your own. However, you should think about the genuine expense of owning a semi truck before making a choice. So, how much does it cost to maintain a semi truck?

Before embarking on the owner-operator journey, you should evaluate the criteria outlined below.

Anyone working in the sector is aware that trucking can be quite profitable, particularly when semi-truck driving is involved. Even if this may be the case, there are a number of expenses related to driving a semi-truck, particularly if you have the unlucky experience of having a truck breakdown or maintenance issue.

In this article, we’ll talk about how much does it cost to maintain a semi truck. It contains the cost for truck maintenance, truck breakdown and other expenses.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Semi Truck? 

The long-distance transportation of goods is handled by the trucking industry, which is a crucial component of the American economy. More than 3.5 million Americans are employed by trucking companies, which also bring in more than $700 billion annually.

Semi-trucks are vital to many businesses and frequently utilized to move goods across the nation.

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has published data showing that the average cost of operating a truck in the US is $1.82 per mile. This implies that the price of a truck that travels 120,000 miles a year would be $218,400.

The average annual operating cost for a truck was $180,000, according to a research by the Trucker’s Report. It also stated that the typical truck can use more than $70,000 in fuel annually, which is not surprising given that the typical vehicle uses roughly 20,5000 gallons of fuel annually. This is the trucking operation’s single largest operational expense.

In addition, there are maintenance costs, which account for around 10% of all truck operating costs. Wiring problems, brake failures, and even problems with the truck’s airlines and hoses are among the most frequent repairs that are necessary. 

These can run you upwards of $15,000 a year. The cost of insurance, tires, permits, and other things is also significant. If these costs appear high, it could be good to examine the amount of economic activity that trucks contribute to.

Options & Alternatives for Payment of Semi-Truck Costs

The expense of a semi-truck may be out of reach for certain companies as they can be pricey. To help you finance the purchase of a semi-truck, fortunately, there are a number of monthly payment options and alternatives available.

Truck Rental

Businesses who want to buy a new truck but don’t plan to pay the full cost up front frequently choose to lease semis. To utilize the truck that the leasing business owns, you must pay the leasing company on a monthly basis.

At the end of the lease period, you have two options: give the dumper back to the leasing company or purchase it outright. The disadvantages of leasing are mixed, though. With monthly payments being lower than financing a purchase, leases are typically for lengths of 36 months or more.

Fuel Prices

Depending on the engine type, semi-truck fuel efficiency costs might vary significantly. Diesel-powered trucks often have the highest fuel economy, reaching up to 30 miles per gallon. New trucks that are less fuel-efficient may only obtain 10 to 20 miles per gallon.

Fuel prices Costs for tune-ups and oil changes on a regular basis can increase. Additionally, the weight and load of the truck have an impact on fuel economy. By keeping your semi well-maintained and using the right gasoline for your new vehicle, you may reduce fuel costs.

Repair And Maintain Cost

The cost of maintenance varies based on the manufacturer and model of the truck, but all used trucks need routine maintenance. Rebuilding engines, replacing brakes, and fixing transmissions are a few of the frequent fixes.

Budgeting for truck repairs is critical because they can be a significant price. By carrying out routine maintenance yourself or using qualified mechanics, you can cut your repair costs.


The cost of truck insurance varies depending on the type of truck, its age, and your coverage. Liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance are the three most typical types of coverage for truckers.

Short-term insurance company plans are often more expensive than long-term commitment policies. Several sources, including internet insurers, independent agents, and captive agents, offer truck insurance quotes. Depending on your coverage, the down payment and the monthly premiums will change.

Permits and Licenses

Additionally, owners are responsible for covering their own permits, licenses, and tolls. If you’re unprepared for the cost, this can mount up rapidly. The average annual cost for drivers who use toll roads on a regular basis is $3,600.

Other Costs

The price of the business vehicle will vary depending on the special characteristics it has. Make sure to take into account the following characteristics before purchasing a semi-truck:


It’s crucial to think about transmission. Transmissions with a manual or automatic shifter are the most prevalent. Even though they cost more, automatic transmissions are simpler to operate.

Quantity of Axles

The price of the car also depends on how many axles it has. A truck’s price increases with the number of its axles. However, the additional axle offers stability and enables the semi to tow more weight. In order to choose a truck with the right number of axles, commercial vehicle buyers need to take into account how much weight they will be hauling.


One of the most crucial things to think about is the truck’s horsepower. The cost of the car will increase with the horsepower. However, the truck will be able to carry more weight and move more quickly thanks to the additional horsepower.

Buyers of commercial trucks should think about the kind of loads they will be transporting and choose a semi with the right horsepower. A sleeper cab with a lot of cargo space and added power is available.

Truck Cab

Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to take into account a used truck with a day cab. The price of the semi will increase with the size of the cab. However, the larger day cab will offer greater room and luxury.

The day cabs are less expensive than the sleeper cabs, but neither a bed nor a refrigerator are included. Although it costs extra, the sleeper cab contains a bed, a refrigerator, and additional cargo space.

Kind of Truck

Your choice of vehicle type will also have an impact on the cost. Trucks with a single axle, two axles, or three axles are the most typical semis. Tri-axle vehicles are more expensive than single-axle trucks, which are less expensive overall.

Long-distance carrying requires highway trucks, whereas local semis are made for more frequent, local excursions. Although these trucks cost less than highway trucks, they are limited in their ability to carry heavier loads.

It’s an investment that will more than pay for itself, whether you’re a single owner-operator or have a sizable fleet of semis. Before making a choice, take into account all costs since owner-operators make much more money than company drivers.

You can be sure to receive the best deal on a semi-truck by taking into account all of these variables. Shop around and compare prices from other vendors when you’re ready to buy a semi-truck.

What Impact Does The Weather Have On Trucks?

If you’ve ever wondered how much it would cost to run a semi-truck in British Columbia, you might be wondering if the region’s humid weather has any bearing on expenses.

A truck shouldn’t be significantly impacted negatively by rain. However, a truck may be more vulnerable to tiny debris like dirt and dust in an area with frequent rain. 

Of course, driving a truck can be more challenging during periods of severe precipitation, which could result in heavier braking and other truck maintenance costs.

What Should You Expect To Pay For A Semi-Truck?

The price range for a secondhand semi-truck from a retailer is between $45,000 and $100,000. You should budget between $150,000 and $175,000 if you are considering buying a brand-new semi-truck for your company, depending on the kind, model, and extras you choose.

Final Thoughts

We provided all the information related to how much does it cost to maintain a semi truck. Hope it helps you more. Additional, if you have any question around this issue, leave your comments below and we will solve for you.

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